Friday, July 18, 2008

Rockin' Chair Writer's Club

What's really on your mind?

I'm happy the sunsets are no longer filtered by smoke, like in this picture. The smoke has stolen my smell and taste, so back to an ENT doctor.

Excited that I'm allowed back in the pool and feeling stronger, wanting to get out more.

Pride that Jolene has raised three happy boys while getting her degree and has just graduated.

Little E, our grandson just turned 7.

Thrilled our grandson's will be here for Christmas from WA. :)

Wishing I could comfort and pamper:
Linda, who is being given a nasty drug that is making her very ill to try and cure CFS.
Pam, who's ALS is being hampered by the humidity in Vermont, affecting her lungs.
Guatami, who is down.
Robbin, who is bravely fighting cancer while grieving the loss of her son.
Gemma, who is caring for her husband the best she can.
Brian, who suffers from CFS.
TJ, who is recovering from surgery.
Bella & Eileen, who both have chronic, debilitating headaches.
Sadly there are many others saddened by loss this summer. Thinking of you all!

Wishing I could blink and meet my blog buddies in San Francisco (there is a convention thingy). It's so close and yet so far.

Our new Wii is allowing me to golf again and play tennis in my living room. Dave holds my hips and I swing away. What a gift technology is to the disabled, not to mention exercise. A video will be coming soon.

Dave and I will be planting more flowers this weekend and found a movement sprinkler to keep the deer from trampling our plants.. They hang out at our waterfall pond. More blooms and color always makes us happy.

Thankful that I'm happy, safe and relatively healthy.


Brian said...

Thanks for the pick-me up hug Tammy and glad things are clearer where you are.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

I admire your positivity in a situation where so many things are working against you. Your garden sounds fantastic and must be a great comfort to you.

Kay said...

I love the music your site always brings me. And I love to look at the photos and read your sweet words - thank you Tammy for the blessings you give without even knowing it!

Becca said...

Many friends on my mind these days too.

And how I wish I were in San Franciso...sigh.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thank you my friend for including me. You and that Big Heart! I really don't know how it fits in that tiny body of yours! But I'm sure glad it does.

Geraldine said...

Have a great weekend Tammy! Wonderful, thoughtful post, as usual.

Huggs, G

emmapeelDallas said...

Wii is lots of fun, isn't it? I look forward to the video! I'm incredibly bad at Wii bowling, but it's fun.


Robin said...

I'm glad the good is overshadowing the bad in your life this summer. Long may your skies remain clear.

anthonynorth said...

Positivity - always the best answer. And to think of others.
An inspiration!

paisley said...

tammy,, you have the hugest heart i have ever known... this post is so filled with love and gratuity,, i am honored to count you among my blogging friends.....

Just Jen said...

We have a Wii! Wiitherapy we call
It's great for my son's hands (extreme hyperextension and nerve damage) and for coordination and for...well its just great!
Glad to hear the fires calmed, I was getting worried and watching the news but they don't say much in my north end of the
you are just amazing and I'm with paisley and say, I'm honoured to count you among my blogging friends too!

Just Jen said...

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Eileen said...

Thanks my friend! You are such a good person.

I'm glad the smoke is gone, hope it stays that way.

I love that you are getting such enjoyment out of your Wii. Sounds like fun.

By the way, I love Eva Cassiday. Such a wonderful singer.


Chris said...

I love smoke in my sunrises and sunsets, but it is coming from my smokers:) I guess that just shows it's all cause and effect, and perspective!


bella said...

just thank-you.
This meant so much.
I feel well held by you and I am grateful.

tinker said...

Thank you for reminding me, once again Tammy, how much I have to be grateful for - and I am so thankful. Wishing for better times for these and many others, right now...
I'm glad your skies are clearing up - and those wii gizmos sure sound like fun - enjoy! xOx

Inland Empire Girl said...

I heard the smoke was horrible in your area. We had a friend in Nevada visiting and couldn't even talk. Our smoke didn't last as long here. I am glad a Wii is working for you!

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