Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One Deep Breath - "Shelter" Fibonacci Haiku

Fibonacci sequence is 1-1-2-3-5-8 with no articles (the,a, etc.). To read other wonderful haiku visit "One Deep Breath" here

oak tree
shelters life
awaiting springs thaw
knot holes filled, food dwindling
heart finds new spaces
sheltering from harshness in life


Star said...

Excellent, Dudette! Haven't gotten to the haiku yet this week. I like the picture your fibs make.

Pam said...

I like this, very nice. Fibs are new to me.

Your pre anniversary celebration sounds delightful, delicious, delovely!

daisies said...

how wonderfully creative and joyously beautiful! :)

Tabor said...

Ah, yes, once again you raise the bar...but in a nice way. You are always an inspiration rather than a challenge.

Jone said...

How terribly fun. Love the fib. Happy anniversary almost.And yes, I forgot Shirley Temple...I re-read my profile, silly me. Enjoy the day tomorrow.

bella said...

These are great Tammy. Oh, and the last one... I love it.

Mikim said...

Wonderful job on these Tammy, I'm partial to the first one as we are having a terrific snow storm as I write this ~"awaiting spring thaw"

Crafty Green Poet said...

perfect choice to go for the Fib form here.

Becca said...

These are marvelous, girl! I just really love that first one - it has the perfect haiku feeling, and the fib sequence is extremely well done.

Love 'em!

get zapped said...

Splendid haiku! I really love the first one, being a tree fan ; ) It's just perfect! Thank you.

Neasa said...

*clapping wildly!*

Beautiful - both the haiku & the sentiment.

Sandy said...

Loved these, but for some reason the second one caught my attention today. Our homes are our shelters!

QAZSE said...

Very cool. Thanks for introducing me to the form.

The collective shape of the poems (one atop the other), remind me of a tree.

I like how you ended both with a hard reality - "food dwindling" - "harshness of life".

paris parfait said...

These are wonderful,Tammy!

megan said...

These are both so well done. The first one sounds and looks like a strong oak tree. What could be a better symbol for shelter than the mighty oak?