Thursday, July 13, 2006

Poetry Thursday- Humor in Poetry

I Know the Mirrors
Janice Townley Moore

I know the mirrors
that are friends,
the ones in semi-darkness that hide
the hard crease of jowl,
or the ones with the correct distance
to fade the barbed wire fence
above the lips. But skin breaks
like dry river beds.
Rooms must become darker,
distance greater.
I grope for a solution,
knowing that no woman
ever looked better with a beard.

This wonderful book made me laugh and made me cry. It is full of the wisdom of aging. I laughed out loud at "barbed wire fence" because I'm developing my own special fence on my upper lip. lol

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pepektheassassin said...

hehe Someone said that age makes a woman stop growing hair on her legs so she'll have more time to tend the new hair growing on her chin!

I enjoyed this! (Great book, too,)

Living Part Deux said...

It's a wonderful book. I bought it years ago, when aging was a future I saw as lovely. I lost that affinity, went through resistance and resentment, and have landed back on the side of lovely. A lot in the book now feels very near and familiar.


DEREK said...

this is great, I will have to send to my mom, I've been out of commision for a while, my back went out, but it's getting better now. have a great week!

abhay k said...

Hi Tammy,
a lovely poem here...thank you so much for sharing the wisdom through this poem and introducing the writer..

Star said...

This is a real hoot, Tammy. I've seen some of this work before. I'll have to check out the link you provided.

jim said...

Thanks for sharing these snappy finds! What's charming is that the humor is self-directed, disarming.

Turquoise CRO said...

Darker rooms! Ha! That's a great one! Dang that Thomas Alva Edison! xo

vicci said...

Tammy...I too love this book...what a great choice...oh and I forgot to mention...I love the music on your blog! How do you do that? You will make the lemonade this weekend!! especially if the temps. get as hot as they say...have a good weekend! Hugs....

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Tammy,
Just discovered your inspirational blog....lovely...I liked all of your your Haikus'

A great poem...thanks for sharing it with us.......Best wishes

bb said...

A lovely wry poem!
I think the extra hair is something we have to contend with when we're dark and lovely, stops the pale, mousy haired ones from being so jealous ;-)

mikim said...

I'm chuckling as I write this - excellent choice

Colorsonmymind said...

This was funny Tammy.

V said...


jenclair said...

Oh, I love this poem! Don't know how I missed it last week, but love the strength and humor of the persona...