Monday, December 11, 2006

Catching up from November

I literally did nothing but write in November and just when I thought I could return to my blog, December jumped up and slapped me upside the head. The lights are now up and the halls are completely decked (see slideshow). TK was my helper but as you can see he pooped out. LOL I have been creating picture calendars for my family this week and choosing my yearly ornaments for them (see slideshow). It consumed more time than I had set aside and I have sadly neglected my blog. I was also hit with a huge surprise in the middle of it all.

My long lost, only sibling has returned to our lives. This is my brother Pat and he is my baby brother at 43. He never could really handle my preteens and the ALS so he quietly slipped away from my family. I was saddened, but I was close enough to him to understand and accept it. Him and my dad make up my family and dad is not usually around. Imagine the shock he received to find all three of us married with an added baby. He is doing really well and he spent a couple days with me. An early gift that has brought my Christmas spirit out of the rafters. I got my brother back for Christmas ;)

Tomorrow is " back to blog day" and I can't wait to read about what everyone's up to. I will continue my novel in January and get it edited after I'm finished. I promise I will let you read it when it's done. Hope you're enjoying the holiday so far.


pepektheassassin said...

Tammy, I really lovelovelove this whole post--the pictures are super, and, a BROTHER for Christmas! What a fine gift! This whole thing made me very a happy way.

pepektheassassin said...

PS You are sooo beautiful! If I never get to hug you in this life, I will hunt you down in the next, and *hug* you there!

Anonymous said...

You and yours have certainly been super busy!

How great to have your brother back in your life! I'm an only child, so the idea of having a brother at all is a great gift. It's good that you're in touch again.

What a great Christmas you're going to have with that gorgeous grandson! Little ones just add that special something extra to this holiday :)

You look great in the photo - hope you're feeling as good as you look!

Anonymous said...

Its great to see you updating. I can't wait to read more about what has been happening in you life :)
Happy back to bloggin day!

Anonymous said...

As you know, I'm totally in synk with the lost sibling scene...I'm so happy for you. I can see the resemblance, lookin' good!
Love the Christmas post, very festive, and little TK, a Christmas angel.

Anonymous said...

The news of your brother had to be an incredible thrill for you, I'm so happy to have read about that.

Life sometimes gets in the way of writing about life, lol. Take your time, we'll be ready for ya


GreenishLady said...

The wonderful Christmas spirit just oozes out of this post... makes me feel like going out to buy a tree, dig out the box of decorations from the attic... That photo of TK is just so charming, and to find your brother like that must be just wonderful! Happy, happy, happy Christmas to you and all of yours.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, wonderful, heart-warming Christmas story!

Thank you, Tammy.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, wonderful, heart-warming Christmas story!

Thank you, Tammy.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, wonderful, heart-warming Christmas story!

Thank you, Tammy.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful slide show! That TK is just an angel, isn't he?

Hope your elfin fingers are holding up after NaNoWriMo and all the busy things you've been crafting for Christmas.

Love to you, Tammy!

xoxo Star

Rach said...

That is an adorable pic of little Tk, you can always trawl it out on his 18th birthday for the shock factor. Wonderful news of your brother, one of the best presents anyone could wish for. Have missed you being around so much. Looking forward to having you back. Big love honey.
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tinker said...

That is an ADORABLE Christmas picture!

What a wonderful early Christmas gift to have a beloved family member return to your life! I'm so happy for you, Tammy! I hope your holiday season overflows with happiness and love!

paris parfait said...

That photo of TK is just too precious for words. And what fantastic news - a visit from your brother. Terrific photo of you both. Have missed you, but I'm so proud of how well you've done with your novel. xo

clare said...

Your brother back for Christmas - what a great present...and the Christmas babe is adorable. Sweet Christmas dreams...

Anonymous said...

Oh my! What a wonderful gift for both of you. I get so much energy from the photo of you together.

Nancy said...


How wonderful to get your brother back. I do believe though, that perhaps he is the luckiest one of all.

Looking forward to more posts!


Jolene said...

Hi Tammy!
Love the picture of TK, Jessie should send those out with Christmas cards!
I'm so glad you got to be with your brother, too.
And, I love that Mariah Christmas song.
Sending Hugs,

Endment said...

You have posted a wonderful christmas story! It is a delight to read of such treasured gifts!

Anonymous said...

I think the photo will make a perfect Christmas card! Just darling. Your life is full of surprises---good ones it appears. A perfect blog before the holidays and makes my little rant look very immature.

acumamakiki said...

i'm so happy that you got your brother back tammy, that's the best christmas present anyone can receive. and that photo of your grandbaby is amazingly cute, so cute i could poke my eyes out! i'm glad you're back, i've missed you!!

Deb R said...

I'm happy about your brother, Tammy. I was estranged from mine for about three years (his choice) and only started seeing him again a little over a year ago and it's been wonderful to reconnect with him. I hope it goes well for you too.

Lovely to hear from you again. I missed you while you were nano-ing! :-)

Georgia said...


I am glad you are back!!!!

And what a great surprise for christmas to get your brother back :)


Anonymous said...

What a true Christmas blessing to be able to reconnect with your brother! I'm so happy for you and hope that you will have more opportunities to restore that relationship.

And the baby in garland? Too sweet for words! Have a great week!

Amber said...

That picture needs to be in your Christmas cards! Amazingly cute!!

I am happy you got a gift of family this year. It makes me happy for you... You are just a good soul, friend. Just a good soul.


DEREK said...

YOu have been busy, I'm so happy for you! That is awesome news. I'm glad your back, I've been kind of taking a break myself.

Living Part Deux said...

These pictures just fill up my soul. What a great gift to have your brother back!!! I'm so happy for you. This fills me with Christmas happiness as well!

kj said...

hello tammy, it's nice to visit you and to know you are back in blog-action. congratulations on reuniting with your brother. that is very wonderful.

best wishes for the holidays. i finished a first draft november novel also. it feels great.


Neasa said...

What a splendid Christmas gift, getting your brother back! You look so happy, you're glowing. Great news!

Anonymous said...

Oh those soft paws in the last post pic are soooo cuddly!

This photo of the baby is amazing. How cute is he?

Just wanted to stop to drop you some love and kisses.


vicci said...

Welcome back Tammy....That is great about having your brother back! merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely gift. Happy New Year to you and your family!