Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm Baaack!

I went from a chest cold and sinuses to migraine hell. This all happened during my peri-menopausal "cycle." ALS is greatly effected by any of these by themselves, but when you mix them together it slams you to your knees. My priorities were to keep my lungs clear without my head exploding. I was very diligent in using a humidifier, Ibuprofen, Imitrex, Musinex PE and REST. I refused to re-schedule all of my upcoming appointments in to spring. I even needed to add an appointment to get my hormone levels checked, thanks Oprah. :)

Last Tuesday was my lung function test for my ALS progression and upcoming nose polyp surgery. My cold was at it's end but I was still in a migraine fog. I was in the upper 90% two years ago but I got a lousy 87% this time. Good enough for surgery but it skews my stats for my progression. I was 104% five years ago so I'm pushing to stay in the 90's and you know I will.

I met with my new Neurologist at UC Davis on Friday and he made a great first impression. He is young, from Sweden and smart. He was amazed at my lack of progression and spent two hours with me. He confirmed the ALS, but is going after 18yrs of medical records to look at all of my tests to confirm. He may do a few again because he has never seen a case like mine. While I was there I begged for help with my migraines. He put me on Amitriptyline which will help to prevent migraines, bladder, drooling and my laughing/crying outbursts. (ALS side effects) I have almost been hurt by laughing out of control. Very weird feeling. Amitriptyline is actually an anti-depressant but is used for so much more. His new ALS clinic starts this week and I feel that I am in great hands for the future. AMEN!

Thank you for all of your well wishes. Dave is feeling great and I'm at 70%, and climbing. I had to hit ALL READ on 196 posts but I did skim. lol I miss my blog and friends. XXOO Tomorrow will be an exciting day! "I have a dream" will take on a bigger meaning for us all. See ya soon!
P.S. Happy 1yr birthday to our grandson Warrick (Jan 14th), Happy 43rd Deb, Diana's Texas Chili was the bomb, keep it up Batman and Jodi/Robbin ROCK!


Lucy said...
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Lucy said...

Tammy!!! I missed u so much!
so glad u are doing well and this doc sounds like a dream come true type of doc!
so happy u found him.
Good girl for doing everything u could to help get yourself well.
THAT Picture Tammy!! I laughed out loud, sure hope that YOU didn't feel as bad as tHAt looks!! haha
Tomorrow sure WILL be a dream come true, I have my dvr all ready! Loved the quote on the paper this morning... "Rosa Parks sat so that Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so that Obama could run. Obama ran so that we all can fly."
I am putting that on my blog tomorrow.
It was written by Jay-z!
Have a beautiful week Tammy

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hi Tammy, I'm so glad you are getting better:) While you were gone I was thinking about you and hoping all would be well.
I am sure you will not let your breathing function get below the
90's%, if you have that option. Right now you were a little lower (but not by much!) and that's because you were recovering from a cold! Don't be too hard on yourself for are doing great, it sounds!! You take such good care of yourself and it is clear you are doing everything you should be doing. The rest is pretty much out of you hands:) But you know someone bigger than all of us is looking out for you:)
It's great to see you back, Jan

Michelle said...

Welcome home, you were missed! :)
Glad you're feeling better!

Becca said...

I'm glad you're getting better! You've been in full warrior mode lately haven't you??

Take care of yourself!!

TC said...

Welcome back! :)

I'm so glad to hear that you're doing better, and that you've found yourself a quality doctor. They are very hard to come by, as I'm sure you're well aware.

You take care of yourself and keep us all updated when you feel up to it.

emmapeelDallas said...

((((WOO HOO!!!))))))

It's great to see that you're back!


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Loved talking to you yesterday! You sounded GREAT. The Twitter sidebar is awesome! xo

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Oh, yes: and give your new doc a GREAT BIG SLOPPY KISS from all of us here! Let him know how POPULAR you are among us! :D

paris parfait said...

Hello my brave and beautiful friend. Have missed you. Am thrilled beyond measure that your new doctor is on top of things and making sure you get every bit of care you need to move forward. I know you must have been feeling miserable lately - so glad you're doing better.

A belated happy birthday to Warrick. And isn't TODAY just the best of the past eight years (at least where our government is concerned)??!! I am jumping up and down with excitement, like a kid in a candy store and an unlimited budget! xoxox

Star said...

Welcome back, Tammy. I've been sending healing thoughts your way while I've been knee-deep in my own set of symptoms.

This new doctor sounds like a ray of sunshine; I hope he shines shines shines!

Nancy said...

I am thrilled...THRILLED I tell ya...that you found such a great doctor! Between the swede and is full of hope.

Good to see you posting again. Any dates set for the surgery? Hey...btw...that 87% is gonna get its ass kicked.

Love you bunches,

paisley said...

just glad to have you back and feeling better....

i am a witness and a beliver that the right drug and or combination there of can make all the difference... i know since i have been on the beta blocker and the anti psychotic i am on this time i have felt alive for the first time in years... literally...

as always you are my inspiration....

forgetfulone said...

I had to hit "all read" on my feeds, too! While Mom was in the hospital, I got so far behind, and I knew there was no catching up. I hate to miss a post, though.

Glad you liked the Texas chili! It's so easy!

I hope you're not still having a migraine. Those are awful even when you don't have anything else going on. Hope you're feeling better.

Amber said...

So your doctor has never met anyone like you, huh? Well. He can just join the crowd. Not many of us have! ;)

I am happy you are feeling better. Keep on that.


gel said...

As one with migraines, that photo is priceless, but I sure wish you did not suffer from those on top of ALS symptoms. This new dr. sounds like a gift.

Am thinking of you-

Mary Timme said...

Whew! Thank heavens you are doing so much better even if you have almost hurt yourself laughing. I know you are beating the odds everyday and will get back in the 90%! You go girl!

jeff@sally said...

Tammy, I followed a link from another blog, "And it came to pass," and ended up here. A few things caught my eye about you. First you are from Northern California. I live in Wyoming now but grew up in Southern California. I spent many vacations driving up the coast to my Grandma's in Walnut Creek, CA. Next I noticed your struggle with ALS. I am so sorry you have to deal with it and so amazed you have survived 18 years with it. One of my dear sisters died from a very fast moving ALS. Her name is also Tammy. Blessings to you,


Kay said...

Hey my friend!Wonderful to see you back and running!
Great news too about your new doc. He seems to be on to it alright.Yay!!! and AMEN!

tinker said...

So glad you're feeling better, Tammy! Your new doc sounds great - and so does that new med. Happy first birthday to your grandson!

Tammy said...

Tammy - I sure hope you have good luck with your new dr.! I think of you often and send out good energy for you!

danni said...

isn't it great that we can drop out for a mini-sabbatical when we have to and come back to be welcomed??? --- it's a blessing!!! --- happy happy happy that you've got such great medical prospects on the horizon - it's so good when you find a guy who is keen and interested in cutting edge stuff - so good for the weary spirit and boosts those aspirations!!!
sorry to hear you were so sick but just as glad to hear you are improving - you'll have that pulmonary function back up into the 90's before long for sure --- keep on taking good care of yourself and hold tight your faith!!!

sexy said...