Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday Scribbling - "Instructions"


1. Neck kisses and birthday song to start the day!

2. Morning coffee and cuddles in bed. Watching CBS with Charles Kuralt and of course Dave and lots of dog kisses.

3. The Perfect gift for a picture gal! Slideshow/MP3 music, 7" LCD screen picture frame...Waahoo!

4. Early movie (Little Miss Sunshine) that makes you both laugh until you cry.

5. Great gourmet dinner of shared Chicken Marsala and Mesquite Tri-Tip. Excellent! (had trouble tasting it all with my cold) LOL

6. Home for white cake with white frosting. Ahhhhh!

7. Happy Birthday cards and messages from loved ones.

8. A huge thank you to God for one more year with Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Turquoise CRO said...

WOOOOO HOOOOOO! White cake with white frosting! Yummy, my FAvorite too for Birthdays!!! I've got to seeeeeee Little Miss Sunshine! I've heard it's pretty good! Thank God for one more year with Dave!!! God Bless YOU Tammy!!! I LOVE YOU! sweetie pie!!!!!!Sounds like a Sweet Birthday SundAY birthday!!!!XO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

paris parfait said...

Bonne anniversaire, mon cher ami! I'm so happy you've had such a special celebration of a momentous occasion! It's nice that you're being spoiled with much care and lots of delicious presents, because you deserve it! Enjoy every moment. Lots of love to you across the miles. xo

rachel said...

Happy birthday my sweet, lovely instructions for what sounds like a perfect day. Waking up to cuddles is amazing isn't it. I'm thrilled you had a great time

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful set of instructions I can use myself in a couple of months. Sounds like a day full of smiles. Happy, happy birthday Tammy!

Susannah said...

Happy Birthday beautiful you! sounds like you had a wonderful day - and i loved Little Miss Sunshine too, best film i've seen all year :-)

ps can i have a slice of cake? x

the shrewness said...

do you have some more of that cake??

happy birthday!

* hugs *

Colette said...


Love, Colette

Helen said...

What a special day for you. I loved Little Miss Sunshine! Get better and enjoy your day!

Amber said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday sweet one!! I am so happy you had this year, and it was good, and that you will have an even better year now! Love to you, and birthday blessings.



tinker said...

Those birthday instructions sound just perfect.
So glad you had a great birthday with lots of love and fun stuff!!
Happy Birthday, Tammy!!!

Kamsin said...

Happy Birthday! And your grandson is a cutie btw!

Patrick Leer said...

Happy 'precious' birthday!

Living Part Deux said...

Happy Birthday - to one of the most amazing people I have ever encountered! Many blessings.

Ayn said...

Happy belated Birthday my friend, happy belated birthday to you,
Happy belated birthdy to you Tammy, Happy wonderful you!

Thanks for letting us in on your now special Birthday Week. Think the secret is on keeping those special Davenibbable ears ready for unexpected smooching!

Always remember how darn special you are loved one! Happy Birthday from All of us!

V said...

Happy Birthday! Woo Hoo!
One day ahead of mine!!!
I hope you had a wonderful time!
Hugs & loves,

Verity said...

Sounds like the perfect day. Happy Birthday!

TI said...

Happy birthday, same day as mine, and we had the same instructions post idea AND we both chose scribe as our blog template....I like you already! Hope you had a good one.

Deb R said...

HappyHappy Birthday, Tammy!!!
(Sorry to be late saying it, but we'll consider it extending the celebration of You!)

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

the instruction of celebrating life and another year in it -- beautiful! happy birthday, tammy!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful set of instructions! Happy happy birthday, Tara!

acumamakiki said...

Happy Birthday dearest Tammy, happy birthday to you! We loved Little Miss Sunshine as well.

emmapeelDallas said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds as if it was a TERRIFIC one, and that's good, because you deserve it!



Kim G. said...

Tammy -
So glad you had a wonderful day! And I'd see Little Miss Sunshine on my birthday every year from now on! I love that movie! And we're glad you're here to keep on blogging, too. You are such an encourager - everytime I see your comment on someone's blog I make sure to read what you have written.

Birthday Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Tammy, you can add #9: Receive many, many good wishes from my blogging friends! Your instructions are really wonderful. And thank YOU for the encouragement you have been to me! Happy 45th! Bonnie

vicci said...

Happy Birthday Tammy.....Sounds like it was divine!!!! We will meet one of these days!

Bedazzzled1 said...

Happy Birthday, you wonderful woman.


betty said...

belatedly wishing you a happy birthday! sounds like an awesome day!

bb said...

hope you had a great birthday tammy - i really must get around to watching little miss sunshine!

Tammy said...

Tammy - I'm a Tammy too and my birthday was the 25th! :) I LOVE your blog and reading your posts! Thank you for sharing.

I also met a wonderful man through online dating. It took a number of duds before I got the right one, but find him I did!! :)

Happy Birthday!