Thursday, May 31, 2007

Update Post

We have spent the last two weekends at the new house and we are off again in the morning. I'm trying to keep up with clubs on my blog but I've not been very good at updates.

New house is feeling like home. Not one baby blue wall or carpet to be found.

No nibbles on house sale after one month on the market.

TK got his head shaved for summer... gramy's sad.

My daughter's and their families live together but are now in a huge feud...dah!

Gramy has not seen TK for 2 weeks to avoid being sucked into above feud. *chills*

Dave's retirement is so close he's going bonkers (Aug. 13th). Short timers disease. lol

Helen had a beautiful memorial service and I've kept in touch with her daughter Michelle.

Pam and I email almost daily to keep each other sane and I WILL go see her in Vermont!

New flickr toy, it's an Andy Warholizer. I love toys! (see photo)

New show alert for movie buffs, On the Lot.

Dave's new blooms coming soon :)

PRAYER REQUEST: House sells by Aug. 13th!

Have a fabulous, relaxing weekend for us!


Pam said...

Tick, tick, tick...the moving clock is getting louder. Praying for house sale, happy for Dave, loving you!

Star said...

Thanks for all the pertinent info. You know I'm on you side with the house; I'll redouble my efforts.

After all the work Dave has been doing, I think he deserves to have a little short-timer's ;-)

Enjoy your weekend (and hope you can see TK soon in a feud-free zone).

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Sending prayers for a quick house sell ... love the Warholized you!! xx, JP

Tabor said...
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Tabor said...

It seems here that the sales of houses are all over the place from first day to months and months later to a few not at all. The best sales seem to be those houses that are neither empty nor full. They look inviting with some furniture but also spacious without lots of personal junk. I wish you much luck. Selling a house has got to be one of the most stressful times. (Sorry about the prior post...too many typos.)

Jana B said...

I SO feel you on the "making the new house into a home" thing. My house is now 80% yellow-free! Woo hoo!!!

TK got his head shaved?! What??????? I wanna see pics, as soon as the drama has died down! Poor Tammy... no TK time.

pepektheassassin said...

Tammy, my brother-in-law was just diagnosed with ALS. I have gigen them your blog address, so you may be hearing from them. He's feeling pretty down and could use some positive strokes.

Sorry to hear about your feuds! Been there, done that. I know it seems like it will last forever, but it will get better--eventually. I know how you must miss TK! That's the worst part!


Kim G. said...

Wow! Lots going on in your life. Sorry to hear about the kids - hopefully they'll work it out soon so you can see your TK. :)

I'll pray for the sale. Keep us updated! :)

daisies said...

will be sending prayers for the house to sell :) am so excited for you!!

fun warholizerthingymajiggybobber :)

Jolene said...

Have fun relaxing in the woods!
Thanks for the chat yesterday!

tinker said...

Sending prayers and ((hugs)) - as a fellow grandma, I bet you're going through severe grandchild withdrawals! Hope all works out well for you soon, on ALL fronts. Enjoy your weekend at your new non-blue house! XOXO

chiefbiscuit said...

So some good ... some bad... Thinking of you Tammy my friend.

emmapeelDallas said...

Thanks for the update! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the house sale, and also on the feud ending soon.


Chris said...

Best of luck on the house.

Smart move about staying out of the feud. Getting involved only adds more fuel (do you know how hard it is to spell feud than fuel in consecutive sentences?) to the fire.

Poooor TK. Don't'll grow back!

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AscenderRisesAbove said...

now i have "new house" envy! It sounds like your life is so full right now

Maybe you need to get ahold of that show "sell this house" and have it staged? Just a thought (I love that show)

GreenishLady said...

I hoope everything goes just as you would wish with the house sale & move. I'm so happy your new house is taking shape and becoming more "yours" now.

AnnieElf said...

Add my prayers to your prayer choir for sale of house. I'm running to Flickr to check out the new toy. Very sorry about the feud but as you say - Duhh!


I hope that your house sells. Maybe you can get people to advertise it in some way via blogs.

paris parfait said...

Tammy, praying your old house sells soon. Your Warhol-esque photos are terrific! Glad to hear about the memorial service for Helen and that you're communicating with her daughter. What a good friend you have been and are...Sending a big hug, dear heart. xo