Friday, April 18, 2008

Writer's Island - Triumph

An Ordinary Day

The morning sun is so bright and calming,

as I watch tiny particles dancing in the rays

performing in rhythm before me,

a ballet, of tiny faeries

filling the room with life,

beckoning me to get up

and create a new day.

But the morning sun is only the first word

on the page of this day-

a triumphant day-

the beginning of a long journey,

that pleads to be written.

At the start of my familiure day

I will stare out the window,

listening to the sounds in my flannel pj's,

leaning into the breeze,

ideas filling my mind I begin to write,

quiet as a opening tulip,

reflective as an aging mind,

anxious to write the words

this bright, breezy day

has to show me,

here through this window to the world

with it's dirty glass panes,

and sunny inspiration.

Come to the island!


daisies said...

an ordinary day is really such a thing of beauty and so utterly extraordinary in that isn't it :)

this is beautiful honey, xo

anthonynorth said...

Nothing that inspires is ordinary. And how you put it isn't ordinary either :-)

jadey said...

I love this post very descriptive and I love as quiet as an opening tulip that is just so wonderful I can picture that first thing in the morning.

Lucy said...

You've written it beautifully sweet Tammy!
I love how you've captured that feeling of early morning and needing to get moving but just wanting to enjoy the moment. I think YOU are a sunny inspiration as well ♥

Geraldine said...

Beautfully expressed. The ordinary becoming so much more. Well done!

shubd07 said...

Very nicely put Tammy .
I think everything is ordinary till you decide to find the 'special ' in it .

Becca said...

"But the morning sun is only the first word
on the page of this day-
a triumphant day-
the beginning of a long journey,
that pleads to be written."

Love this!!!

I'm printing it out and framing it (no kidding!)

Nancy said...

There aren't many poems that I am captured by as often as yours do.

I am always drawn into your words...making an ordinary blog quite extraordinary.

I love ya,

Pam said...

Sometimes, if you keep an open mind, what's ordinary is also what's most beautiful. Such a lovely poem.

We have bleeding hearts at camp and they are one of my favorite flowers.

Sending love, Batman

emmapeelDallas said...


I like this very much.


susiej said...

These are great days... ordinary days are gifts.

Chris said...

Flannel PJs used in a poem, very nice;)

Tabor said...

This is one of your best posts! I love the images and the feelings and especially the trip back to earth with the 'dirty glass panes."

b said...

I just stop by to read your poetry. Each day a gift...and all we really ever have. Thank you.


paisley said...

you have been blessed with an optimism and a love for live,, i can only sit in amazement and watch from afar...

Rob Kistner said...

Tammy -- Tammy... just beautiful. I came here tonight to read in a very low mood. Thank you, thank you for lifting my spirits so... :-)

Linda Jacobs said...

The beauty inside you is blossoming just like the tulips! I love this poem and it's optimism. Finding peace in the ordinary things is a gift then translating it into a poem is sheer magic!