Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ALS Walk Part II

It was a beautiful autumn day that was unusually warm. I was stressed and nervous on the way as I wondered who would show up. Being captain, I had to make sure we stayed together, the banner could be seen and that my team got registered. It was not the most organized event I've ever attended and I saw no TV/radio coverage. We could not hear the microphone, but we heard the band. Maybe we were in a bad spot, but we were by the start of the race. Sacramento is the capital of California, what's up with that? I did write to the governor and a large newspaper, with no response. Next year I'm dragging news and radio vans out there if I have to lay on the capital's steps!

Seeing my family and friends arrive made it all worth it. My t-shirt was looked at by many, but mainly I saw conversations about it. A family was walking for their dad who had passed last year. They happily approached me after seeing my shirt. They were excited that I had survived for so long. Another lady approached me over the shirt. Her hubby had just been diagnosed for 3 mos. It gave her hope. Yay! I wish I could have met more people but it went so fast! I met Stephen who has had ALS for 3yrs and he looked great ( another slow progressor), but I got pulled away before I could really chat.

My kid's got along and everyone who said they would walk, walked. My grand pups acted like uncivilized puppies (dah!) and my oldest got stressed, but that was it. I didn't want it to end, so next year I'm thinking a picnic in that park would be cool. I learned a lot in my first year. Many donations did not get on my page, so we brought in more than $2000. I know a lot of people that don't do much on computers and were confused. Thanks again to all who supported me, even in spirit.

The Walk

The golden leaves of the park
fell like confetti in celebration,
of our special day.

Angels arrived in curiosity,
looking for familiar faces
through trees of gold,

anxiously looking about
to find a single group
gathered under a tree.

I see them, or I think I do:
those familiar faces I love,
shining bright as the sun.

Laughter, hugs and chatter
blends into the growing crowd,
and still there is a sadness.

Together on our path.
We are reminded of the fallen.
Who strengthen our stride

as we walked in their name.
We moved forward as one.
In a swelling sea of hope.

We gave of our money
in the toughest of times,
for those who suffer.

We walked for our friends.
We walked for the family
that continues to fight.

Five for Fighting is releasing this track on their next album. The singer, Eric Lowen, has ALS and emailed me after the walk. The choir is all ALS patients with their caregivers and families. This is to raise money and it's a great song.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thanks for sharing, and the song is awesome, I loved it. And your poem too. And the pictures too, and how great for people to see your shirt and get some hope. I'm glad you were able to do that. Love you bunches!

Giggles said...

Tammy you are so special and living proof that one human being can make a huge difference. Thank you for facing each day with such abundance of love and might! Thank you for defying the odds and giving so many others hope! Thank you for fighting every step of the way for change. I can't even express how proud I feel to know you! You have proved that we are more than the body we reside in, but we are souls with wings that can fly above all expectations! Even our own!

I have always loved “Five for Fighting”; their website is emotionally touching, and inspirational!

Very heartfelt poem and post, thanks for sharing and congratulations on all your accomplishments!

Love Sherrie

Kay said...

Tammy so nice to see your smile as always. Great day and great achievements. Loved the song. And your poem is beautiful. Awesome work. Let's hope next time that Sacramento acknowledges it a little more. I can just see you towing a TV truck!

paisley said...

it seems the media was all tied up with that debauchery surrounding the nike run....

next year,, i say they cover the race where everyone is 'the' winner!!!!!

thanks for the clever slideshow.... it looks like a good time was had by all!!!!!

Lippy said...

A beautiful day for a beautiful event. While the "media" might have missed the importance of this walk, you've given it more than its share of "coverage."

Thanks for this. :)

Annie said...

Awww, Tammy. I just want to cry. What a beautiful and emotionally charged day we had. We will be there NEXT year. Count on it. And I vote YES to the picnic idea. Love, Annie

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

LOL I hope I never have to see you laying out on the capitol steps! Great video!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

PS I want a world with you in it!

Star said...

There are so many wonderful things layered in this post, Tammy.

Your poem is just beautiful; I love the images your words bring to mind. I'm so glad that this walk was a true family event for you. You gave a lot of hope to others, I'm sure.

I'm off to listen to the song...

tinker said...

You go girl! You ROCK!
And so does your family and friends! What hope you've given to so many. I can just see you on those state capitol steps - the Governator better pay attention and watch out next year, lol~XOXO

Amber said...

I think it is just so cool that your shirt could give other people hope-- well, YOU gave them hope. But you know what I mean. So much about survival has to do with just having hope... :)


rebecca said...

Tammy my sweet, Congratulations! You have received the "I Love Your Blog" Award!
Go here to pick it up: http://rebeccarites.blogspot.com/

Thanks for your wonderful blog!

Lucy said...

oh Tam! this is so beautifully touching.
I can't even begin to describe what your fighter spirit does to me. You touch everyone you know with your angel wings and wake them to the precious joys that our lives hold. I visited five for fighting's link, and it was moving too.
I love his voice and I love u!

Anonymous said...

I love the home made sparkle shirts...very cool
I see you made your goal! congrats!!

TJ said...

God yes! Ditto!
and to all my love