Thursday, September 21, 2006

Poetry Thursday

This weeks prompt is to share a poem that speaks to your authentic self. I wrote a poem about a "visit" that gave me the freedom to find my authentic self.

A Night to Remember

As I drifted off to sleep I
could hear the thoughts
of fear entering my mind.
They hang like bats waiting
to fly in the night.

I felt the bed go down as if
someone was sitting beside
me. Fear locked my eyes shut,
heart raced, this is not real.
Peace replaced fear.

As I lifted my head
forcing my eyes to see
I find you looking back at me.
Tears rolling down
your face, eyes showing more
love than I’ve ever known.

You beckoned me into your arms,
soothing me without spoken word.
Yet, I heard you as your tears fell,
holding me as your child.

"I feel your pain and I will never
leave your side. I am with you

When I woke I felt like a child
on Christmas morning.
It was a pure joy
not overshadowed by fears.
I was set free knowing

I will never walk alone.


The Muse said...

This is very very nice :) I love the imagery of bats hanging, a child on christmas morning (My favorite holiday!).

Lovely piece :) Thanks for sharing.

Have a beautiful day!

bb said...

this is so intriguing and beautiful. and it lets your inner peace shine through :-D

kj said...

tammy, i've just read this and your post about michelle. you know how sometimes something touches your heart and you cry before you even know that's what you're doing? that's me reading your posts.

i'm glad faith visited you. i love the description of bats.

and about your soft tough daugher: you've done good. no doubt. i have a soft tough daughter too.

thanks alot today.

BendingPeak said...

I can feel what you describe. Thank you!
It is a wonderful feeling.

Helen said...

You have written something that touches me in the same way. I too have had this experience and you have written about it beautifully. You will never walk alone!!

Verity said...

Very moving, beautifully written.

paris parfait said...

Very touching, powerful poem, Tammy! It brought a tear to my eye. Well done!

Colette said...

It brought a lump to my throat. Thank you for sharing your words.

I mailed you a little something today!!


Paul Decelles said...

wonderful poem...very warm. I can feel the joy!

jzr said...

Tammy, this is lovely and so touching. Thanks for sharing this!

che said...

i love it . very touching in a lot of ways . thanks.

Deb R said...

That's beautiful, especially the last two lines.

Turquoise CRO said...

I'm sooooo GLAD and thankful YOU have this inner peace of mind and heart of whole BEING! Many kisses and hugs are being sent your way! love and prayers too! Thank YOU for your prayers for me!xoxoxooooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxox

betty said...


Anonymous said...

a poem so true and honest with words coming stright from heart
you bring out the fears that bedevil our souls!

chiefbiscuit said...

Thank you - that's so beautiful - as is the post and photos about your daughter.

Catherine said...

That's a wonderful poem. I've been reading the rest of the posts on the page, too - I feel as if I am getting to know you a little. Your daughter is beautiful.

Kamsin said...

This is beautiful, especially the last two lines! Thanks for sharing it.

Colorsonmymind said...

Wowee. This is so moving and beautiful.

The photo is amazing too.

Love to you

Living Part Deux said...

Your luminous faith lifts me up and points me in the right direction every time. Beautiful poem.

Amber said...

Oh, my. I have so many feelings about this, that I have no words. This just makes me happy.


clare said...

Such a testament of faith, Tammy, and that picture is evocative and very suitable.

I love the line about the bats.

Madeleine said...

what a moving and comforting story. you really have a great love in your life........
i love that way you woke feeling like a child on xmas morning......if only we could all feel like that a little more often.

lovely poem, girl.

Belle said...

Hi again Tammy,

Such nice posts written from your sweet heart.

All the best to you.

tinker said...

Simply beautiful, Tammy. Thank you for sharing such a wondrous experience. Wow - just wow!

Chris said...

That first stanza....holy smokes. That rocked. Hanging like bats.

Nice entry.

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Tabor said...

Wonderful imagery and deep feelings. You are so talented in this genre. Thank you.

Bedazzzled1 said...

Once again, you astonish me with your ability to express yourself with the written word. Such talent.