Friday, July 20, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

Sun kissed apples

Under the grape arbor

Mingling fruit!

Just peachy!

What a long week of working on the house! I watch and Dave works. I nap and Dave works. I watch three fuzzy TV stations and Dave works. I did try out my Chuck Norris "Total Gym" given to me by Dave's sister when she was up here helping out. I managed to figure out how to workout using the machine at my ability. I kicked some major butt and feel a good burn, so we dragged it home. I want to build muscle for my road trip this October.

We found a surprise plum tree and separated bulbs for next Spring (notice the "we"?). lol We are one full day away to being done on the inside of our house but the outside needs some major loving. We enjoyed discovering the fruit out back and all the possibilities for next summer. Still no offers or traffic on old house so today my "soon to be retired husband" is job sucks!

The best part of the trip was getting to meet an amazing blogger named Vicci. She lives 20min away and drove over to the house. We chatted like we've known each other for years and she has an enormous heart. Very real, down to earth and a happy camper! I struck gold with my new neighbor, even Dave took an instant liking to this lovely spirit. She brought us homemade jelly, so I gave her my backyard to do as she pleases this summer. :) I can't wait to taste my yard by Vicci. BTW her birthday is Saturday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICCI!

When we arrived home yesterday afternoon a huge tree branch had fallen across my car, filling the driveway...geesh! Luckily our neighbor helped chop it up and took it away. Thanks Rick! Dave's working vacation didn't need that headache. I have over 200 posts to read and I will do what I can but TK is on his way to hang with gramy! Have a wonderful weekend! XXOO


Star said...

Hey, welcome back! Love your new blog banner :)

Sounds like a full week of work and exploration. I'm so glad you've found easy friendship to look forward to when the big move takes place.

I'm sorry Dave will need to look for work, but at least he won't be working on both houses at the same time, and hopefully the new owners of your old house are just around the corner and will swoop in and buy it up before you move. Gotta be an optimist!

Becca said...

Sounds like you had a productive week, and met a very good new neighbor!

I am so relating to all your house issues - we're kind of in the same boat with our plans for a Florida early retirement. I think we'll both be working for a long time.
But , hey, my 80 year old dad went back to work (at Walmart!) and he's like a new man~so maybe working isn't all that bad after all :)

pepektheassassin said...

Missed you! Glad you are back!

Nancy said...

So good to have you back...

what I would give for some of those fruit trees! OMG.

I just may have to come over and pick some for myself one day!
; )


Tinker said...

Oh wow - looks like you hit the motherlode there on backyard fruit!
And found a neighboring blogger who'll can 'em - sounds to me like you've really struck gold there at your new home!

Sorry about the tree/car incident though - hope your car's okay. WIshing you both the best, on the house/job situation. Have a wonderful time with that adorable TK! xo

Pam said...

Love the fruit trees, wow!

Happy you have a wonderful new neighbor, it will make moving so much easier.

Poor car.

Love you!

paris parfait said...

Beautiful photos of fruit trues! And good for you and Dave for accomplishing so much! I'm really crossing my fingers and praying your old house sells soon. How terrific that you got to meet a fellow blogger - who makes homemade jelly! She sounds lovely; so nice to have friends near your new home. Am hoping you'll soon have good news about your old house. Meanwhile, enjoy TK's love! xo

BendingPeak said...

Welcome home sweet Tammy.
Great pictures :)

emmapeelDallas said...

I agree with Tinker, it sounds like you hit the motherlode both on the fruit trees and on the new neighbor! Way to go, Tammy and Dave!

Welcome back and thanks for the pics. I can almost taste that jelly...



kate said...

Okay, I'm just envious of your fruit trees ... grapes, peaches, apples. I think you have a good deal going - you watch, Dave works and it feels as if you've participated! And plums ... yum.

Good for you working out ... it is something that I've been neglecting, blaming the hot weather.

Amber said...

Sucks I didn't get to see you this time! But next time, okay? Anyway, happy that you did get to meet a "new" friend. Very cool. I will check her out


vicci said...

Tammy...the pleasure was all mine Sweetie......I think Andy and I will drive up to your yard over the weekend and see whats ripe! Peach and plum jam sounds good huh??!!!!
Thanks for the birthday card! I totally relaxed and had a great day! :-)

Anonymous said...

We drove down to the house and found a huge wild cherry tree had been twisted and was lying across the road and had just missed the electrical and cable box on the side of the driveway. The day was hot but that was Hubby's fun weekend...cutting and carting away a major tree!


daisies said...

: ) beautiful greens

am so happy that you have such a lovely neighbour and you get to taste your yard, love that!!

am hoping your house will sell ... sending lucky thoughts :) xox