Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Catch Up!

This week has been very odd. The weather went from 75-80 degrees, to rainy/cold and back to 75 degrees. The daffodils and tulips burst from the ground only to be side swiped by a down pour. My two flowering pears are feeling naked as their flowers have been ripped from them blanketing the walk, like snow. This picture is from my backyard as the storm dissipates. The blooms are hesitating but there.

My sinus infection is still here and we are treating it now as a viral infection. Saline wash and steroid spray but no smell or taste yet :( I had a full pulmonary work up today and I was at 103% in 2000 and we are very happy that in 2007 I'm still at 103%. It's amazing!

TK is not walking but now running! Gramy must be very careful about walking around the house to avoid being ran up to and being toppled ;) My oldest daughter's husband is a five shot a day diabetic. Since moving here they share a 2005 3/4 ton truck to get them to work. He started a 3:30am to 11:30am physical job so she can then use it for her job. His body clock went nuts and he was in a car wreck from falling asleep with low blood sugar. He needed the jaws of life but received only a few stitches. The truck is totalled, no one else was hurt and medical insurance has not kicked in yet from new job. Big wake up call for them not to mention debt!

by Jana B

List 3 random facts about you, that we will be entertained by:

1. Nothing I use in my house has a lid or is screwed on tightly. It has created a few messes with company but most know to be very careful in my self- serve home ;)

2. When watching a movie I get very annoyed at people talking, guessing the end or narrating...grrr! Dave must tell me who did it before it's half way over. I'm buying duct tape!

3. When my legs get super hairy and they are spotted in winter. It's like the elephant in the room...gross. When they get exposed that person must rub them for luck. Poor Dave is a very lucky guy, but he laughs every time :)

List 2 things about you, that are important for us to know:

1. I'm a newbie in writing and poetry (14mos). Spelling and grammar are progressing.

2. I like being an open book and don't mind questions. Bring it on!

ME! My turn to ask questions!

Do you like board games? What are some favorites?
I do if I'm not playing with competitive people. I like Trivia and Cranium.

What are your non-artistic hobbies?
Movies, reading, camping and fishing

Do you collect anything?
No, unless you count family them! Not a fan of clutter.

And now, our Creativity:

What types of art do you enjoy creating the most?
Haiku, poetry,blogging and photography

Do you have a type of art that you've always wanted to try, but never done? What is it?
Painting and quilting, but that must remain on my "to do" list until there is a cure.


charlotte said...

I'm with ya on #2.

I skipped out on this "getting to know you" -- My brain was tired.

daisies said...

you are such an amazing poet ~ i am in more in awe knowing that you are new to it : )

i love all your non artistic hobbies, they are mine too ;-)

you completely rock and i hope your next week finds tasty food and sunshine's bright!


Wow...that was a lot. I read & enjoyed all that you shared.

I hope that your son-in-law heals as best as possible. :-)

I am with you on the annoying movie behaviour. I will have to tell a few of my movie nightmare stories over on my blog sometime.

Anonymous said...

I guess the most surprising to me is that you have not been studying and writing poety for years!


Pam said...

Good morning, sweetie, we still have a glitch between your e-meil and's driving me nuts!

Congrats on the 103%, that is awesome news!!! I know how much it means to you.

The Q and A was cool...and your poetry is a huge talent, you don't write like a newbee.

The rest we already talked about, so I will end with "I love you" and see if I can get the e-mail on track.

Chris said...

Our poor trees and flowers are so confused this winter/spring. 70's one day, 30's the next.

You wouldn't like to watch a movie w/ me....I'm like Dave. I like to guess the endings.

My Blog

Star said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your son-in-law's accident. Is he a candidate for an insulin pump?

I love spring but can hardly allow myself to enjoy it fully because it is so fragile with the rain and wind from spring storms.

Great CaC answers :D

Nancy said...

Very hard to believe you're a Neubie I'm even more impressed!
I enjoy these "getting to know you" memes when it's someone I care to get to know...and you certainly fit into that category.

Hmmm...a question for ya. How about this. "Does your own death frighten you? And have you heard of Mattie Stepanek? (He's my hero).


Jana B said...

Oh, wow! You were doing you CAC as I was commenting on your blog? That IS a bit "freaky deaky"!! lol!

I'm not sure what a pulmonary thingy of 103% means, but I am guessing that it's good, so congrats!!!!

Oooohhhhh... sorry to hear about your son-in-law... sometimes it seems like you just can't get ahead in the world... but remind them to keep trying, things always work out somehow. I'm glad he's not hurt.

OMW, if nothing had a lid in my house everything would be spilled everywhere! LOL I am the clumsiest person ever.

I am SO with you on the movie thing!!!! This caused some very annoying moments when I got my first roomate... she LOVES to guess endings, or tell me what's going to happen if she's seen it before! She doesn't do that anymore though LOL My new-prospective-roomie is even worse... plus her 4-year old son... What am I thinking? Oh yeah, I have a TV in my room! And her son gives awesome hugs! LOL I knew there was a reason I thought of keeping them!

You like questions??? Is the reason for the jars being open related to your ALS? I glanced through the site on your sidebar, but don't know exactly how it affects you, personally.

Great hobbies, except for fishing... lol fish are icky! Camping is awesome, I hope to do it more often in the future. (Only been once so far, which is sad!!!)

pepektheassassin said...

OK, I have a question: 103% oF WhaT?
How does that work? Positively, it sousnds like an A+ --negatively like an F-.

Hmmm. My daughter-in-law wrecked the front end of their van last week. Nobody hurt, but she is really bummed. Both our dogs took themselves for a walk--one came back after six hours of us whistling and calling, riding around. The other, someone a couple of miles away turned into the dog pound--cost us $88 to get her out. Plus another $60 for shots and new tags because they couldn't find us in their computer...oh well. Enuf of this ragging. Happy Spring, m'dear!

pepektheassassin said...

Oh, I was going to mention that if you get a chance to see Miss Potter, with Renee Zellweger, see it! It's a fine movie--about Beatrix Potter, of Peter Rabbit fame....

Tammy said...

Star- My son n law has not been a canidate for the pump in the past but maybe once they get ins. they can re-evaluate.

Nancy - Death does not scare me but suffering at the hands of incompetancy does. Mattie was my hero!

Jana- My muscles are shrinking and dying making opening things tuff. I do have my one trusty typing finger. Go camping! lol

Joyce- Weak lungs are what kill many ALS patients. To have 103% lung capacity means my ALS has not reached my lungs yet...yay! What a week you had...whew!

Jimmy said...

It's always fun to read a little "about me" type stuff. It helps me feel as though I am getting to know my friends better all the time.

I think your work shows a sensational amount of creativity, and it's coupled with a great ability to express yourself.

And somehow, I wouldn't be surprised to someday see a painting or quilt that you've created. I look forward to it.

Terri /Tinker said...

Thank heavens your SIL wasn't injured more seriously. Yikes.

Rubbing your legs for good luck' cracked me up - I don't know if K. would consider it was that lucky though, lol.
I LOVE Cranium - in fact I just listed that in my 50 joys for the FW today.
Lately I'm mostly colleting dust.

Hope you feel better soon, sweetie - this yuck just seems to take so long to get over. But I'm glad your breathing is doing so well - you might even be doing better than me on that, lol.
Keep taking good care of you! Oh and watch out for that cute lil speedbump, TK :-)

Brian said...

Hope you are having a great weekend, cause I am. :)

Deb R said...

I loved reading your answers to the CAC questions, Tammy.

I'm SO with you on the movie thing!!!

Amber said...

Oh, I am so happy no one was killed! Jeez. That is horrible and lucky all at once, huh?

I always guess the ending in movies, but I don't tell!


chiefbiscuit said...

Congrats on your pulmonary count. Well done! You are amazing ... :)
Sorry i haven't time to answer your questions . But I enjoyed reading about you!

Jana B said...

Ooohhhhh, so the 103% means your breathing is absolutely awesome, huh? Congrats!!!

I'm trying to find people to camp with... unfortunately, the only people I know who like to camp, are male!!!! And I'm not sure if they're trustable, alone, in a tent, in the middle of the woods, at night. Except James (the man o my dreams).... I trust him, he wouldn't try anything with me. But... i might try something with him, so... it's best to not camp, for now!!!! LOL