Thursday, July 12, 2007

Poetry Thursday- "Battle of Summer"

Battle of Summer

Wearing humidity like a heavy wool blanket
she yearns for summer to turn into fall.
She prays the weakness is only the season
which used to bring her such joy.
Now it's only a lock on the door
holding her down.

She floats through the reeds
with her head held high.
A picture of grace and beauty
flows in her silent wake.
Fears gently tucked away
leaving a strained smile
wrapping those she loves
in reassuring glances.
Grateful for the love
lifting her higher.

When the cool of fall bursts forth
her spirits and energy will rise.
The battle will begin again
as I stand by her side
holding her shield.

This was inspired by my friend Pam who lives in Vermont. She is struggling with her ALS due to a very hot and humid summer. It exacerbates ALS and dampens your spirits.
This fall (1st week in Oct)I will stand at her door and be able to hold her for the very first time. We are the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin, to everyone who reads our blogs. My girlfriend Sherrill of 28yrs is using her vacation time and timeshare to escort me across the country to meet Pam. A girlfriend road trip through Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. WooHoo! The leaves will be turning and I will be with Pam. Thank you Sherrill and Dave for the best birthday ever! Please keep good thoughts for Pam during this torturous summer!
Pam is an incredible artist and is now using her computer to continue her passion. This is one of her pieces.


paris parfait said...

Thank you for sharing Pam's story and her beautiful art. Your poem is wonderful - I love the lines " I stand by her side holding her shield." I'm thrilled for you and Pam (and Sherrill) that you have such a fantastic trip planned. Please take lots of photos of the beautiful fall leaves (in addition to each other and all the other notable sights, of course!). xo

Brian said...

Beautiful artwork. I am always humbled by your words and will to live.

Clare said...

Hi Tammy! Your poem is so powerful and beautiful -- and I love the swam image that Pam created. I am so sorry that Pam is having such a hard time with the heat and humidity -- my friend with M.S. struggles so in the heat too. But how awesome that you will get to see her in October! What a fun road-trip -- I hope you post photos from it or at least share some of the stories!

Star said...

The two of you share such a strong connection. Your beautiful poem is perfect with her artwork. I'm sure your time together this fall will be like a homecoming.

Marie said...

You are truly soul sisters. What an adventure you will have. Her artwork is absolutely beautiful as I'm sure so is she. The colors are outstanding. Your words are a perfect match...

Tinker said...

ROADTRIP!!!! What fun! I am so happy that you'll all be able to have such a special girlfriend time together, Tammy. Your friend's art is beautiful and your poem is a beautiful tribute to her and your friendship. I'll be praying for a break in the heat wave there - I know what a difference it's made in my own energy level the past couple of days having it cool off a little here, and that's without ALS to contend with. ((hugs)) to both of you lovely swans!

Rob Kistner said...

Wow Tammy -- wow, wow!!

Have a glorious trip through New England -- and a blessed time with Pam... :)

tumblewords said...

Pam's art is awesome and your poetry is as well. Good thoughts to all of you!

...deb said...

Amazing triptych you've lent us here. Thank you.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

gorgeous poem embracing the fall (my favourite season) ... I can't wait to hear about your wonderful upcoming trip!!! xx, JP

Crafty Green Poet said...

Thanks for sharing Pam's artwork - really beautiful. I enjoyed your poem too! I hope you have a great time when you meet!

giggles said...

Exactly how I feel these days. Your poem is amazing! Aren't friends wonderful? So glad to see your friends beautiful art and to know she found a way to exude her creativity despite her circumstances. Hope you have a festive time hooking up with your girls!! Nothing beats that!

Love and hugs

Remiman said...

This love inspired poem is incrdible!
What a grand time you two are going to share come Autumn.
You'll be only a stone throw from me.

gautami tripathy said...

Tammy, your words always please me. I can only bow to your spirit and all that love within you.

Your love shines through in this poem.

Thank you letting us know about Pam. She is lucky to have you as a friends. I will go chk her blog.

Pam said...

My dear, dear friend, you have moved me to tears with your beautiful words, that ring so true, and your amazing heart.

I will look forward to Oct. and our time together, and it will keep me strong. I truly love you.

anni said...

wow, my mom's closest friend has lou gehrig's disease. thank you for sharing your battles with the disease; it helps those who can't communicate about it. i am bookmarking the link.

could i get permission to read to georgianna (mom's friend) some of the stuff in your blog? she was a teacher and loved words.

Rethabile said...

Hold the shield, Tammy. I'm comfortable when you are holding it. Your poem is magnificent in the way it conveys... love? Strength? What?

daisies said...

such a beautiful caring poem and pam's art is stunning ...

i can't imagine ~ it is hot and humid here and i am having trouble managing ... sending her strength and love and you too .. xoxox

chiefbiscuit said...

I am just so pleased for you my dear. You deserve to have a roadie and then a sweet holiday with a friend. What a beautiful poem - you take my breath away you do. And that song 'Counting Cars' is one of my all-time favourites(apparantly it's a very popular song with females ...) You've really and truly made my day - as usual your spirit beams through loud and clear and truly blesses me. :)

GreenishLady said...

Tammy, the quality of the love and friendship you offer seems to inspire wonderful friendship in others. I am thrilled for you that you will be having this special trip and visit with your dear friends. I hope the weather abates and becomes comfortable for all of you. It reminds me that there are reasons to be grateful for the cool non-summery weather we are having. I love the poem! Thank you.

Chris said...

Great poem and I am sure that Pam loved it too. You are an inspiration, not only to Pam, but to me as well.

Have a great weekend!
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I will be praying for Pam. I have seen people who have to work go through the heat of summer with ALS & have also seen co-workers be less then understanding.

Inland Empire Girl said...

This is a moving poem. I love the line about fall because I love the season, but I now understand why it is meaningful to you. What a trip to look forward to.