Thursday, June 08, 2006

Poetry Thursday- Water Voices

This week, Lynn suggested you listen in on the people around you and then write some poetry inspired by their words. We can't wait to read about your eavesdropping skills and the poetry you created from your experience. But, as always, our Monday ideas are completely and totally optional, so feel free to post whatever moves you today.

The only place I have been to is my water aerobics class at the gym. My community is 65% over 65 and in the pool at age 44, I'm the youngin :)
I'm the one with the walker however and they watch over me with loving care. They are so very wise! From the 80yr old retired San Francisco cop to the 90 yr old lady who goes bird watching in her RV. Most are widowers looking for something to do and I adore them all! I've learned so much from my family at the pool.


I move through the water with ease
bouncing to the beat of the music.
In the water I am free of my inabilities
remembering the way it used to be.

I feel so alive keeping up with others
listening to my body’s voices.
Speaking to me of limits so my mind
won’t have regrets. Remember!

The women chat while going through
the motions, I often listen in.
Exchange of recipes, who has a new suit,
a graduation, wedding or birth.

They have become the family I never
had cheering me on to keep fighting.
I look forward to all those smiling faces
who keep me going each day.


Neasa said...

I posted a comment, but I think it got eaten. Anyway, I said I liked the sense of accepting mothering that this poem conveys. I work with old women & I know they mother me a lot. I find I like it. *s*

Left-handed Trees... said...

How beautiful it is that you are building up a family all around you in this way. I'm glad you've found a space for freedom.

Turquoise CRO said...

Mmmmm, the beauty of water! It nourishes us in sooo many ways! Love your sweet poem, I need a new suit! LOL ps, I love your winged fairy dancing on your name too! xo

jim said...

Nice to be the water baby, too.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

This really does have the feeling of those warm water aquatherapy classes. I have been thinking of returning.

susanlavonne said...

You create such a wonderful visual with your words! Thank you...nice way to start my day :-)

Cate said...

I've taken several water aerobics classes (one with several ladies in their 70s) and you've captured the experience perfectly! Your words really celebrate the way that "family" touches your life. Thank you for sharing this.

emmapeelDallas said...

I wish I were there too!



Heather said...

I like this, reminds me of a sewing class I took recently, all older women chatting about sewing, and crafting, husbands, and mother-in-laws, and health problems. They were great. I just read your list of 100 things, I loved it. We had a friend pass away from als a few years ago, he went fairly fast, sounds like you are doing so great. He was a remarkable man. Hope you are enjoying pollack pines, so beautiful up there.

Anonymous said...

Your line about the way it used to be brings a tear to my eye,I do love it when I go with you to the pool and your able to walk around in there with no problems and how free it makes you feel.Love you babe, keep up the good work..Love dave

pepektheassassin said...

Blogger ate my post, too! I love your poem, and your place. I've added you to by blogroll, if that's okay).

paris parfait said...

Tammy, this is such a lovely poem and a tribute to those enchanting people with whom you share your pool time and all those stories. Just beautiful!

tara dawn said...

Great poem! And look at you...tan, sexy mama!
I'm so glad you're enjoying your days in the water...wish I could be there and play with you! My swimming itself sucks, but I'm an excellent splasher:)
Miss you and love you,
Oh,and let me know what your schedule is like with these classes. We must talk again soon!

Jennifer said...

how wonderful, friends and a bit of freedom...

Colorsonmymind said...

It must be so surreal-that you are there with them-sharing the physical challenges yet nbeing so much younger. How nice it is that you can feel mothered and pampered.

You are a kind and beautiful soul.

Thank you for writing this poem and sharing this experience.

You also now have a boggie family-that will love and support you too:)

Living Part Deux said...

What a blessing this community is to you. Your words brought tears to my eyes. Your bravery and spirit are daily inspirations to me. You remind me to celebrate the simple things that if removed from my life would take on such preciousness.

Delaleuverses said...

Wow, what you've created is a masterpiece, beautifully written

Tabor said...

It is interesting how we have our little villages based on what we do in our lives. I guess what we need to do is listen more and talk less. Wish I had time to get to the pool!!

Chris said...

What a gorgeous tribute to your classmates. Funny about you being the youngest one yet the only one with a walker:)

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_Soulless_ said...

listening to my body’s voices.
Speaking to me of limits so my mind
won’t have regrets.

Beautifully wise. ^_^ You bring so much inspiration, Tammy. Your optimism is contagious; and I admire and applaud you for it.

Cheers. ^_^ said...

Tammy~Glad you get so much joy out of the water class. Being part mermaid,I can relate. ;-) Loved seeing the pic of your grandbaby and you---sweeet! Happy BDay to your baby. xox Sassy