Monday, September 29, 2008

A Little Hitch in My Get Along

( Sherrie @ made this for my birthday. )

I have spent the last nine days in a beautiful fog of joy and gratitude. I started this month with a fire in my belly for the ALS walk, to that familiar old fear of falling, to the anxiety of overnight family stays. Everything I have learned in my 17yrs with ALS was put to good use over the last 11 days. Gratitude for love, patience when things get hard and someone up there is watching out for me.

I had checked my emails in between outings, dinners and games. Imagine my surprise to learn that we have at least 20 walkers and have raised over $800 dollars. Some of my friend's and people I don't even know are fundraising on their own for me. I'm speechless, which is saying a whole lot if you know me. THANK YOU WARRIORS!

The fall last week could have ruined my birthday plans, but my brother saved it. He was there while Dave was working. I laughed through his whole stay and was grateful for his "don't sweat the small stuff" attitude. We have been seen racing through the Longs parking lot, me in a wheelchair, to catch a shuttle. Coming and going out of restaurants, without a walker, stumbling and laughing as if drunk. Trying to shove me, a 118lb one armed rag doll, in and out of his truck(gently). He even had to help me get untangled from my clothes while dressing, due to my one bad hand. Clean my tattoo and help me eat, without batting an eye. His joking manner took the hard things and made them fun.

My oldest came back up to visit with my dad and brother, while they were here. I started to stress out over details , but Michelle stepped up. She was VERY helpful and even showered and dressed me. Being one handed and tired, it felt great to be pampered. Women just instinctively know what other women need. Her and Dave worked as a team and that is how I'd always dreamed it would be. Everyone loved the house, especially my dad. Did I mention I also took everyone's money in poker. TeeHee

I took Friday morning to slip off to see my doctor about my sinuses. She spotted my swollen wrist and said we need to x-ray that. I said nah, it's fine see? wiggling all my fingers at her. It was not as sore as my re-injured shoulder, it couldn't be broken. Wrong! I broke my dang wrist! So Tuesday I go back to the Ortho guy to get fixed, splinted or whatever. I had refused to go to an ER on a weekend with more family coming in. My blogging and walking have been limited by the injury, but I've caught up with my blog reading. I must wait to see what they do before I start commenting and posting regularly. I'm a tad paranoid about falling now because I've been reminded that, for me, walking is a privilege. You can't use a walker with one hand.

My friend Renee' brought her whole family up for a birthday visit. She has been my friend since the fourth grade. I was at her wedding to Jack and watched these beautiful children grow up( Monica 16 & Jessy 21). That was a great gift all by itself, but she always makes swiss steak and real mashed potatoes for me too. She owns a day spa and brought spa goodies and a big bag of her special chocolate chip cookies She looks FABULOUS for 47!

When I am cured these emotions and kindness will be what I carry with me. This is why I fight and yet embrace the lessons ALS has brought. I watched "The Music Within" last night and it was about the man who fought for the passing of the ADA (American Disabilities Act). We have come along way in the way we treat the disabled. The money I raise will help money for a cure, but also to give patients resources for a better quality of life.

You can become a part of "Tammy's Warriors" on the Sacramento chapter ALS Walk on Oct. 25th. here


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

SO good to talk to you this afternoon and I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, let me know how it goes with that arm! And Rest! GOt to get in shape for that walk! I love the picture, the drawing, it is too special! What talented friends you have! But then you are pretty special and of course you have special people in your life. I love you and hope your week improves! Love you!

Giggles said...

Tammy I am thrilled that you like your caricature!! Everyone that opened my post knew it was you and Dave immediately. I tried to find my favorite photo of Nikki on your blog, and it was the one with her haircut! So sorry about your wrist, what a pain that is!! But I'm happy you had such an eventful birthday. Now you can rest!!

Big hugs Sherrie

Sky said...

tammy, i wonder if you have had a bone density test yet? i had my first one a few years ago and learned that while i don't have osteoporosis yet, i do have some bone loss. you might want to get one done as a baseline if you haven't done that yet. just thinking that since you recently fractured your wrist you could check to be sure that there is no bone density issue contributing to fractures. due to the limited sunshine here in late fall/winter i had a vitamin D test done with my last labs and learned i do, indeed, have a vitamin D deficiency. this makes a difference in the metabolism of calcium, but is now becoming a contributor to wellness in a number of areas. an emphasis is being put on this vitamin by a multitude of health specialist - for auto-immune disorders and cardio health to name 2. my doc increased my daily vitamin D intake to 2500 IUs in addition to whatever I might pick up in food. it is easy to test Vitamin D via regular blood work.

hope your wrist heals quickly. i know what you mean about needing both hands. i had an injured wrist for about 5 months, and it was no picnic in the park.

congrats on the ALS walk and the fundraising!

turquoise cro said...

LOVE the cartoon pic Sherrie made for YOU!!! It is really SPECIAL!!! Sending YOU HEALING prayers, Tammy! xoxoxoo, Cinda (((((Tammy&Dave)))))all scrunched in together, tee hee

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

I knew who it was right off! Good work, GIggles!

Tammie Lee said...

You are endlessly an inspiration! Your spirit is strong and beautiful! Thank you so much.
Also Happy Birthday!!!
I love the art piece your friend did for you, charming indeed.

No more falling for you, please.

Lucy said...

Miss Tammy! your positive attitude while facing Anything that comes your way is so admirable and (I hope) Infectious! haha
Love the photo of your friends, and I am so happy Michelle stepped up to the plate!
Sherries painting is just precious and SO perfect!

Anonymous said...

Your blog inspires me. You make me smile and you make me see the world as a better place. You have created a world full of good, caring people and pure love.

I am so sorry to hear about the broken wrist! Wiggling your fingers is a myth, it can still be broken, as you sadly found out. Heal quickly and I hope you are not it pain.

Thinking of you!

Annie said...

You DID break your wrist after all. And it only took you a week to get to the doctor. Silly kid. Just so glad it was no worse that that.

Your post is so happy and optimistic; so filled with adventures that roll into memory-making.

I'm so happy you have had your family and friends around you pulling together. They are the BEST.


Kay said...

I LOVE the tile - and Happy Birthday!
Your family and friends rock!
All the best for the walk. Thinking of you.

Geraldine said...

You have truly been blessed with so much abundance for this birthday! Sounds wonderful. I love your new caricature.

Hugs, G

TJ said...

I LOVE that creative and what a cherished gift!
Love TJ

Amber said...

Hey! You better be carefull lady. We need you in one piece for this ALS walk. Sorry I did not know you fell-- I came here and didn't get a chance to read. Stinkin' dogs and kids! lol!

But you sound happy, and that makes me happy. Just be safe-- we are in a Mercury retrograde for a few weeks, which can make us accident prone! ;)