Thursday, June 29, 2006

Poetry Thursday- My Reflection

The prompt this week is to write a poem using a line you hear a lot or a line you use over and over. I'm 44 and I hear about wrinkles and aging quite a bit at the gym. Plastic surgery vs la natural and botox. I always respond by saying, I like my wrinkles because they remind me to embrace my journey. When I look at my face each day in the mirror It reminds me how lucky I have been. So I wrote a poem about my face :)

My Reflection

As I gaze into my reflection each day
my eyes illuminate a live fully lived.
The green remains bright as leaves
on a fading flower, hoping
a new season of bloom
will come again.

I see lines that have appeared in time
revealing smiles and laughter.
Framing the twinkle in my eyes,
the curves in a smile. I see
a picture of happiness on
a face that is loved.

Sun spots reminding me of the fun times
feeling the suns warmth on my face.
The kisses of summer, marking
my glowing skin. Reminders
of happy seasons gone by,
with many more ahead.

My face is a keeper of secrets, mistakes
of the past, and seasons of growth. It
tells a story of emotions, its cover
wearing thin. A never ending
story in a face, a reflection
of love and life.

The second prompt was to invite poetry into your everyday life. One Sunday, as I was reading some very old poetry books I was given to by a friend to look through. I came upon a small worn and tattered book called "Poems from the North Woods" signed by the author E. F. Hayward in 1829. Wow, I know! Hubby, who is not big on poetry, but big on the outdoors, came in from working in the yard. He picked it up and began reading aloud. These poems were speaking to him and he was enthralled by them. An hour later, he looked at his watch and was shocked to see an hour had past. Ladies, I have discovered that being read poetry by your man is very romantic! I need to get to that bookstore :)


Deb R said...

This poem made me a little beautiful!

And that antique poetry book, wow! What a super find. And so cool that your husband liked it too. (I can't imagine my husband reading poetry to me, although he will sing to me now and then. [he can't carry a tune at ALL...ssshhh...don't tell him that because I love hearing him anyway])

mikim said...

There are so many precious gems in this poem! It is truly beautiful! Thank you.

Jen Rouse said...

being read poetry by your husband is indeed one of the great joys of life :)

Susannah said...

'My face is a keeper of secrets, mistakes of the past and seasons of growth' - i love this line - you really do have a way with words, and you remind me to be grateful for what i have, lines and all! hugs to you my friend

Turquoise CRO said...

Your poetry Tammy gave me a twinkle in my eye!!! I can just imagine you two, your husband reading the poetry to you and your sweet heart enJOYing it so! xo ps. Beauty Full!!!

Madeleine said...

If only everyone could embrace themselves as you do, Tammy.
Who wants to erase the physical memories of their past?
Anyway you have a beautiful face, so keep beaming :)

I'll have to borrow doc-t's book from you when you're done. Let me know how it went!

pepektheassassin said...

Ditto, what Susannah said.

liz elayne said...

the face as a keeper of secrets...yes. yes.
your writing is beautiful my dear. do not stop...i can't wait to read what you share next...

and your husband finding himself lost in poetry - i love this!

jim said...

If only more men knew . . . . no, wait, I'm very happy that so few do.

Tammy, your opening sets up the poem's honesty so finely, and you keep faithful to it through the end:

The green remains bright as leaves
on a fading flower, hoping
a new season of bloom
will come again.

krista said...

that was good for me to read.

i am 25 years old and the lines are starting to appear.

i am not exactly zen about it, but you remind me to be.

Neasa said...

I loved this, especially, "My face is a keeper of secrets..." Beautifully done!

paris parfait said...

Tammy, your poem is absolutely beautiful! Well done! And how wonderfully romantic for your husband to read those poems to you; to share the enjoyment of poetry. Very sweet and touching. What a guy, who obviously knows how lucky he is to be married to that gorgeous face in the mirror! :)

Jessie said...

In reading this post and the many before it I see a woman who is supremely happy with her life. I see a woman who is content and beautiful and who knows how to love.

Tammy, you truly are amazing.

tara dawn said...

I love this poem! Your poetry is continuing to flourish, just as you are. Your beautiful face, your beautiful are such an inspiration to me.
I love you beautiful woman!

Bedazzzled1 said...

1. Your poem is as pretty and warm as you. You seem to understand what living is all about.

2. Mmmm...I had a guy read poetry to me while we dated. He would hold my hand as he recited the words, yet he occasionally paused to kiss my fingertips. ::swoon:: Too bad he was a jerk in other ways!

3. I have been trying FOR DAYS to leave a comment at the Self-Portrait Challenge site. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but it will not accept my post. I get an error message.

Since I cannot post it there, I will post it here. It is regarding your selection as the featured member there. ::big smile::

"Tammy is one of the loveliest people I have come to know online. She is all heart and soul. I admire her an incredible amount. She deals with a dreadful disease with courage and humor...and her wit is keen.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the displays of her creative side since I have come to know her. She puts herself out there. And her creativity evolves more and more each day.

She just keeps getting better and better and better.

I adore the woman."

Love you~
Nikki Ü

Bon & Mal Mott said...

Although prose seems to come much more easily to me than poetry, I know marvelous versiflage when I see it (yes, that is now a word - lol.) More!

Bon & Mal Mott said...

P.S. Versiflage is the antonym of persiflage.

emmapeelDallas said...

I love this poem, Tammy. You are so talented.



Dani said...

A man who will read poetry to you is a rare gem.

Globetrotter said...

What a treasure trove you have in that Hayward book! Probably incredibly valuable, too!

Your poem is gorgeous but then again I kinda felt that way at 44, too. Give yourself a couple more years and you may change those lovely words quite a bit, lol!

phlegmfatale said...

A man? Amen! Beautiful poem. Profound, and just so.

Colorsonmymind said...

I will think about this when I look in the mirror perspective is such a powerful gift.

Thank you

berriehead said...

ahhh do you have the poem I'm despirately looking for in that old tattered book??? E F Hayward is writing about my life here in the northwoods of wisconsin (his work is beautiful to me) I love them all but there is one in particular that I'm looking for I believe it's called 'away up north' I'm looking for it as I have lost it and wanted it for my masthead..if you could help me with the words by emailing me or writing them here or on my journal I would appreciate it very much..your poem is beautiful by the way!

Anonymous said...


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