Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me - "F"

I asked Dave to give me a word that best describes me beginning with the letter "F." He didn't hesitate in his answer "funny" he blurted! I then asked "how am I funny?" and he got a puzzled expression on his face saying "I don't know, you just are." I could not let it go so I pressed on by asking "is it because I say what I think?" and he said "nah, that's just annoying." Yes, he received the "look" that could freeze a teenager in their tracks. lol

Apparently it is in my mannerisms, body language and sarcasm. He said that when I'm watching TV my intensity is more fun to watch than the show. When I make comments on getting a wedgie with every dressing it makes him laugh as I squirm mumbling under my breath. Oh, let's not forget the "duck" sounds I make when I laugh real hard. I may a gas-bag but I find humor in most things and usually share it with Dave...lucky guy. :) I'm very animated and I keep him laughing so I'm thinking it's a good thing.

This is my new LIME green blog desk that we worked on while we were up at the house. The colors are wrong due to the sun. Desk-lime, carpet-sage and desk top is antiqued to sage. Work in progress. I offered to read the directions in the assembly of the lime monster and its thousands of parts but he declined. We don't discuss the leftover piece lying over to the side that will never make it on the desk. Real men don't need no stinkin directions...arrr...arrr.

This is the room I don't think works but Dave likes it. Dave refuses to prime so my light sage turned mint, YUCK! He was not happy that I nagged until I got a new color but agrees it looks good. It's darker in real life but then again the sun was streaming in. My master bedroom now flows better with master bath and feels warmer.

Lowe's messed up what I wanted but their mistake looks just right. It's really a carmel color and changes with the light.

A collage of my special master bath. Roses in Paris theme with maroon walls, rose molding, Paris outlet cover and mauve accessories. The shower has two seats and is huge. I could live in just this room.

This is the Dave/guest bath and we love it. Luckily there is a 1/2 bath in basement for "handyman Dave." lol We are almost completely done inside...yay! Outside is in need of some lovin but winter is coming so it will have to wait.
We did a good job search and came up empty but Dave is not giving up. I'm reuniting my brother and dad on Sunday after 15yrs of being apart. I'm trying to get both girls to come and Dave is adding a cake. This just might make for a great 46th birthday.


kate said...

Hi Tammy, I think I have some reading to do, because I've missed a few letters along the way. You have a great sense of humour. It shines through in your blog and your comments.

I've never met a man who followed instructions or took direction ... things sometimes work out differently than expected!

I think it's great that you are reuniting with your brother and your dad on Sunday. That will be wonderful!

Kelly said...

ok, for you I would have picked Feisty....but that's just me

Brian said...

Thanks for the great tour of your house. I keep hoping that a job and a buyer will show up soon for you.

Becca said...

I'm thinking "funny" (as in humorous not peculiar) is the perfect word to describe you. Just reading your writing, I find myself smiling because you have such a bright way of looking at things. Although, I also agree with Kelly who picked "feisty" for you!

The house looks great. I know the circumstances haven't been what you hoped, but I'm sure you're going to love living there.

Good luck with Sunday~sounds like a big day for your family!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

I love, love, love the caramel paint colour -- yummy!! I may have to find something similar for my study! The house is looking great Tammy! xx, JP/deb

Anonymous said...

I know what he means when he says funny and it is a huge compliment.
I love the colors and the way you deocorated. You have a real knack for it! I know exactly what you mean about men and directions. This happens frequently here, the same thing about priming the walls. If they would just get it would actually save so much time in the end. So stubborn.
I hope your reunion goes very well and turns out to be an a special day. I will be thinking about you.

Jana B said...

Funny? Oh yeah, you even make me laugh on your blog. And at least for me, my blog isn't as funny as I am in person.

You laugh like a duck???? *giggle*

LOVE the master bath!!!!

turquoise cro said...

QUACK! QUACK!!! hehe YOU are FUNny and that Dave is soOOooo cute!!! The extra piece for the desk gives me a chuckle! Everything is just BEAUTY FULL Tams!!! That's GREAT NEWS for the Reunion!!! Have a Blessed Day Sweets!!! F=Tammy, my *FRIEND* ((((Dave&Tammy))))Dave is my friend too! He takes such good care of my friend Tammy! *Smooch!*
ps.Hey, Girlfriend! Dancing With The Stars is coming right after your Birthday!!! WOOT!!!

Star said...

I love your choice for "f" and that you make those duck noises when you laugh hard (reminds me of Meg Ryan's honking laugh while "breaking up" with Greg Kinnear in "You've Got Mail"). :D

You've made really good progress at the new house, Tammy! I love the old-fashioned feel of your new blogging area (I can identify with those extra parts, we have that type of assembly at our house as well), and your French roses in the bathroom just make me sigh. Isn't it nice when mistakes turn into bright spots? I think the caramel color makes the room look so warm and inviting and goes so well with the window treatment.

I hope all goes well with your reunion of sorts on Sunday (but I thought your birthday was Monday...). Anyway, another baking occasion for Dave can't be all bad ;-)

I continue to send the most positive of thoughts your way for your home(s) and work situation. It's great to have you back here!



Nancy said...

Hey hey hey, a funny girl.

Anyway, the house is looking gorgeous! I have much to fill you in on....been a bit crazed but I'll call, I promise.

And we have a DATE for Oct. 5th! It's a big drive for us (6 hours to our destination...then at least 1 more to you), but are SO worth it!!

Yes...quite a good 46th for us both. Let me know what happens with the reunion...sounds awesome.

Love you,

paris parfait said...

Your Dave sounds a lot like my David with his "No that's just annoying" comment! :) Your house is looking beautiful - and I like that mistake they made with the paint colour! It's lovely and that armoire is perfect. Good luck with the reunion - most of all, enjoy your birthday, dear Tammy! You deserve every happiness and lots and lots of spoiling. xoxox

Tammy said...

Mike thinks I'm funny too... I don't see it! :) I love to laugh though - I think you and I would get along just fine!! :)

What day is your birthday?! Mine is next Tuesday - pretty sure you've told me before when we compared being Libras - but I can't remember!!

Happy Birthday!!

kimberley said...

Funny, feisty and FABULOUS! The house looks absolutely gorgeous - mistakes, missing pieces and all. Have a lovely time with your Dad and brother and a joyous birthday full of grace. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Pam said...

I know, from personal experience, that Dave is right... you ARE funny, Robin! And your sense of humor shines bright in your blog.

New house looking awesome, girlfriend.

Tabor said...

My F word for you would be 'fascinating' in that you are always coming up with surprising posts. I didn't know you were such an interior decorator! I guess I will have to post my powder room.

Chris said...

"nah, that's just annoying"

lol, Dave rocks;)

DEREK said...

What a beautiful Sunday it will be. I've missed you Tammy, since I moved over to wordpress, I don't write as much on blogger as I used too. My mom's is on Monday. Sending many beautiful wishes your way! Your still as beautiful as the last time I came in here to visit.

tinker said...

I love your sense of humor, too, Tammy, and that's just reading what shines through on the page - lucky Dave gets to see your humor live!
The house is looking wonderful - love the new computer desk. Cracked me up about you both ignoring the extra piece - I think Keith and I have had some similar silent agreements after assembling various things through the years.
Wishing you a wonderful Sunday filled with blessings - is Sunday your birthday? I don't know why I was thinking it wasn't till October, probably confusing it with your roadtrip - but whenever it is, I'm wishing you the very Happiest of birthdays, too! XOXO

daisies said...

your house looks amazing :) so beautifully bright and full of warmth!! hope your weekend is wonderful and the reunion is fabulous!!

sending you loving birthday wishes ... tons of love honey ... xoxoxox

Colorsonmymind said...

How great to have your man explain your silliness to you. I just learned I haver a tick of rubbing my nose by watching some home videos and asking him-do I do that a lot? hee hee

I love your home....your gorgeous gardens are one thing but the inside-I want that desk:) and the color of your bedroom and the bath-just gorgeous-the white trim looks fabulous against it.

Hope the reunion goes great.

chiefbiscuit said...

Tammy you have a delicious sense of humour that always comes through in your posts.
I love the rooms!
Best of luck with the work for Dave. All that AND re-uniting family members? You truly are a wonder woman!

Rach said...

I would have picked fiesty as this shows in your attitude to life. The new home improvements are fantastic. Can see why you are lovin it!

DEREK said...

two more days. My mom's turning 62, she said she's ready for 65 so she can really start enjoying. I wish she could just retire early but all she's ever done is work. You and my mom share the same birthday. I think I remember that from last year.

Kamsin said...

I'm intrigued by the duck noises, I've heard of people snorting like a pig before, but a duck?!;)lol!

paris parfait said...

Hi Tammy - I sent you two b-day emails, which bounced back from two different email addresses. Will keep trying. Hope it was a wonderful weekend celebrating! xoxox

Inland Empire Girl said...

I love that you are funny. When I asked my husband what I would be with the letter F he also said funny! I love the color in the new bedroom. Enjoy your visit with your family.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

I know I already commented (and I'm still drooling over your new bedroom paint!) but, just had to tell you that I tagged you over at my blog! Hugs! xx, JP/deb

pepektheassassin said...


Fierce, firey Fighter, first-class!

Hope your SUnday was the best!

Lucy said...

Wow Tammy! I love your caramel paint color! What an improvement over the mint. It is like the sun is now shining on a once dreary corner. Funny and Great taste too! Wish I could read your blog more often. :)

TI said...

Happy birthday, twin. Hope you're having a really, really good one! love, TI

DEREK said...

Happy Birthday beautiful! I mentioned you in my entry today since you and my mom share the same birthday!

turquoise cro said...

Dancing With The Stars IS on your Birthday!!! WOOT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING TAMMY!!! xoxoxoxo, Cinda

khambagirl said...

The new house looks great! I love the lime green blogging desk! And yes, dear friend, you are funny! When I start feeling sorry for myself, I go to your blog -- helps me to keep things in perspective.

Amber said...

Looks GREAT!


giggles said...

I agree with Dave you are funny....I just know we'd kibitz back and forth for sure! Love the caramel makes the wall unit pop!! I wouldn't normally pick that color but it looks scrumptious in that room! Oh and that lime green desk is awesome...just love it! We just painted my kitchen apple green this summer!

Hugs and love Sherrie