Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Walking the Walk

I have lived so long with ALS my own family does not even see it anymore. Now that we live an hour and a half from an ALS walk, I'm walking. I have asked my family and friends to walk by my side as "Tammy's Warriors." This walk is not just about a cure, but also the money raised goes to survivors like me to live a better quality of life. Equipment, resources and support are so important as we progress. To walk with the people I love is invigorating. Just think how much hope a 17yr survivor can give.

A few bloggers will be joining the walk but you can be a virtual walker with "Tammy's Warriors" by being a sponser. If not, join us in spirit on our walk. You know I'll share my big day with you all right here. It's Oct. 25th and if you would like to be a part of it in any way go here http://web.alsa.org/goto/TammyWarrriors


My first birthday celebration weekend started with my oldest, Michelle. She brought hubby Jake and my grandpuppies, Sampson and Max. Toddlers without diapers! Poor Nikki needed a doggie spa day after these two pups invaded her world. lol

I was spoiled with a basket of "Whole Foods" goodies, dinner and a homemade big breakfast. We played Wii as Dave and Michelle physically played tug of war with my hips to see who could hold me better as I golfed. Michelle won the tug, but it gave me a peek into Dave and Michelle's future with me. They get along great, but Michelle naturally does the caregiving she was raised doing. We also played Cranium Wow, a must have game. They enjoyed the weekend and I'm hoping her anger at my move is gone. I don't mix my family for many reasons so there is more celebrations to come. It also stretches out my birthday. :)

I have a HUGE birthday secret to be reveled on my birthday. I'm doing something really wild for myself. ;) If you already know it, don't tell!

Baby Max, a minature doxie.

Max and, 3 month, older brother Sampson

Don't ya just love puppies!


Amber said...

I'm walkin', yes indeed I'm walkin'.


daisies said...

that is so fabulous that you are walking!! and your birthday is coming :) how wonderful!!

those puppies are so cute!!

much love, xo

emmapeelDallas said...

I think the walk is a GREAT idea, and I'm going to check it out. And Happy Birthday, my friend! I loved the card you sent me!


Gill said...

It's *wonderful* that you are walking, what an inspiration you will be!

Enjoy the birthday celebrations :-)

Those pups are TOO cute!

paisley said...

i am so glad you mentioned this walk ,, as i am quite out of the loop and i am sure i would have had no other way of knowing... please remind me again as the date draws nearer will you??

the pups are soooo cute.. i want another dog so much,, but i know my moo is not always dog friendly and i cannot take the chance that the puppy i pick will become her whipping post!!!!

Nancy said...

Ya know...I searched that site you sent and there is NOTHING even close to us to do the walk. My first choice would be to walk with YOU and your warrettes. Ah, but I will settle on sponsoring you.
As far as your bday secret, if it's what I think...I MUST talk to you about it...especially as I'm planning this trip on a daily basis. I need to make a decision, pick a date, a place to stay, etc etc etc.
I'll call you either Fri or Sunday.

Love you...
(OH..you daughter is just beautiful...hmmm...wonder where she gets THAT from)

Jolene said...

I wish I could come walk by your side! So glad Michelle had a good visit with you guys, I know your heart must be happy.

TJ said...

Happy Birthday Tammy!!
A week to celebrate....Go Gurl!
Are you kidding me?
I don't attempt such assults on my body!
Last time I golfed I swag so hard I could NOT reach back to wipe me own arss for days.
The walk is wonderful.
I will check it out.
Those grandpuppies are darling!!!
Love you,

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

I will surely walk beside you in spirit. I will walk somewhere, for you, and Batman, and my brother-in-law Mel! (I am wearing a red bracelet from the ALS Association that my husband got visiting his brother in California last week).

The puppies are most excellent! I will be thinking of you on your birthday! I will send you a cupcake! And a hug!

anno said...

Awesome news about the walk -- like Joyce ahead of me, I'll be walking with you in spirit.

Darling puppies!

And... something wild for your birthday! Do tell! I'll be thinking of you...

paris parfait said...

YEA! I'm so proud of you for doing the walk. Wish I could be there, but I'll send a donation in your name. Love to you, you clever fellow Virgo, who stretches out her birthday the whole month! :) xoxox

Chris said...

Max is freaking A-DOR-A-BLE!

Lucy said...

Sending you my support and love as you kick ass walking!!
YOU are a spunky go-getter and I am so proud of your infectious spirit!
Speaking of spunk...ooooh those pups are sooo cute! Your daughter is gorgeous Tam, so happy your celebration has already begun!!
hugs and squeezes

Kay said...

Walkin' with you in spirit for sure - every day!

Geraldine said...

The 'baby pics' are sooooooooooo cute!!! You made my morning dear Tammy.

Hugs, G

Anonymous said...

The puppies are gorgeous! Happy birthday to you!! I will post your walk info on my blog...as soon I fix my blog....lol
In the meantime, you truly are inspirational! I wish I could do more than leave a comment for you but this all I got to give and its all yours :D
What a great name, Tammy's warriors :) Our whole family helps with Walt's Heart when we do the heart and stroke fundraisers with my stepdad, its so great to have the support of family and loved ones...that's 70% of the battle right there and your family shows what a wonderful lady you are!

Sky said...

a great post! happy birthday, girlie! hope you h,ave many wonderful surprises and i can't wait to hear your secret. congrats on the big walk. i wish i had half your energy and determination! you are such a good role model for so many of us. your grand-puppies are such cuties! makes me want to run out and get me one or two!

Vedrana M. said...

beautiful... i wish all the best to Tammy's Warriors :) you're so brave, xoxo

tinker said...

Happy Birthday, Tammy! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!
And the walk - WOW! You GO girl! We'll all be ringing the cowbells and cheering you on - WOO-HOO!!!

Tabor said...

I am more than happy to help you reach your goal and made my pledge today. Wish I could be there and walk the walk...!

turquoise cro said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! TAMMY! Love to LOVE YOU!!! What an Inspiration YOU will be to all, a 17 year survivor!! in that walk!! How EXCITING for YOU! Love and prayers, Cinda ps. what else have YOU got up that sweet sleeve of yours??!!! Can't wait to know! (((((Tammy))))))

Queen-Size funny bone said...

happy birthday and what a gift.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

We're waiting for the BIG REVEAL...!

paisley said...

hey girl... just dropping in tosay happy birthday.. lucy was kind enough to let those of us,, like me,, that never really keep track of the little (yet ever so important) things....

love you.. so glad i know you.... happy bday!!!!!!

forgetfulone said...

Cute grandpuppies! Happy birthday to you!

daisies said...

Happy Birthday beautiful you!! smooches and love, xo

rebecca said...

happy birthday to you my sweet! i've missed you so! so glad to hear things between you and your daughter are coming along well. and the pups? well, what can i say about the pups? I LOVE THEM! i have a soft heart when it comes to puppy dogs.


Fida said...

You go girl...Annie made me aware of your site. I am in awe! Happy Birthday, and I love that tatt too. My thoughts will be with you on your walk!

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