Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Help! I've Messed up my Blog

Some bloggers were having trouble with my blog so I updated my template. My profile is on the bottom and I can't figure out where to stick my toys...be kind. lol My email is on my profile, can someone help me before I throw it out back.. This picture was our last spring storm sporting a rainbow.


turquoise cro said...

I haven't a clue, sorry! I miss your beauty full butterfly woman! Good Luck sweetie! xoCinda

GreenishLady said...

Tammy, I looked, but don't see your email on your profile. I'm not a technical expert, but last time everything slipped to the bottom on me, it was because I'd posted a photo that was too big for the column-width. Can't help with the rest, and it was such a beautiful blog. Hopefully, you'll manage to restore your music and slideshow and yes, the butterfly-woman, too.

Star said...

I'm afraid I haven't got a clue either. I looked at the page source briefly and, frankly, since they switched to all these widgets I'm really confused.

I can tell you that when I brought up this single post, it shows your profile along the left side where it should be; it's just when the complete blog loads that it goes all wonky.

As for the toys, I'd think you could add each as a page element using this one: "HTML/JavaScript
Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog."

Here's hoping you can make a quick recovery.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Maybe just try using a new template...? You will have to upload all your toys again but it may solve the problem of your profile on the bottom... I think Star said about as much as I know, too. New blogger isn't as easy as the old one as far as adding things to the template...
Sorry, Tammy...

daisies said...

i haven't used blogger in years but it seems to me that you need to make your columns bigger??

i like the new colours though and i'm sure some lovely blogger user will be able to help you :)

beautiful photo!!

emmapeelDallas said...

Beautiful pic! I'm afraid I'd do more harm than good if I try to help, but...here are your 5 questions! Enjoy the distraction!

1. Name a truth you’ve learned in adulthood, e.g., an aha! moment, but one that you might not have believed as a kid or even as a young adult.

2. What’s the most trouble you got into as a kid?

3. Where/when (what time period) would you go if you could time travel? Who would you meet?

4. What astrological sign are you? Does your sign resemble your actual personality?

5. I know you’re a big movie buff - who are your favorite actors/actresses and what are their best films? Also, feel free to tell whom you think is overrated (e.g., for me, Meg Ryan).

I can't wait to read your answers!


Mandy said...

Hope you sort out your template problems. So long as you have a copy of your old one it should easy to copy/paste each part into separate page elements.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I've added your blog to my links.

love from mandy
Mandy's Meanderings

Pam said...

Not me, Robin, you were the one who got me going!


Rach said...

Hi angel, has the panic subsided?
Looks to me like your main and sidebar columns are too wide for the overall blog page. If you go into edit html code and fanny around with the measurements then it should come good. The overall page measurement should be greater plus 50 than the main column and sidebar together. If you need any help then email me your html template code and I'll have a look at it for you. This not working lark gives me some time each day and love to help

Seeker said...

I don't know for sure, but it looks as if it might be your post "Villanelle" on April 25th which is causing trouble. If you go into each of your posts separately by clicking on 'Links To This Post' that seems to be the only one which comes out wrong. It might right itself once this post is off your main page.

I had a similar problem once, caused in my case by a picture in my sidebar being too wide (though this doesn't seem to be the problem with you). I solved it with the assistance of Blogger Help Forum. Try them if the problem doesn't right itself.

I hope this helps a bit; these problems can be sooooooh frustrating!

Tammy said...

Hey Tammy! I love the new look! I have found new blogger to be easier to work with, but that's me. Shoot me an email if there is something I can help with!! I'd be glad to offer my assistance if it will help!! :) tdmimms at yahoo.com

Tinker said...

It seems to be fixed now - your profile was up top, and I saw an e-mail link on the profile page - though when I clicked on it, it told me it couldn't perform it, because I hadn't installed my default e-mail properly! So that just shows how little I know about it all, lol.

The photo is beautiful - what an awesome rainbow!

Tabor said...

Geese. Did I start something here by complaining or what!!

If you go to the WayBackmachine your blog last year in May looked like this:


Maybe you can check out that page code for help?

Or just view it as a whole new way of life...!

Tabor said...


Here is the whole link.

Seeker said...

Glad to see you fixed the problem, I saw that you did something to the 'La Villenelle' post. Was that what fixed it? (Am just curious to know whether my suggestion worked. Lol!)

BendingPeak said...

Looks like you are getting lots of help. Hope you find the perfect spot for your toys! LOL

Anonymous said...

good, i just added many bran-new emo backgrounds for my blog