Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Poetry Thursday - The Blue Jay

The Blue Jay

I sat quietly on the bed
watching the garden’s performance.
Lilies emerging from stalks with
rose buds unfolding their charm.
Birds swooping and pausing
to splash in the sprinkler’s spray.

I was startled by the collision
as you hit the window full force.
You landed on your feet, fixed.
Your eye’s gently closed as
your beak slowly opened like
an old man beginning a nap.

I spoke softly at your side
but there you stood, stunned.
Praying silently for your life I
pleaded with you to fly away.
Your beak began to close as
one eye gave me a wink.

You stood like a beautiful sculpture
in the garden, surrounded by life.
Hues of blue with soft feathers
of grey, this was not your day to die.
Your silent restoration gave you flight
to live in another beautiful day.

This happened during the week and I became connected to this bird as I watched the event unfold. I'm not a fan of Blue Jays because they shriek and bully the smaller birds (not to mention they crap on everything). While I got down on my knees (no easy feat) he became another living creature that I desperately wanted to live.


Chris said...

Wow! Love the new digs! If that is your bedroom, how lovely is that??! I'm on jealous gal. Where you live and the house you have looks like it should be a B&B. l'd be your first guest. :)
Your poem is just beautiful. You're getting better and better!

Chris said...

Uh, that should be "one" jealous gal. I wish we could edit our comments!

AnnieElf said...

Extraordinary Tammy. A beautiful poetic reflection of life.

daisies said...

beautiful words my dear, so very beautiful and full of compassion ... this fills me with memory of a bird that ran into our picture window when i was a girl and we nursed the bird back to health in a box filled with grass in our house until he was able to fly free into the sky ... yeah, my parents totally rocked :)

emmapeelDallas said...


This is BEAUTIFUL! What a terrific poet you're becoming...and like you, I'd want the bird to live, even if it was a jay...

I love what you're writing these days.


Pam said...

Just beautiful, a tribute to life, perfectly written. Your soul shines through in every word.

paris parfait said...

Tammy, this is what poetry is all about - making sense and beauty out of an ordinary - or not-so-ordinary - event. Really well done, my friend! And a beautiful photo as well - great new masthead too!

Beloved Dreamer said...

Exquisite, your poem is full of such beautiful and for me lasting images. Well done my friend.


Natalie said...

I so wanted that bird to live! This is a beautiful poem, the imagery of the garden so colourful and imaginative. Great stuff.

Star said...

It's hard not to be compassionate under the circumstances. It must be something in the air just now, as we had a blue bird take a bath in our bird bath (after chucking in as much seed as he could) and then he flew right into our kitchen window! He was alright and flew off, a bit stunned.

Somehow, I didn't feel inspired to write a poem about it. Your tender soul found just the right words. You are so precious, Tammy.

gautami tripathy said...

Tammy, you have the ability to observe each small detail and relate it with life. That's one of the reasons why I like your poetry.

This too was very beautifully done.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

OH Tammy.. I am so glad your bluejay did not die...
it would have broken my heart.

Thanks so much for the happy end... and your beautiful verse

Nancy said...

Not many blog entries make my eyes water and my breath shallow. This one did.
I really got it.

You are so incredibly beautiful...and much like that Blue Jay.

Love and a kiss,

turquoise cro said...

I Love my Blue Jays!!! They excite me so!!! I've seen one dead and that sight won't go away!!! I still just wonder how it happened! We seem to have a lot more robins this year!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love birds in general, even the ones that are nuisances and I'm glad your blue jay survived. I love the new masthead to the blog, stunning view!

Remiman said...

Wow! The new look is striking.
Your love of life comes forth in your poem so keenly it's impossible not to feel it.
I've noticed a difference in the birds in my yard this year. They seem more human friendly. In particular the Jays. Instead of shrieking at me, they sit near by and listen while I talk to them. On occasion they say something....and when I look the bird bath needs refilling. I'm positive now that that is what they are telling me. After I replenish the water they go one by one and take their bath seemingly non-pulsed by my presence.
Pleasurably odd. ;-)

maureen said...

I like the way your poem follows an evolution of your own connection to nature, and flows in a circle: you begin by describing a bucolic, peaceful paradise. The beauty is interrupted by an unexpected tear in that peace -- collision of bird with glass. And in spite of not being a fan of blue jays, Tammy -- you mend that tear with your empathy and compassion.

For me, this poem speaks of learning to see with the heart. You don't simply look ... you see past the ordinary. You connect in your heart, with all of nature (even the pesty parts.) That's truly seeing -- and here you share the way to do that, with your readers. Thank you!

Becca said...

Tammy, this poem was stunning. As I was reading, I thought it was a Mary Oliver poem I had somehow missed. You make the connection with the natural world and human existence so poignantly and beatutifully in this one. Great work!

Regina Clare Jane said...

What a beautiful, heartfelt poem, Tammy... I can hear you willing that bird back to life and flight again...

Tinker said...

Whew! What a relief - you had me so caught up in this poem I felt almost like I was there watching him, too - and I was so afraid for him - I'm glad it had a happy ending - both the poem and real life! The ones around here crack me up, they're so cheeky and curious - though I'd get annoyed with them if I saw them bullying the other birds, too. Guess they wait until I'm not looking, lol.
Have a great weekend, Tammy! XOXO

chiefbiscuit said...

Wow! A wonderful poem - your poetry is growing deeper in leaps and bounds - if that isn't an oxymoron!
A stunner of an entry!

bella said...

This was a beautiful poem Tammy.

Amber said...

Aw. I feel like I am that bird who hit a window. heh. Poor guy. I feel his pain.


Lisa said...

What a lovely and touching poem. It was a tough little bird, glad he made it!

Thanks Tammy for checking out my poem and for your very kind comments. L

tara dawn said...

After my long hiatus, I am trying to catch up with what has been going on in your life. Your writing continues to flourish, inspiring in its beauty, the words flowing with an indescribable ease. I love it...your words, your pictures (especially the arbor on the side at the new house...amazing). I love you! And I miss you terribly.
I pray for you and Dave every night...hope you can feel the love traveling across all these miles.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Isn't it amazing how an unexpected event can connect with us in such a special way ... you demonstrated it so beautifully in your poetry. Much peace & love, JP

Chris said...

Great poem Tammy. I love when life's little moments his me like that, with a startling crash.

here's my blue jay poem.....

Blue jay, blue jay,
Sitting on a limb.
He looked at me,
I looked at him.
So I picked up a stick,
and hit 'im on the chin
and said blue jay, blue jay
Don't ya do that again!

Who said you never learned anything while chanting in the dugout in little league? ha ha

Have a great weekend!
My Blog

Hedwyg said...

Ooh - wonderful poesy! The best ones, I think, come from those small, ordinary events or observations.


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