Monday, February 12, 2007

Our Pre-Anniversary Celebration

Dave survived and even enjoyed our first poetry reading...yeah! The historic hotel was very cool looking and was said to be haunted, so I'm thrilled we did not get a room. There were about 40 poetry lovers gathered in a room lit with crystal chandeliers with a young man thumping his Bass. There were candles and tables set up at the back of the room with sweet treats, coffee, wines from a local winery, poetry books for purchase and chocolate body frosting's ;)

Many of the "readers" read their own poetry while others read E.E. Cummings, Yates and my new favorite Billy Collins. There were funny poems and love poems but nothing that made Dave squirm. Many of them had flowers and nature which is Dave's style of poetry.

The dinner was fabulous in a separate dining room that had a romantic ambiance. Rose petals on the table cloth with a menu of roasted pepper bisque, hot & sassy rib eye with garlic mashed potatoes and veggies. Dessert was a trio of espresso mousse, white chocolate covered strawberries and triple layer chocolate cake with mango good! I had trouble eating but since everyone there knew I was disabled I sucked my soup through my straw from my coffee and let Dave feed me when the fork got too heavy. It looked romantic anyway ;) Real silverware is just too heavy so maybe I'll sneak in my plastic stuff from KFC next time. LOL

Dave and I would both do it again!

I'm behind in my comments due to Dave getting into a car accident. He is ok, thank you God! Life has a way of reminding you how quickly it can be taken away. Wake up call! DRIVE SLOWLY IN THE RAIN!


paris parfait said...

Oh, Tammy so sorry about Dave's accident! Thank goodness he's fine. And glad you enjoyed the romantic poetry reading and dinner. Billy Collins came to the American School of Paris when my daughter was there and he made quite the impression. xo

Helen said...

so scary about dave. so glad you had a wonderful time. it is romantic to me when i see a spouse feed their loved one. hugs and kisses to you both

Becca said...

This sounds like a wonderful way to spend an anniversary! I've never been to a poetry reading, but this sounds like a super special event. Thanks for sharing your special valentine/anniversary celebration with us :)

So glad Dave's accident wasn't serious!

Clare said...

Yes, it's so easy to forget how vulnerable we all are - sometimes it is good to be reminded. But a nasty shock for both of you, I'm sure. Glad to hear Dave is safe and well.

Loved your description of the poetry event - it sounds like you had a fine sounds pretty good too!

Chris said...

It sounds like you had a wonderfully romantic time. It sounds all so delectable! I'm glad Dave is okay. Have a great Valentine Day girlfriend!

Jone said...

What a romantic evening. Okay, you shared that we have grandbabies with birthday close. Is your anniversary the 14th? Fifteen years for my husband and I on Wednesday.
I am glasd to hear Dave is okay.

emmapeelDallas said...

I am so glad to hear Dave is OK! My heart just stopped when I read that he was in a car accident. You're right, my friend, life has it's wake-up calls for all of us. Your evening sounds GREAT!


p.s. - and the dinner sounds delicious!

Whisky said...

What a wonderfully romantic evening! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourselves :)

I hope Dave really is ok, I know accidents can be a shock.....sending a healing hug just for him.

And of course a

Hug for you :)



Kamsin said...

Sounds very romantic, even the eating through a straw bit!

Anonymous said...

Tammy, I'm so tickled you and Dave had such a fun, sweet time at the poetry reading and dinner. Sounds like a lovely evening.

But then, I was so alarmed to hear about Dave's accident, but thankful he was not hurt. Yes, something like that is a complete wakeup call for everyone around. It will make me more vigilant today!


Star said...

Such a fun a romantic time together, Tammy. Happy Anniversary!

Glad to hear Dave is okay. Retirement is close; take it easy on the roads!

daisies said...

how gorgeous are those hearts, beauty :) Am so glad you two had such a wonderful romantic fun time!! yah!!

sorry to hear about the accident but glad dave is not hurt ...


Jolene said...

I am so happy that you guys got to go there. What a great evening to celebrate your anniversary and Valentine's Day.

How Romantic!!

turquoise cro said...

Thank GOD! Dave is fine and dandy! Yes, drive slow in the rain! and White chocolate covered strawberries??? MMMmmmmMMMMm! I'm glad Dave didn't squirm!!! LOL xo, Cinda ps. HAPPY Week-end!!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

oh dear I am SO relieved to know that Dave is ok!! I am also delighted that BOTH of you enjoyed the poetry reading and the wonderful meal together.