Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Heart is Bursting!

My brother gave me these gorgeous flowers for my birthday. He came up for nine days to keep my birthday fun going in between all of my guests and Dave working. He is a big help as the next wave of guests come in this weekend. Thank you all so much for the cards and emails. SMOOCHES!

My week began with a newspaper interview from our local paper. It's a great way to make your community aware of ALS and join in the fight. I have been so moved by all of your support in my ALS walk. We have raised $585 so far, GO WARRIORS! To join us go to We have many walkers and virtual walkers joining us on Oct. 25th. We have virtual walkers from France, all over the USA, to right here in No. CA. THANK YOU GUYS!

The next fun event was a five day visit with my youngest daughter, hubby and my TK! I had a bad fall on my wrist 15min. before they arrived. They found me on the floor and it freaked them out. Getting me up was not easy, but TK laying on the floor next to me, asking if I was OK, really helped. I was stuck in a wheelchair all week, but I was surrounded by family and friends. Annie from came out with family and friends to enjoy a day at Apple Hill. She wrote all about our fun, with photos, so check it out.

Guess who LOVED the pool even though the water was a cold 68 degrees? He really had fun at gramy's

The Big Surprise!

Dave and I are a pretty conservative couple, but I wanted to step out of the box and do something wild for my birthday. Dave was not a fan of my idea, but was very supportive. He had to work and wanted to be there to hold my hand, but he couldn't. I picked my son in law to take me on my birthday adventure instead. TK and his daddy took me to the Electric Pencil while the rest of the gang gambled. Yup, I got my first tattoo! I bet you didn't guess that one. ;) My son in law knows a lot about tatts. TK said "gramy tattoo, ouch."

Why? I wanted a symbol of how I have lived the last 17 years of my life. I have lived with a heart of a warrior, embraced in love and faith. The amazing Kat at The Electric Pencil came up with this.

Yes, it hurt like hell, but I love it and Dave likes it too. :) I put it on my lower back (also known as a "tramp stamp"). lol No one will really see it and I did have a "moment" of what have I done. I loved the adventure and symbolism of it. Dave is taking great care of it. Thanks Kat!

Dave bought me a few favorite movies and a hypoallergenic baffle box feather mattress pad. My sleep number bed and memory foam pad are not enough any longer to protect my pressure points. Cross your fingers that it works, the alternatives only fit hospital beds. Not an option for us because they are not made for two. ;)

More birthday to come...

P.S. After this weekend I will get to all my favorite blogs.


Annie said...

I love, Love, LOVE your tattoo. I'm sending this to Don!, not that it will make much of an impression. LOL

bella said...

Loving this Tammy!! It's good to step out of your box - and the tatoo is simply gorgeous!! A true reflection of your fighting heart. xo

Chris said...

First of all, Happy Birthday.

Second, a tatoo? You wild woman! But glad you had fun!

Amber said...

Haaaaaapppy Birthday Lady!!! It looks like it was great. And I LOVE the tat! It looks great!

We are all looking forward to the walk. Kory and the kids are going to join us. ;)


Lucy said...

YOU DID IT!!! yahhhh!! It looks exactly as you wanted it, it is PERFECT Tammy!
WOW are you having an extensive, exciting, enjoyable b.d. celebration!! YOU deserve it baby! So happy you found time to keep us all in the know. Can't wait to hear more about your great week Tammy!
just love the pic of you getting the tattoo! yikes, it looks painful, but now that it's over,I'm glad you are happy you did it! Happy Birthday Sweetiepie!xoxxox

turquoise cro said...

O! Beauty Full flowers!!! Don't fall anymore sweet woman!!! LOVE your tattoo!!!What FUN YOU have been having!! SWEET!!

Giggles said...

Happy Birthday Tammy I hope you will visit my blog to see your picture!! haha!! So glad you had a wonderful time!! You are such an inspiration!! Did I even tell you you're my hero!!

Hugs Sherrie

Giggles said...

Perfect Tattoo for you, oh brave one!!

emmapeelDallas said...





paisley said...

a tattoo!!!! how perfect!!! i have two and love them completely... i have had one of them over 20 years,, and keep it fresh and lovely with new color ever few years... i am thrilled for you... what an amazing birthday surprise!!!!!!!

Tammy said...

Yay! I love your tattoo!! I've been thinking about getting a second one perhaps! A fun birthday present for yourself!! I'm glad Dave went along with your wild side! (Mike didn't have any say - I had both my tattoo and my nose piercing before we met!)

Geraldine said...

Happy Happy Birthday Tammy!

Thanks for being such a gift of inspiration to all of us, in return. You're the best!

Hugs, Geraldine

daisies said...


i LOVE your tattoo!! yay you! xo

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Oh, YEA! for the tat! I LOVE it. Love the idea of it, and the idea behind it, and its placement, and YOU! (I think TK looks like you, by the way.) :)

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

PS And you are right--I would NEVER have guessed!

Genuine Gem said...

What blue eyes your grandson has!
Love the're braver than I! I wouldn't do that for nothin'...LOL
Happy Birthday!! I'm glad you a good one!
Congrats on the money raised and I hope you raise lots more!

forgetfulone said...

I could get that same tattoo! I have two Daves I love, my hubby and my son. You're brave.

I'm glad you had a happy birthday!

tinker said...

Wow - you've been one busy lady too. Yep - the tatt surprised me - but it's a beautiful symbol -- and you blow me away with your bravery, once again.
Hope your wrist is feeling better - and the tattoo area too. Keeping my fingers crossed for you about that feather bed (We have one for K's hip and it really helps).
TK is growing up so quick - what a cutie.
Keep on celebrating and enjoy!!!

Tabor said...

Well, you are always full of surprises and I guess I shouldn't be shocked at this one. I am not a fan of tatoos, but this one is really worthwhile and says soooo much! Happy Belated Birthday

Brian said...

A great post Tammy and the tattoo really surprised me but it's beautiful.

Good luck on your walk.



I hope that your wrist feels better. I am glad that you had a Happy Birthday. The flowers are beautiful. :-)

Becca said...

Happy, happy birthday, you gorgeous girl! Once again you inspire and amaze :)

Cheryl said...

You totally rock! This made my night. Happy Birthday you wild woman you! It looked so wonderful. So much love and joy.

I deleted A Life of Triggers. Now using my first name, instead of my middle. Come visit.


linda said...

Way to go, Tammy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing a happy dance for you, stepping out of the box and pulling a fast one on everybody and getting a gorgeous tat to boot! That's very cool and wonder how long you pondered it and thought about just makes me smile!

congratulations ... now I hear that once you get one, it's hard to not want another little one here and then here and and!

GreenishLady said...

Oh, happy, happy birthday to you! That tattoo is just perfect, absolutely perfect for you. You go, girl, indeed! Enjoy your week

TJ said...

Gurl! A tattoo!
Amazing ...and painful!
I hope your new bed works, I can only imagine the pain you must get and that makes me sad.
I am so sorry for all your challenges to hold close all that is dear to you.
I Love you

Neil said...

What a gorgeous flowers, I love him too.