Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot- "Water in Motion"

Carly has started a Monday photo shoot and I had to join. She lives in San Francisco and is a wonderful photographer/blogger.
Come join my friend Carly!
My favorite sprinkler was perfect for this prompt!
Click to enjoy.

Click to capture

I recieved a visit with my blogger friend Amber at last week. It was as if I'd known her for years and she brought lil G, who is a doll. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER!


Carly said...


Look at those three beautiful girls! :) Lovely! Thanks so much for playing Tammy, it's great to have you along for the fun! Have a great week.

Always, Carly

Mary Timme said...

Wonderful pictures! It looks like fun!

Mary Timme said...

Wonderful pictures! It looks like fun!

Tabor said...

I may have an opportunity to meet one of my blog friends this fall. I am hopeful, excited and a little nervouse! You are an old hand at this!

GreenishLady said...

How wonderful to see two of my favourite "bloggin'womin" together - and Lil' G too! Cute! And I'm jealous - your garden still looks so much like summer. Lovely photos!

Lucy said...

I've commented to and have had comments from believing soul!she is a wonderful poet! I didn't know you knew her tammy.
HOW exciting that you got to meet each other! It must have been so much fun!
I hope someday it will be us as well.
Love the sprinkler, every things looks so lush and green. xox

daisies said...

oh wow ... everything is so beautifully green :)

beautiful you, xo

Amber said...

Awww, thank sweet one. :)

Yes, everyone. Her garden is AMAZING. Peace and beauty. Even though G picked a lot of it... lol

PS. I LOVE this song you have here. "You are everywhere". Favorite band. Maybe the next time Third Day comes back around these parts, you and I could go see them together!


Annie said...

Oh, how nice to see Amber. We will have to plan a meet-up in the future. In the meantime, no way will I give up on apples. Can't wait for Saturday. We are coming up Friday night so we can get an early start. Wahoo.

TJ said...

Amazing ...that sprinkler!
How wonderful you had a blog friend come to visit.
I would love to if I could.
Love you,

paisley said...

hi tammy... good to "see" out and about in blogland... love the pix,, and you two girls look amazing... and little g too of course!!!!

Becca said...

Lovely photos my dear...I do covet that sprinkler!

Hey, how come you're not wearing your glasses in that picture???

tinker said...

Oh how cool! Love the sprinkler photos - but love seeing the photo of you three having fun together, even more!

tinker said...

and Happy birthday to Amber!

MyMaracas said...

Hello, Tammy. What sweet faces in that portrait. And I love the sprinkler. That must be a lot of fun to watch.

Thanks for stopping by at mine.

emmapeelDallas said...

Three beautiful girls! What fun!

Glad you had a good visit, and I will call soon, to catch up!



Giggles said...

What an amazing photo, you all looks amazingly beautiful!! Lucky you, Amber is such a sweetheart! I love this cuddly picture!!

Hugs Sherrie

Geraldine said...

You are one lovely group! Just beautiful Tammy. Thanks for sharing. Hugssssss, G :<)

paris parfait said...

Hooray! Two of my favourite ladies together in a beautiful photo (and 'lil G is adorable, as usual). xoxox

Star said...

Once again, I'm behind in my blog reading--such fun pictures of your new sprinkler! (I bet Nikki loved it...)

You are lucky to live in a blogger-rich state :) It would be nice to sit down with someone "new" and yet feel as if you know them already.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

As Carly said, wow! I love the look of your sprinkler, but what really makes these shots is the way you've captured thousands of droplets of water in mid-air! So cool!