Friday, August 18, 2006

A New Friend and a Walk of Life

Meet my friend Helen :) She's in her fifties and has been happily married 27yrs to J. Together they have three children, two school age grandchildren and a business. She was a very athletic woman who hiked mountains, worked out, loved boating and helped raise her grandchildren. She was also a legal secretary too boot! 3yrs ago she showed signs of ALS and 2yrs ago received the diagnosis. She is now in a wheelchair and has lost the use of her right hand and like me, slurs her speech. She loves poetry, reading and loved scrapbooking until she lost the use of her right hand. She has a strong faith and a loving supportive family and now us :) I hope she loves blogging and is embraced by this amazing group of people. Welcome fellow warrior! Find Helen at

Many of you have been working out lately so I thought I'd throw this out there. If you go to in the top left corner you can enter your state or zip code to find the nearest "Walk to Dfeet ALS" walk. It's a fun event and you can walk off the pounds too!
Thanks :)


Star said...

I'll be over to visit Helen momentarily. You're a good friend to welcome her into the community.

(I see you're using those crazy flickr tools again--looks great!)

Turquoise CRO said...

I'll visit Helen too! Tammy! I'll check and seeeeeeeeee if WV has that ALS walk too! lil darlin!!! Happy Week-end sweet pea!!! love and prayers, xooxxooxox

betty said...

I'll go and say hi to Helen, Tammy.


Becca said...

This is a really nice post and introduction to your friend! I hope she'll enjoy the blog world.

I'm checking out the Wall to Dfeet ALS - wouldn't it be cool if we could get a whole bunch of bloggers to walk "en masse"?

BTW, is that a word cloud I see over there on your sidebar? Those are pretty fun, aren't they?

Chris said...


That brings a question to mind. Many people with cerebral palsy are just as smart as anyone you would meet, but because of their drawn up limbs and slurred speech, people assume or treat them like they are less intelligent. Do you run into that with ALS also?

I'll have to get Trevor and Alexis to do the Dfeet the next time it is here.

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Belle said...

Hi Tammy,

Thanks for the information and introduction.

I'll meander on over and say hi.

tara dawn said...

Thank you for introducing us to Helen...I will have to go over and visit her page soon:) And also, great info for supporting ALS...I will definitely look into any walks in nearby areas.
I hope you are well my sweet one! I miss you and love you dearly. Thank you for the lovely birthday are such a great friend to me!
Big hugs,

boliyou said...

Thanks for the introduction! I'll stop in to say hello.

Colorsonmymind said...

I looked but there are no walks in nY state. Is that possible?