Thursday, July 06, 2006

One Deep Breath- Haiku & Haiga


Bali Hai sunset
wedding vows flow with the tide
love everlasting

In a haiga the poem does not simply explain the painting nor does the painting illustrate the poem.

A single person

can affect time in motion

one touch, reaching out


jim said...

Tammy, I was going to say something about the power of your Goddess poem, and then I came to your haiga, which just gets to me. There's a conversation between the painting and the poem all the same, and I like it, even if the languages are so very different.

I've also dropped by to say how I've enjoyed my weekly visits to your blog and to hear of your journeys. Nothing more to say. Peace.

susanlavonne said...

both are truly exquisite....thank you!

Becca said...

Perfect and totally beautiful - what a pleasure!

talushki said...

Simply beautiful! I have been there twice and that same picture - minus the married couple ;) - in my album.

This is the first time I have read your blog and I wanted to thank you for being such an inpiration.

Amber said...

Wow! That top picrure is just sooo lovely! And the words are perfect.


Deb R said...

The poems and the photos are all just breathtaking!!

paris parfait said...

Beautiful, romantic photos and poems! Thank you for sharing.

Bedazzzled1 said...

Tammy, you blow me away. Honest.


Sandy said...

I love your site! Stopped to say hi, and read your haiku, and found myself scrolling along! Great poems, photograhy, and haiku. I will be back.

Sky said...

tammy, your poetry is just beautiful! i love your haiku here and the goddess poem below is remarkable. you are so talented!

hope the summer is being kind to you and your family. it has been warmer here than the past couple of summers were, but fortunately not as hot as in many places. now we are back to normal. :)

Tabor said...

I have never heard of Haiga but that haiga is excellent. So many meanings and ideas there. Did the muse just flow on that one?

lovegreendog said...

what a beautiful pairing of photos and words :)

Bon & Mal Mott said...

Your last two posts were marvelous, Tammy. You've taken to poetry as a mouse takes to cheese. LOL

Bonnie and Walt

bella said...

beautiful and beautiful. i feel so inspired and happy when i come here for a visit.

The Tart said...

Really lovely. Beautiful words & images.
Thanks for stopping by!

The Tart
; )

V said...

Wow, Tammy.
This is wonderful!
You`re doin` such beautiful work.