Monday, January 29, 2007

Here's to Taking a Chance

Dave and I figured we would go to dinner on our Valentine's Day/Anniversary. We called the new hot spot to "dine" and discovered they wanted $95 per person for their four course Valentine menu. At that price it better come with diamonds!

I got an email from a gal that had put together a poetry reading that featured poems and poets from our area. We were excited and yet curious to attend our first poetry reading. We had some company that day that had stayed longer than anticipated, so we never made it. This gal emailed me an invitation Saturday to a Valentine poetry reading at an historical hotel.

The event is called: "Between the Sheets," a romantic poetry and prose reading at the Leger Hotel in Mokelumne Hill on Sunday, Feb. 11, from 2:00 to 5:00 P.M., where poets, authors, and public readers will entertain guests and all special someone's. Included will be featured poets and writers involved with Manzanita and Writers Unlimited, and friends, as well as the Mokelumne poets, who have prepared some romantic poetry and prose for a delicious, sizzling afternoon. Generous open mic time will be provided for the public to read and share favorite love poems, love notes, and nuptial poems--original fare or those by favorite authors. The group will have poetry selections available for public sharing in case you forget your favorites. Come to listen and/or to read. Humorous, sexy, rollicking, serious, heartfelt, sensual poetry and prose will be on the wordsmith menu. David Sackman will accompany writers on stand-up bass for sultry rhythms.
Optional: $15.00-25.00 range for a special Valentine dinner menu from 5:00 on, following the event, prepared by the talented Leger Hotel chef.
Bonus highlights: creative and fun sensations available from a chocolate confectioner, winery samplings, romantic products from other entities, and an afternoon love fest of words. There will be author book signings and chat time during the half-hour break with refreshments available. will give you the area's history if you're curious because the town has the oldest building in California.

I showed Dave the email and he thought it sounded good! This coming from a man who refuses to go into a Victoria Secret shop. I'm praying his love of poetry about nature will keep him from squirming. It could really backfire and he'll like it so much we might miss the gourmet dinner ;0 We have reservations so I'm thinking this will be the most unique anniversary yet!


Anonymous said...

it sounds wonderful ... have a lovely time :)

Anonymous said...

The fact that he refuses to go into an over-rated hyper-ventilated Victorias Secret makes him a REAL man in my book! Woman don't need that stuff to be sexy and he knows it!

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome. Will would never, ever go to something like that, hooray for Dave! You Valentines sweethearts, you.

Helen said...

sounds so fun. i hope it works out because it would be so special for you.

Anonymous said...

What a great link, Tammy. Would you beleive, all these years and I've never been to this particular town in the Gold Country. I feel a visit coming on.

Anonymous said...

This sounds wonderful, Tammy! Think what you can do with the balance of what you'd have spent at the other place.

Good for the two of you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful!!! And I love the new icon your blog "I love my computer b/c my friends live in it!!!" LOVE it.
About the ALS thing I am starting. It started with teaching an MS/ Parkinson’s class at the hospital. And then I got a few calls about an ALS class. Hmmm
Why not? The MS class has VERY diverse level of ability, but it works just fine. So anyway, it just started rolling around in my brain until one day at a staff meeting I came out with my idea about the awareness month.
"Well I have this friend named Tammy, and she is living with ALS, and I think that I want to do some sort of fundraiser or awareness event for ALS research. What do you guys think?"
And everybody jumped on the idea! I have just started working through some of the background info, and putting together a few ideas of what we could do. But I wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration for me, and when I am having a hard day or boring day at work I can always turn to my new project and think of you.
Thank you for being you and for accepting me as a loyal reader.

Anonymous said...

Phew! My Jerry wouldn't be squirming because he wouldn't ever make it to one of these events! and I'm too squirmy myself, something would go wrong so I couldn't hear or someone with high hair would sit in front of me, I'm just not good in crowds maybe! Whenever I do go to a movie which is kind of rare I have to sit clear in the back row! Sounds like FUN though! Have FUN! Hope it is SWEET like you two! Guess what I was eating while ago curled up like a couch potato and watching an old movie??? LOL I'll give you a guess, it was red! xoxooxoxo, Cinda

Paris Parfait said...

It sounds like a lovely way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Hope you enjoy the poetry and the romance. xo

Anonymous said...

I hope you have lots of fun!

I have caught up on your blog, here. I'm sorry I have ben such a bad blog friend lately. :(

Are you still going to live up near me, then? I hope we can meet sometime soon. I'll buy you a CostCo pizza. ;)


Anonymous said...

By the way, I am anonymous #2 and I have not idea where your commnet went as I commented on my own blog...ugh!

Anonymous said...

I am also Tabor...geeze.

GreenishLady said...

Sounds like a wonderful event. I hope you both enjoy it to the max.

Terri /Tinker said...

What a romantic way to celebrate your Valentine's anniversary! Enjoy!

Becca said...

What a fun (and romantic) way to spend an anniversary :)


Rethabile said...

I hope you do miss that (gourmet) dinner


Colorsonmymind said...

what romantic-delightful date that sounds like.

Have a blast!
Love to you

Rach said...

Oh angel that sounds perfect. I don't believe Dave will wigg out at all, an afternoon of love words followed by an evening of love food. Happy Valentines Day to you, you are both in for a great time. x