Sunday, July 05, 2009

A Picture Blog of July 4 2009

We actually participated in our first community event, a parade. We don't even have a stoplight so our expectations were low. Two other couples joined us and our dear blog buddy Annie was among them. Barb and Jeff had a grandson in the parade with his little league team. So off we went with our folding chairs under our arms. My walker was used as a wheelchair, walker and seat.
Fire being our biggest foe up here in the pines, it all started with new and old fire trucks. This huge horse and mountain cowboy was awesome.

Then there were the old cars and I liked this one because I'd never seen one like it.

Smokey the bear headed up the tractor brigade.
The garden club ladies had a floral float followed by the Veterans. They had old army trucks, jeeps and even had an old PT boat. There were clubs, church groups, a band and karate boy and girls, along with little league kids. Everyone in the parade threw candy. We were impressed.

This is our parade posse. From left, Barb, Annie, her hubby Don, me, Dave and Barb's hubby Jeff.

I heard the word cake walk on the way to our seats and yelled stop... CAKE! Dave, Barb and I walked. I won and these were my prize, a dozen cupcakes!

The wedgie walk was my secret weapon in winning. I had many wardrobe malfunctions that day. Notice my sexy shoulder peasant top look, well to enclose my gut, not to squeeze my 36 bust line, I had to get a medium. My bony shoulders are a small. I yanked it up all day but it made every picture.
Our queen is chosen from our elderly. Barb wants to be a Rose one day.

Starbucks strawberry cream delights were cool treats from Annie and Don. The weather was perfect! I wore big shades because I had been losing control of the left side of my face. I assumed it was ALS but my neurologist is thinking Bell's Palsey.

The cotton candy made the whole parade experience even better. I had kids staring because it wasn't a pretty site.

We ended this wonderful afternoon with a picnic in our garden.

This day was the 70th anniversary of Lou Gehrig's farewell speech from the Yankees. The MLB had every player wear a 4 ALS patch on the 4th. Each 1st base plate will be signed and auctioned off to help find a cure.
Next Sunday we are off to Victoria, BC and to see the grandkids, not to mention meeting my buddy Robbin for the 1st time.


Annie said...

Oh Tammy, what a great adventure we had, didn't we? Can't wait to get up again. Dave - I haven't fished in years. I want to go fishing!!

Maria Midgett (from Facebook :-) said...

This was great! I LOVE the pictures and felt I was right there with you at the parade! Your garden is beautiful, too :-)

Tabor said...

Thanks for the invite to the parade. I love small town parades and your photos are great. You DO look pretty sexy in your outfit. I wish I had a butt that cute!

Something has eaten 50% of my sunflowers and 50% of my white marigolds. I wish my garden looked as wonderful as yours!

paisley said...

you said it was a good time,, and now i have seen the evidence!!! these pix are great.. love the wedge!!!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I Can't Wait! Hurry up and get here!

pia said...

It's so idyllic looking. you're so darn inspiring

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I enjoyed the parade-only thing I missed were the cupcakes and cotton candy;-( It's just as well, I would need the large for my expanding gut, which would then fall off my medium sized upper half;-) Hope the bells palsy is going away. You know that's a symptom with lyme disease too...I am sure you've run the gamut of tests for this and that, etc...I have Lyme's disease right now and am pretty much convinced that I've had it since about Oct. of 2007, when I started to have unbearable pain and joint issues, etc. I'm being treated, finally...but need to see a specialist because 'mainstream' drs. dismiss it as soon as their prescriptive 'round' of antibiotics is given. In the literature it says it can take years to treat it. Great. (!!)

Amber said...

So cool! I love small towns. *happy sigh*

I was going to say how much I liked your shirt! lol


bella said...

Cool! Oh and ps.. you look sexy in your off the shoulder blouse and capris....!!!

Mary Timme said...

Have I told you lately how much I and I think many love you, Tammy. Well it is true!

Geraldine said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! You are looking good Tammy.

Hope your trip to Victoria is grand, its a lovely city. I lived there years ago.

Hugs, G

Kay said...

Oh, but you're fantastic! Looks like a fun-fun day. Enjoy your trip - will be thinking of you.

forgetfulone said...

Looks like a really great time! Bet those cupcakes were yummy. Have a terrific vacation.

kj said...

tammy, you look fantastic! beautiful! totally content!

whatever the universe may have messed up it was most decidedly NOT you and dave...

JanePoet ~ JP/deb said...

Hope you are having a wonderful time with the grandkids! Love all the pics :)

Peace & love,

paris parfait said...

Looks like a fabulous day, even w/ the wardrobe malfunctions. :) So lovely that you got to spend time w/ Annie and good friends, while having fun! Enjoy your time in Victoria! xoxox

Tinker said...

It looks like a fabulous 4th! And I think you look pretty fab too (I like the off-the-shoulder look & wish I had shoulders like yours that show off nice - I sorta look like a football player when that happens to me ;)
Love your town's traditions - esp. the Queening - I wanna be a Rose Queen too when I grow up!
Hope you're having a wonderful time in BC~xox

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