Friday, March 30, 2007

Create a Connection

Melba was hosting Photo Thursday-Living Space so here is my 1200ft doll house that goes up for sale at the end of April. I must get my decorating juices flowing for our new home.

Jana hosted "Getting to Know You" this month and I think she did a great job! So here it goes ;

I'm eating a leftover hamburger (w/mayo, on wheat bread) and saut├ęd zucchini as I type this. What did YOU eat last? I ate pork chops and mac & cheese. Since hubby had a stay at home mom and now must do all the cooking, he was horrified mac and cheese came in a box. lol He ate two helpings!
I am totally head-over-heels for a very tall man named James, who has a very sexy new haircut (picked out by me, of course! lol) What about YOUR love life? Anyone special? Tell us about him/her! I met my Dave 3 1/2 yrs ago on an online dating service. He researched my illness, knew what he was facing and had the courage to forge ahead. He's an outdoors man, carpenter, poet, romantic and has a passion for me and gardening :) We married on a beach in Kauai at sunset, blessed with a double rainbow.
I live in a little house, with lots of trees, on a dead-end street. What is it like where you live? I have shown you my current house so I'll share my new one. It's in the mountains near a lake and it's surrounded by gardens. Flowers in the front with veggies and fruit in the back ;)
I love my hair, and my cute wittle nose. What are YOUR favorite features about yourself? I still have great legs for 5ft 1" and I have pretty hazel eyes.
Today, I pondered about the need for mentoring in young women's lives. What deep thoughts have YOU been pondering upon? My deep thoughts tend to veer toward my care at the different stages of my illness and affordability of home care. I do not need my loved ones taking care of my intimate needs. Wiping someones butt can kill a sex life :)
I love cheese (cubed Colby & monterey jack) and green growing things! List 2 random things you love about life: I love animals and babies. That's so cliche' but true.
I found CAC through Melba, who I found through A Mindful Life, which I stumbled on by doing a random search for Buddhist blogs, for no apparent reason! How did YOU find out about CAC? Through one of my favorite bloggers, Deb at Red Shoes Rambling.
I absolutely *heart* thunderstorms! What do YOU love most about spring?
Bulbs because they bring color to my life and my husband gets child like with each new flower. He has well over 300 bulbs.

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melba said...

Your new home sounds perfect; flowers in the front and veggies and fruit in the back!


Jana B said...

OMW! I Just typed this HUGE reply to you, and the computer had an error and erased it ALL!!!!! *sad sigh*

Here we go, again!

Kraft Mac & cheese is seriously addictive!!!! I LOVE that stuff! Especially the spirals... they are UNBEATABLE!!!! I can't imagine a life without them... your poor hubby!!! No wonder he ate two helpings!

I can't believe you met your hubby online! AND IT WORKED!!!!! WOW!!!!! I'm impressed!

Your new house sounds like a dream come true!!! Mountains... lake... flowers... garden... *happy sigh at thought*

You're 5'1"???? WOW! You are two whole inches taller than me.. you giant you!!!! lol

Yes, I'm sure that COULD ruin a sex life... lol Seriously though, it's awesome that you're planning ahead for those things. That sounds like it would make all of you a lot more comfy if you take plenty of time to plan, research options, and all that jazz.

Bulbs rock! Not only are they beautiful, and smell awesome (hyacinths... lily of the valley... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh) but they require NO CARE!!!!!! Flowers for lazy people! HOW MUCH BETTER CAN LIFE GET???!!!!!!! hehe

Okay, this time I'm saving this all before I try to post it!

Star said...

Mac and cheese, oh yeah!

Thanks for your faithfulness in continuing to visit in spite of my spotty posting. Your comments always leave me with a smile.

daisies said...

that backyard view is the best backyard view i have ever seen : ) how wonderful!!

i loved reading this ~ all the cool bits of you ...

Jana B said...

You said: "Look at you! A skirt wearing plummer? What is James thinking...that's hot! lol"

Hahahaha oh yeah, I'm sure that's every man's fantasy... (especially since you KNOW every plumber's gotta have crack!!!! hahahahahaha)

And YES he needs to propose!!!! Maybe this weekend... my birthday is monday... keep your fingers crossed for me, k??

Here is a very good pic of my cute wittle nose...

Your daughter is my height? Well tell her I said that 4'll" is the "Best Height EVA!!!!!" lol

TravelingMermaid said...

Your house is beautiful! The view is awesome.

I love bulbs too....they're produce such happy flowers!

charlotte said...

Oops....meant to sign as charlotte....2 blogs can be confusing when commenting. :)

Deb R said...

I love the photos you posted - such a cool way to do it too.

And it was fun to read your answers to the meme! :-)

chiefbiscuit said...

What a beautiful, inspiring home you are going to be in very soon you lucky thing you! :)

bella said...

Tammy, it was so nice to read your answers and learn more about you. I had no idea you were 5'1".. You're my height!
And you do have very beautiful eyes!
Loved the pics of your house and I can't wait until you are fully in your new mountain home!

Clare said...

Gorgeous view, Tammy. Just seeing it on my screen was inspiring, like looking through a window - it must be truly magnificent in real life...and yes, like Bella says, very beautiful eyes - another window but this time to the soul, so I've heard.

Kimberley McGill said...

What a beautiful view! And the new place sounds like a dream. Next week, after my daughter leaves I would like to take part in CAC - great new discovery for me. Take care.

paris parfait said...

What a spectacular view! And both your new and old places are nice; I'm sure it will be hard to leave. But you're going to have fun decorating the new place!

Nancy said...

Too much I want to say...I'll copy/paste your entry and write ya an email.

Vedrana M. said...

beautiful slide, love the photos of your home - can't wait to see new one :)


I wondered what color your eyes were. They are very pretty. :-)