Tuesday, August 01, 2006

One Deep Breath- Garden Haiku

My view out back

Blooms spiraling up
color spreads bottom to top
swaying in the breeze

My backyard where daughter will wed Aug. 26th at sunrise.

Blooming witnesses
waiting for a blushing bride
path to her future

photo from stock.xchng

Shadows from above

shelter from scorching sun

basking in blue hues

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Star said...

Love your backyard view! The spires of blooms just pop out against the dark green of the bushes and trees beyond. Loved this: "Blooms spiraling up" Some really lovely haiku, Tammy.

Can't wait to see and hear about the garden wedding.

mikim said...

Your garden is gorgeous! I love the line, "Blooming witnesses" - beautiful!

ian russell said...

super haikus, tammy - best wishes for the 26th! a beautiful setting for a wedding.

it looks a dream garden ther sort you can explore.

Jeremy said...

I have never seen a garden quite like that. A stunning seting for the big event.

Sandy said...

What a nice garden, and a beautiful view!

I have never thought of the flowers witnessing a a wedding, but of course, they do.

Orion said...

wow, Tammy...your poetry is getting better and better all the time....well, done :-)

betty said...

very pretty garden you have, Tammy; I would imagine it would make a stunning place to have a sunrise wedding!

and as always, the poems are beautifully written

Becca said...

What a gorgeous setting for a wedding. And I love the "blooming witnesses, waiting for a blushing bride." Wonderful haiku set!

Can't wait to hear/see wedding stories!

tara dawn said...

Beautiful pictures and words...I can hardly believe the wedding is so close:) Time is certainly flying by this summer.
Hope you are well. I will write to you soon. And feel free to call anytime:)
I love you!!

the shrewness said...

those gladioli are gorgeous! theyll be perfect for the wedding.

ill be one of the many people wholl be waiting for the pictures. :)

Deb R said...

Your gardens are gorgeous! Your daughter's wedding will be lovely. I really like the haiku as well.

Crafty Green Poet said...

What a gorgeous garden and a lovely place for a wedding too! Lovely haiku as well!

TJ said...

Hey friend. What an event to hold in your garden!! Dave must be so excited to show off his hard work!!
Love the Haiku!
The days are passing so quickly...look how that baby is growing!!
Love you,

paris parfait said...

Such a beautiful garden - lovely venue for your daughter's wedding. Wonderful haiku as well. Well done, you!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

beautiful vivid colors; amazing.

AnnieElf said...

Such a garden! I need to come up again for a visit Tammy and bask in its beauty and the beauty of your friendship. Perhaps after the wedding and sometime in September when things settle down for you?

I hope you will consider printing these pictures and putting them with the haiku hommage to your daughter's wedding. What a memorable gift that would be.

bella said...

Tammy your backyard is beautiful. It will make such a perfect setting for a wedding at dawn.
Loved your haikus this week!

Madeleine said...

wow is this your garden? it's so beautiful.
great haiku, Tammy.
the photos set them off perfectly.

Jennifer said...

oh how lovely and special too. congrats on the upcoming wedding. your garden is so pretty

pepektheassassin said...

What every else has already said!

Clare said...

I wish I had that view! And the Haikus fit so well to each picture.

V said...

Tammy, such a view!
& what `kus!