Monday, October 23, 2006

It's Great to Get Away!

The realtor gave us bad news on Tuesday about our current house. We have a lot more work to do on it and we still won't get what we want in price. I decided we could still have our dream of moving, but we needed to down size the dream. Dave is not yet convinced, so our trip was great timing.
I had an agenda this trip and that was to convince Dave that we can do this and throw in some fun too. Dave was a focused, all work, stress ball so I whined like a five year old to go out and play!

He loved his country fried steak and my pecan waffles at the Buttercup Pantry.

We stopped by Apple Hill for caramel apples the size of my head and fresh apple juice. That's me with the "bed head" eating my apple while watching kids catch trout :)

Nikki and Manny got to play in the lake near our new house. The little white sh** actually just watched in her warm Packer jersey:) Manny swam for the stick like he was a pup again! He looks good for having cancer!

Dave managed to get a lot done on the house despite being there with two dogs and a five year old wife. I managed to stay out of his hair by reading two FANTASTIC books ; Marley & Me and My Sister's Keeper. On our way home we took the LONG route to see Hope Valley in its Fall glory. It was stunning, but a 4hr car ride made that five year olds butt numb!


paris parfait said...

Stunning photos and I'm glad the five-year-old got her way! Sounds like a lovely expedition. xo

Chris said...

Wow! Those are gorgeous pictures. The older I get and the more I see everyone's pictures, the more I want out of the concrete jungle I live in. I want my kids to see places like that before they get to old to want to go on vacation with me! lol.

Anonymous said...

A caramel apple the size of your head, huh?

Sounds like all of you had fun. Best of luck as you make the decision about your houses. (It's good to have you back!)

pepektheassassin said...

So glad you had a nice trip! The trees are gorgeous, and apple-pecan waffles...well, friend, wherever you go, please take us with you! *talk about a 5 yr old -- take me! Take me! I wanna go!

Helen said...

Beautiful photos! So glad you got alot done and caught up with your reading. Need recipe for apple-pecan waffles!

Deb R said...

It sounds like a good trip. Those photos are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful photos...a dream of a place to live, so it must come true!!! We have house and retirement dreams too that are being effected by the changing housing markets, so I know how you're feeling.

At least it appears you all - doggies included - had a good time :)

Endment said...

Oh - you have really caught my attention with those familiar scenes!

How well i know Apple Hill - especially the Larsen Apple Barn.

Hope you found your trip as refreshing as your photos

BendingPeak said...

Wonderful pictures. Happy to see you back!

Pam said...

The glory of the mountains is breathtaking, I hope you resolve your dream with a minimum of stress...I can see why you love it there so much.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful,makes me want to go back now and sit by the river and take in all the beauty and not be in such a hurry to get home.Next year we will do a picnic on the river.Love dave

Amber said...

Hey!!! You drove RIGHT by me!! I saw that pic of you sitting and said, "Jeez, that looks like Apple Hill"!! That is where Wyatt just had his feild trip! Where are you moving to?


Sue said...

Hi Tammy,
I saw your comment over at Annie's and noticed from your profile that you're also from CA.
Loved these pictures! We were up in Auburn & El Dorado Hills last weekend and the colors weren't nearly this vivid..
I'll visit you again, and please stop in to see me anytime!!

tinker said...

Beautiful, Tammy - just beautiful!
Can my inner five year old come over there to play?
Glad you had a good time - those apples sound dee-lish!

DEREK said...

Oh I miss these kinds of scenes, thanks for sharing the beauty.

Chris said...

Gee....what a slum you were stuck in.....I hope that you didn't have your hubcaps stolen or someone try to sell you crack!

Sigh.....ok, beautiful shots:)

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