Saturday, July 22, 2006

When it Rains it pours

Seems like the whole world is having a hard time right now. Israel is being forced into war, Indonesia has had another tsunami and seven bombs hit commuter trains in India. Lets also not forget Rwanda and other regions that are dying from aids and poverty. I'm thinking my week was a cake walk.

We are on day six of triple degree heat and my car lost its air conditioning. ALS and heat just don't mix so I am homebound. Dave got a tooth infection which made him sick, so they pacified him with antibiotics until they could do a root canal. A month from when he called. We have a wedding out back next month (my daughter's) and the lawn is dying, so Dave wants to put in a new one, but I'm thinking green spray paint would do the trick cheaper. Timing was poor for all this stuff to happen, because a physical turned up suspicious findings and Dave was sent for a colonoscopy. He was not a happy camper and wanted to blow it off , but I needed him to go. He commutes fours hours a day and the day he was to start flushing his system for his procedure his car broke down. Towing his car to a mechanic was big bucks and the mechanic can't even get to it for another week.

We had no idea the shape Dave would be in after his procedure, but I was to drive him there and home in my car. Three hours after the procedure a "pink lady" says to me "you can bring the car around honey, Dave is ready". I'm thinking why can't Dave walk to the car? I start to walk outside and 105 degrees slaps me upside the head. Four rows later I'm at the car, but it's locked ( my hands can drive, but my fingers can't unlock the doors). I never lock my car and Dave locked it thinking he would be unlocking it. I'm looking around for an able bodied passer by, while wearing my "I need assistance look" face. A man appeared asking if I needed help (angels are always near). The heat was getting to me but I managed a huge yes please and a smile. He opened my doors, put my book and walker in the back, rolled down the window and said "go ahead turn on your air its really hot in there." I said, looking like a total idiot, "it's broken" and he gave me a look that was very clear, it was a "what the hell are you thinking?" look. He said "are you going to be ok?" I said "sure, in my best convincing voice, as I thanked him profusely. Everything in the car was too hot to touch so I sat there thinking, now what?

Dave suddenly appeared at the car with a nurse (another angel), but was completely out of it. The nurse got us in, buckled me up asking "you two going to be ok? With that same look in her eye as the other man. Dave said "wull be ust fine." He was chatting away informing me everything was clear, as I was trying to figure out how to get chatty kathy home. I needed Dave to put the car in reverse because the gear stick was too hot (my hands have very little muscle padding which makes them sensitive to heat and cold). I had to talk him through it and keep him awake until we left the lot. I got him home in one piece, amazed at what little thought we put into this and thankful for God's earthly angels :)

Through being disabled I have been shown the good in people and I pray everyday that it is that inherent goodness that will save the day.


Clare said...

Tammy - I am so sorry to hear about this. What a run of bad luck. But you got through it, and I think the way you coped was a marvel. Hope Dave is soon on the mend and you now get a run of good luck for a change.

acumamakiki said...

I know exactly what you mean about angels appearing when you most need them.
I hope Dave's colonoscopy results are good and I'm sorry you've had all these unexpected expenses/mishaps's always like that isn't it?
I love your humor though, about spray painting the grass.....I don't see how anything can remain green in this heat! Scary too isn't it, because despite what we hear, global warming is apparent.
I hope your weekend is good!

paris parfait said...

What a time you two have had! Hope the test results are good. As for green grass in this heat wave (or canicule, as they say in France), would any one really expect that? Will anyone even notice, with all the happiness of the occasion? Don't try to do too much; one thing at a time. It's the only way to get through all this madness. As for angels among us, they definitely do show up when needed! Hope you manage to get some rest and have a nice weekend.

Colorsonmymind said...

Praying for you both....may the sun shine bright:)

betty said...

Poor you, Tammy. Somehow I think the doctor/nurse should have explained the procedure a bit more to David so that he would know he would be in no condition really to drive or consider driving home since they sedate them for a colonoscopy. Hoping the test results come out okay. I tend to look around when I'm out and about to see if there are people who need help such as you did; I'm glad to see the Lord has led others to do the same too :)


Chris said...

Ever stop to think of all the times that God has used you as an angel?

That story reminds me of when my friend James "Bubba" Evans and I went surfing when it was 0 degrees out. When we got back to the car, he kept his key in one of those magnetic boxes where you slide the top open. We couldn't open it, because our muscles were locked. Then two girls came out of the nearby hotel and we asked them to open it for us. It was a riot.

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Chris said...

Tammy, you just shine girlfriend! I'm sure Dave is going to be just fine. And this weather! You'll have to stop by my blog and check out my post on this friggin' heat wave. As for the grass, you really can spray paint your lawn! It's called Chem Lawn, a company that will do it for you. Really! Hey, it's a thought. lol. Oh, and Sarah McLachlan sounds really good over here. I just love her music. It's a good choice for your blog.

Deb R said...

Oh Tammy...geeeeeze. I don't know why it is that things always seem to break down and go wrong in clusters, but it always seems to happen that way. I'm so sorry to hear you and D are going through one of those times right now. I'm glad some angels came along to help. Sending good thoughts your way.~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

Hey Tammy,

I just had to pass on the address for a blog I frequent, she is so funny. I hope you like her, too!!

Much Love,


Jeremy said...

It's marvellous how you cope so well in the face of adversity and still remain positive and optimistic.

I hope things improve very soon. Good luck with preparations for your daughter's wedding

Living Part Deux said...

Tammy, I've said this before but it bears repeating. You share things that are awful and so, so challenging without a hint of self-pity. You are such an inspiration to me - you have no idea. I'm so very thankful for God's sweet emissaries that appear when you have such specific needs. As I read, I think "I wish I was there and could just drive her where she needs to go." That would be such a small thing. But, we are so far apart. The thing is - there are people in my own area who need this kind of help. I must move out of my own life and find them.

Turquoise CRO said...

Phew! Tammy! I HOPE Dave gets a good report! Love and prayers are headed your way, Yes! we must pray every day! The world is trembling! and in pain and Thank God for the angels! among us! xoxoxoxo

Bedazzzled1 said...

The angel appreciating the other angels who step into her life.


liz elayne said...

you give me such hope my dear. this word that has been echoing in my life lately...hope.

throughout these first few paragraphs i was thinking about how sweltering in this heat has really been getting to me, how much work i had last week, but i didn't have all of this happen...goodness.
then you leave me with that last paragraph. incredible.
blessings to you dear one.

Tabor said...

Well, you sure have opened my eyes to being observant for pioneers such as yourself! I am sure next time you will be more prepared.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

A very hard day for you; ;-(
I can't imagine how hot Sonora is right now. We were there when Jamestown caught fire and with the falling ashes it was like hot coals coming down heating the air still more. I never knew a place could get that hot! We got fog yesterday so hopefully you will be getting relief today.

TJ said...

I am smiling! I love these past few entrys as always...never a disappointment! Women humming bird!!!
to funny. This photo of the rain I do is a comfort photo to me for some reason.
You are a smile!
Love TJ