Thursday, August 17, 2006

Poetry Thursday-"Free Week"

I've found a little poem in a book about friendship and I thought it really explained why I have a blog. We are all connected and have a story to share. Thank you for touching my life with yours :)

There are great human needs which
money has no power to satisfy, but to
which a little heart's gentle love will be
the very bread of God.

There are sorrows money cannot
soothe, but which a word of loving
comfort will change into songs.

The abundant life may not have money
to give and yet it may fill a wide community
with blessings. It may go out with sympathy,
with comfort, with inspiration of cheer and
hope and may make countless hearts
braver and stronger.

J R Miller from the book "Joined at the Heart"


Star said...

What a beautiful sentiment. Money is necessary but can't take the place of a friend who will sit with you in stillness or the volumes of unspoken love felt in a single hug.

Thanks for sharing this gem, Tammy.

I hope all is going well as you make final preparations for next weekend--only 9 more days.

Deb R said...

That's beautiful, Tammy. It made me feel all teary and full-hearted.

I like your coffe haikus too! (Doubling up on comments so I only have to deal with one verification word, since I usually have to type them twice anyway!)

Becca said...

You're right, Tammy, the power of caring is priceless. We can all give that gift, and our community of writers does it in such a special way.

jim said...

The very bread of God, and yes, I am thankful for this communion we share weekly (if not more).

Tabor said...

This is so right. Makes me realize the importance of little things while the big things keep getting in the way.

melba said...

I just read your last few posts. You have such a beautiful soul. You remind me of my Auntie Denise I wrote about on my blog the other day.

I LOVE this picture...perfect for your post.

twitches said...

Very sweet. Thanks for posting this!

Madeleine said...

'There are sorrows money cannot
soothe, but which a word of loving
comfort will change into songs'.....

and may this song long live, sung by kindred souls.

(money-shmoney...who needs it, when there's love in the world?
oh, i do. i need to pay my rent!....damn.)
but seriously. there is nothing like the comfort of love and friendship to soothe our aches and pains.

BTW, my feet need a massage!! up for it?

pepektheassassin said...

Thank you for your friendship. I think so many of us here are "Joined at the Heart." I do appreciate all you have to share.

pepektheassassin said...

PS I won't bother you for your help and expertise while you are preparing for your wedding, and then we'll be gone for a week or so to meet our new grandbaby. But, then! You can teach me how to insert photos into the body of the text, and how to line up poetry in ways other than at the left margin....etc, etc. One thing at a time.

Amber said...

No, thank YOU. Your courage and your heart are beautiful to see.

The poem in very nice. ;)


ecm said...

I liked the poem but I really liked the photo of the statue. Lovely.

kj said...

tammy, thanks for visiting my blog and for your kinds words. i am familiar with als and its ups and downs.(i have a background in rehab. counseling) i'm glad you are doing a-ok. sounds like your attitude is pretty super.

you've got a ton of interesting links in your blog. i liked seeing them all.


Superhero Activist said...

What an apt poem that captures the way Poetry Thursday makes me feel time and time again. To see the woes, the joys, all the emotions that have graced my life told through another's eyes, in another sphere of the world, makes me feel so connected, so proud to be apart of this crazy collage of humanity. It's why I blog, too. To share, to feel, to grow.

Thank you for adding to the richness that moves me time and time again.

Belle said...


So nice. Thanks.

P.S. I visit your blog every day but for some reason my computer won't let the comment box come up most of the time.

mikim said...

Lovely poem choice. "There are sorrows money cannot soothe, but which a word of loving comfort will change into songs." -wonderful.
And, the photo is perfect. ;)

Kamsin said...

What a lovely poem, I'm going to copy it down and stick it in my journal. Thanks for sharing it.

V said...


V said...

My poem from the 1st AOL anniversary.


The tiny worm hatches,
searches the net for sustenance.
She feasts on Pogo
gapes at Google
plays with Pics,
Windows Media offers refreshment,
but she`s still a worm.

How can she grow
find the cerebral food
to become a caterpillar?

Aloneness continues,
her only friends are Amazon and .coms
trying to sell her a soul.

She inches upward to Hometown
tastes a web page
and sees a friendly face
beckoning her to AOL journals.

Tentatively, she enters this strange world,
Butterflies are everywhere!
life is there to taste; prose, poetry, paintings,
the sharing of souls, of heartbreak and love.

She devours everything in sight, grows and grows
A fine caterpillar she is
having feasted on the butterflies` glorious wares.

Ah! It is time to rest
she spins a cocoon around herself
and sleeps in wonder.

Can I be a butterfly too?
can I be as pretty
as the wonderful Monarchs
of Journal-land?

She emerges from camouflage,
mothlike, she says hello,
and is welcomed by many others
Floating and flitting
touching her little nest.

She grows bolder, ponderously taking flight
and finds no judgement of her faltering attempts,
only encouragement, and love!

She becomes a butterfly,
offering what she can
to other, newer caterpillars
finding a butterfly`s true nature
the metamorphosis complete.


Helen said...

What a lovely poem Tammy and I love the picture. Your site getting to be more and more a beautiful work of art. Can we print these pages out?
Thanks for the introduction :)

Colorsonmymind said...

This is so perfect- thank you for being so sensitive, loving, kind, insightful....just being you.