Saturday, September 23, 2006

TK Thursday Cut Short

I see my grandson every Thursday and now that he's crawling around, just holding him in my lap takes every muscle fiber I have left :) Yes, that's me in a bathrobe because I caught a cold and luckily TK already had one. I kept my kisses to his neck and ears :) He always has sports clothes on so I got him a tee shirt that says "If you think I'm cute you should see my Grandma." LOL (Other cute sayings).

I am trying to not get really sick so I have been in bed watching all the new shows with Tivo. Dave was off Friday so we cuddled up with Sun chips and Halloween candy. We liked Shark, Kidnapped, Nip/Tuck, Survivor, ER, Law & Orders and Men in Trees. Perfect sick bed!

I think I might have misrepresented my poem below...oops! It was Jesus not Dave I was referring to :) Dave can't seem to get the walking on water thing down, heck he still argues with Tivo and DVD player :)

See you on Sunday Scribbles! Have a great weekend :)


chandra said...

i was randomly browsing blogs, and came across yours. you write beautifully. u 'paint' with words, and i with colours. come, meet me at ;

warm wishes


Turquoise CRO said...

Tomorrow's the BIG day! I'm off to church sooooooo know I'll be saying some prayers for YOU and TK to GET WELL!!! I forgot all about ER but i saw Men in Trees, kind of cute! I like those animals in it too, that skunk was right there beside her for the meteor show! LOL Phew! Sweet Dreams! I knew YOU were talking about Jesus! Love and prayers Sweetie, XO (PS. It's Tammy's Birthday tomorrow!!! I know YOU all would want to know!)

pepektheassassin said...

LOL! I knew who you were talking about, too. Loved loved loved these pictures. Sorry you've caught a cold. Get better. And, Happy Birthday tomorrow! I will think about you all day!

Come on over and see some new pictures of our baby!

Helen said...

TK is growing up so quickly. He is a munchin!
Thank goodness for Tivo. Get better.

jen said...

found your blog via bella (whom I also recently found) and am so glad i did.

He is delicious.

betty said...

TK is getting so big!! He's so handsome! take care of yourself and I hope you feel better soon

paris parfait said...

Such a great way to spend a "sick" day! Those photos are adorable and I love the idea of TK's t-shirt. Am sending you a separate message, but happy birthday Sunday! You deserve every happiness, Tammy! Hope you are feeling better and can celebrate properly! Bonne anniversaire, mon cher ami! xo

tinker said...

Goodness, is he ever a cutie pie (just like his grandma - perfect tee shirt for him!)

Hope you're over your cold quickly - especially in time for your big day - have a very merry, happy Happy Birthday, Tammy!

acumamakiki said...

Sounds like the best way to NOT get sick or if you are than you're comforting there anything better than Sun chips and Halloween candy? I think not. Your grandson.....I could squeeze him with hugs he's so deliciously cute!!

Living Part Deux said...

Tammy, my mother has a precious thing she does when someone she loves is sick, or sad, or hopeless... or feeling exceedingly humanly fragile. She says, "Today I am strong. Today I can share my strength." And she takes the person's hands in hers and prays, "God, please transfer some of my strength to this one I love. Take my strength and bless _____. I have enough to share." Tammy, today I am strong and healthy, and I wish I could do a strength transfer. But what I can do is ask that God bless you from all the bounty of His great strength and help you fight this cold that can be so very bad for you.

Anonymous said...

I think that cute little boy could cure any cold! What a wonder he is, and I know he enriches your life more than words could ever describe.

Sometimes not feeling well is a good reason to cuddle up with our "honey's" and enjoy all those simple pleasures (like our favorite show's on TIVO!)

Bedazzzled1 said...

::cracking up at the t-shirt you bought him:: You are too much!

He is adorable, and I am happy you got to snuggle with him.



berriehead said...

OK you a granny? OH gosh! me too! how beautiful that leetle baby is..and lucky to have a young granny like you! xo

Georgia said...

Ack!!! I am hopelessy addicted to Nip Tuck... actually I have managed to stay away reather well this season... but I know if I were to flip it on I would be hooked yet again!!!

I hope you are feeling better:)