Friday, October 31, 2008

EMPS # 9 - Happy Halloween

I'm not a holiday person now that my kid's are grown and grand kids live far away. Dave is a Christmas person so we definitely celebrate that one. I find it all too commercial, but enjoy the tree and lights. On Halloween we are the house that turns off all the lights and watch TV in the bedroom. Dave is at work during prime trick or treat hours. If I had to get up at every knock the kids would be adults before I'd reach the door. ;) I decided to not be a party pooper by skipping tthe prompt. I found what I had packed away since my kids were little and decorated my tea cart for this shoot.

The pumpkin is fake, I bought a pumpkin candle, pulled out a pumpkin tea pot and picked a few of my apples. I had to sneak the candy from Dave's private stash and it's already gone. ;) The vase is filled with brown glass rocks, orange water and floating rose candles. Tada!
( Click for better details)

This is as scary as it gets at our house, unless you count Dave's skinny white legs. LOL He let me take a picture to post, but they are scarier in person. He has the twigs and I have the trunks.


emmapeelDallas said...

Tammy, I LOVE this post! You crack me up! It looks very festive, though!

Happy Halloween, girlfriend!



paris parfait said...

Ha ha! You're so funny, Tammy. Love the decorations! The French don't really celebrate Halloween, so it's fairly quiet here. I haven't bothered to decorate at all. Actually, it'd be a bit difficult at the moment, considering my main china cupboard has gone off for restoration, leaving the china and crystal usually stored in it now covering every available space - it looks like a (rather orderly) tornado blew through. And imagine, in the midst of this mess, we're having dinner guests tomorrow! AAAAAGGGGGHHHH!! Isn't that scary??!! xoxox

Remiman said...

Your decorations are quite appropriate for the occassion.
I'm working so D. will have to man the door. We usually get around 90 costumed young ones. We turn the porch light off at 8 pm to discourage the teens.
Congrats on the walk . You are boss girl!

Lucy said...

you are so cute! I don't blame you for not getting up with each knock! But how cute are you, to get out all your little trinkets to share with us? So Sweet, and as a tea pot collector, OoooH How special!
as scary as it sounds,, You KNOW you have to show us Dave's legs! haha

Happy Halloween or as I've been saying today.. BAH HUMBuG! I don't like this holiday either, since my kids are grown!

Carly said...

Hi Tammy :)

Sweetie, you are such a good sport! I love the decorations you displayed, and the last picture! Excellent! I know what you mean about not celebrating the holiday, we don't have many, if any, trick or treaters here in the hills, I suppose that is why I decorate the cat! LOL. Thank goodness I have always had such agreeable pets! :) Thanks for playing darlin... wonderful post.

Hugs, Carly

Giggles said...

Oh I hear ya! Thanks for attempting to be festive for us!! I was thinking just the other day what's the expected age to keep we get a reprieve?

tinker said...

I usually love decorating for the holidays, but (despite all the photos on my blog looking in store windows at them) this Halloween I didn't even have a jack o'lantern this year since the girls weren't coming by tonight - so I'm really enjoying looking at yours! And though I had candy ready, we didn't get a single trick or treater this year. Maybe because I didn't have a pumpkin they thought I was a Halloween grinch, lol. So guess who's eating the candy now?
Happy Halloween, Tammy!

Nancy said...


You did a lot more than I did.

Love ya

Anonymous said...

it's the other way around here...i have the twigs, hubby has the trunks

Star said...

You did a great job, and went to a lot more work than I would have!

Most of my walls have nothing on them. If I feel like it, I may decorate for Christmas...or I may not. Domestic goddess, I am not.

Hope you made out well with your light off (we had ours off as well). On to Thanksgiving!

daisies said...

tee hee

happy halloween honey, xo

Geraldine said...

Great post Tammy and you're so right, too much commercialism takes away from the beauty and meaning of all the special holidays.

LOVE your Halloween pics!!! Cool.

Hugs to you and skinny-legged Dave. Sounds like my Joe LOL....

Annie said...

Hi Tammy. I love the look of your cart. Don is the big decorator in our house. Christmas decorating is a total ordeal. On that weekend, I want to fly to Oregon. Argh. But then it all ends up looking wonderful. Halloween is down. Autumn is up. Thanksgiving is coming and of course, CHRISTMAS. Hugs, Annie

Chris said...

Next year, have Dave make you a simple cardboard chute that drops out of the mail slot in the door. Then when trick or treaters knock, toss the candy in from the couch :)

(I only thought of that because when I was a kid, one house made a fake robot from a cardboard box. I had to put my bag under a chute and candy "magically" slid out from the robot.)

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I feel sorry for the neighborhood kids, but your photo shoot is excellent! You did a great job of assembling and photographing all the elements.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?