Wednesday, May 07, 2008

3WW - Tanka/Haiku

Cautious - Human - Maybe

I had to escape
looking for serenity
I'm only human
cautious of my sanity
maybe I'll go a fishin.

Gliding through ripples
table for two glistening
webbed pair paddle by

I've been away from the computer and hanging out at the lake, fishing. The sun and light breeze were heavenly. I caught my first fish of the season and boy was he tasty on the BBQ. I'm watching the garden waterfall grow more beautiful each day but sadly it's not done yet. Gorilla hair bark, irrigation and seating are coming soon. I'm still going to sneak in a shot even though my brother wants me to wait. ;) Photo from this morning by me. :)


pia said...

Wow it's so beautiful. I don't think I have been fishing since I was ten

Don't blame you for wanting to be away from a computer. I just want to be at the beach :)

Daily Panic said...

Lucky you! I had to work :(
I love to fish, but I hate taking them off the hook.

susiej said...

I need a day like that!

Lucy said...

Your Haiku is beautiful and so are You. :))
I can't wait for summer, although it may take me away from my computer too.

emmapeelDallas said...

That sounds like a heavenly day, and I can't wait to see the waterfall!


Becca said...

These are such peaceful poems and photos - love the "webbed pair!"

Thanks for your kind words on my post today - we're all doing lots better :)

Greyscale Territory said...

How utterly relaxing and simply gorgeous.


anthonynorth said...

I went fishing now and again as a kid, but haven't done so for decades. You make it sound so wonderful.

tinker said...

Beautiful photos, Tammy!
Congratulations on the fishing - enjoy~xoxo

Pam said...

Congratulations on your fish! And I loved your post about family, everything you said is so true.
Love you, Robin!!!

Nancy said...

Beautiful Tammy...I love how you're deciding to spend your time and finding what you need out there.

Let's talk today. I'm not feeling the greatest, but we can have a short chat. I'll call later...

Love you,

TC said...

That's awesome, Tammy :) Enjoy your time away from the computer and the great outdoors.

Anonymous said...

wish i can do that..not literally fishing...but just the idea of not having to work even for a day or two and have enough time to appreciate lovely things around me..

enjoy your time with heaven's blessings..

Amber said...

The lake looks wonderful! *happy sigh* I love lakes.


lissa said...

cautious of my sanity - ooh, I like that

fishing sound so calming, maybe I should it a try

Star said...

This looks like such a relaxed setting; I don't blame you a bit for allowing the cobwebs to collect on the keyboard while you meet the ducks for breakfast or lunch at their glistening table.

Breathe deep of the wonder that is spring!

giggles said...

Sounds wonderful and peaceful! There is something about fishing that's so good for the soul! Mmmm BBQ fresh fish!! Lovely haiku, I can't seem to write them!

Hugs Sherrie

Chris said...

you have it causes INSANITY :)

Bone said...

Ducks often look so peaceful. Your haiku captures that whole scene perfectly.