Monday, February 23, 2009

One Single Impression - Twilight


'Tween day and night
Winter seems to fade
Into pockets of shadows
Lingering in the present
Iluminating remnants of day
Gradually opening to night
Hovering in the darkness
To awaken for one more day

I have tried an acrostic poetry form with one of my favorite photos. I like winter and about now we are done with it, but is it done with us?


SandyCarlson said...

I enjoyed this!

I would love a good snow that would let us have one last play outside.

floreta said...

Great acrostic! i like the pockets of shadows/ lingering in the present.

MeMaw said...

I am definitly done with winter...and since I live in the south, hopefully , before too very long, winter will be done with me! Ha!

Hope your having a wonderful day, Tammy,

Blessings on ya!

anthonynorth said...

Lovely words on twilight - and a beautiful picture.

Tabor said...

Lovely poem but I must admit that even that sunset looks cold!

kitehorse said...

Like a glycerine snowglobe in its restfulness

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Makes me want to walk into that beautiful golden light.

Quiet Paths said...

Lovely Tammy. Winter does seem to fade into pockets... but not yet.

Deborah Godin said...

this time of year I'm always torn between wanting a fresh dusting to make the dirty snow look better, and just getting on to spring. Enjoyed your acrostic, and the laden trees!

Tumblewords: said...

Spectacular photo and acrostic. Pockets of shadows is a lovely phrase - really enjoyed this...

Geraldine said...

I love your take on this prompt Tammy, well done! The photo is glorious too.

Winter is not over here in BC. Im ok with that, for now!!!

Hugs, G

SweetTalkingGuy.. said...

Phew, it's just that special time of day, that I for one so often miss - it's light and then it's dark before you know it.

I think you got this just right!

The NaisaiKu.. Challenge!

forgetfulone said...

What a beautiful poem to go with the lovely photo. I like acrostic poetry.

TJ said...

acrostic poetry wasn't it fun!!!
Please see:
She does some beautiful poems and loves to have company.
This week was dancing shadows....I am trying to focus on it but with so many trying events here with friends , health and the love we have it is so difficult.
I love you Tammy.
Mean it!

Jim said...

Hi Tammy, I like your acrostic. I quit trying these until I have more time. "Hovering in the darkness" after the twilight, I can just feel the chill coming on. So good! I like your picture too. I would like to be right there for a half hour.
BTW, I think spring is here in Texas. Our grass has started greening and it is in the 70's this week.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Lovely poetry and photo.

Winter isn't done in central Canada yet. Oh my, no!

Beth P. said...

Dear Tammy--
liked your acrostic! and the photo is stunning! I too wouldn't mind one more good snow to play in before spring flows in--

Thanks for your comments on my post this week, Tammy. Your heart is so beautiful!

Thanks for this sweet post--

forgetfulone said...

I just tagged you!

Maggie said...

You did a wonderful acrostic and you might enjoy checking out Amias`s "Acrostic Poetry Only" Blog.

Beloved Dreamer said...

Tammy this is just a lovely poem. I love the falling snow in your beautiful picture. At first I thought they were shooting stars. Well done my friend.

Hope you are well. I have been in hospital more than out but at least I am writing again.


zoya gautam said...

.."Into pockets of shadows
Lingering in the present
Iluminating remnants of day"_
such an artistic description-to match the image ..many thanks..

Amias said...

Ahh Tammy, this is too sweet. You nailed Twilight via acrostic. Very good!

By all means join us over at Acrostic Only, you will have lots of fun. Also we will be starting a contest soon, giving out prize money. Now the prizes are small, but it's just the beginning ....

Thanks for dropping in.

Patti said...

I loved your acrostic- excellent job; great word choice! Your picture is beautiful too!

Sky said...

this is indeed one of the most beautiful photographs of light i have seen. you are quite the talent!

Lucy said...

I must have been out of it last week! I didn't read this one too??!!
ooh Is this what an acrostic poem is??
How beautifully done! Winter is not done here in Ny! Love your words Tammy and that photo looks as if it was painted! truly gorgeous!
( i am going to try this type of poem.. Just for U!) xox

Giggles said...

Amazing photo....I have a dose of Spring fever but unfortunately they are calling for snow this who knows if it's done! I do love winter though1

Hugs Giggles

sexy said...