Monday, July 30, 2007

Crazy Daze of Summer

I have had the honor of receiving The Reflection Award by Sherrie at AKA Giggles. When I read Sherrie's words I can feel her heart and I have always felt she was a kindred spirit. She is someone you would want in your foxhole and her taste in music and color ROCKS! I'm thrilled she thought of me.

I'll will nominate 5 bloggers that are an encouragement, a source of love, impact me in some way and who has provided a Godly example. In other words, five cherished bloggers whom, when you reflect upon them, you are filled with a sense of pride and joy.

Pam at is my biggest source of love and encouragement because she really gets life with ALS. I'm so proud of her spirit and will to fight. Not to mention her art and poetry is beautiful.

Star at has taught me to see beauty in things around me that I was missing. She is a loving soul that makes you yearn to sit and just chat with her. I love her simplistic look at life and the beauty she sees. I'm drawn to her beautiful writing and poetry style.

Tink at simply puts a smile on my face with each post. She is so funny that if I'm having a bad day I start with Tink's blog. It's almost better than coffee. lol I'm proud to have her art hanging at my desk each day and I smile thinking of her.

Becca at teaches me how to be a better writer by taking me along on her own journey. Her comments always lift me up and keep me trying. I can't wait to buy her first book. :)

Patrick at gives me hope that love can conquer all as he writes about his roll as a husband, father and caregiver. Amazing man!

Place the icon on your blog, write a blurb about each one, and then notify them about their award!

I had to have a second mammogram of a "suspicious mass" found at the nipple area. It's never pleasant to have that flattened into a THIN pancake! Then I was whisked away for an ultra sound only to have that area uncomfortably probed, over and over. I was told it is a good sign it hurts because cancer don't hurt...whatever! While typing this I found out it is an abnormal mass and I see a surgeon Thursday...geesh! I'm guessing a fibroid tumor (non-cancer).

I took a fall this weekend that really shook me up, but mostly scared Dave. The crash was loud and I cried on impact but only out of fear, not pain. Dave ran in and saw blood and instinctively lifted me roughly to my feet, wishing me OK, instead of checking first. lol Once up and noticing nothing was broken my job became reassuring Dave. Still in shock mode there was no pain so I said "lets eat breakfast it's getting cold." While eating Dave watched my precious blog finger get blue and swell. That's when I freaked "not my blogging finger!" I said it's Sunday Scribble day, so I forced it into action...whew! That was close! ;) He came home from the grocery store with silly putty and a squishy light ball to work my other fingers. He felt I needed a back-up blog finger. He is the best! I'm bruised and sore but my spirits are high knowing I have Dave.

The best part of the week was my day with TK. We dressed up to go to the movies but his mom felt he might not want to stay in his seat...yikes! We decided having lunch and watching "Happy Feet" at my house was a much better idea.
I loved his new outfit and spiked hair!

No I don't dress up to workout but my daughter wanted a demo, so she took a picture for you guys. I'll be a buff cookie by October 1st when I fly to Maine to see Pam in Vermont. Thanks to all the bloggers in New England for emailing attractions along our route. Pam also had a fall this week but is mending well. We both have matching left thigh bruises, see we are soul sisters. lol We vowed no more falling this year!
No house or job nibbles near home yet but Dave's having a retirement BBQ on the 7th, on site. I must be badged to go but I'm excited to meet his co-workers after his being there almost 25yrs. If no job offers he will stay at his old job until he gets one. We are not as stressed because he will get a job eventually, he has one until he gets another and next spring might be a better sellers market. It's still a bummer but not forever.


Brian said...


Congrats about your award, you are very deserving. I have a question? Are there voice software available, instead of the one finger method?

Sorry about your fall. I'm used to seeing bruises on Diane after she has a low blood sugar. It is very scary.

Hope you have a great and safe trip. You do look buff. ;)

vicci said...

I started to leave you a long comment and all of a sudden blogger just up and disconnected me.....I will e-mail instead!

Lucy said...

Hi, first off.. I'm sorry about the mass. Don't worry, I had a similar problem and it WAS a fibroid adnoma. 2nd... Congrats on the award and 3rd ..Your little guy is adorable.. and last your Dave sounds like a winning lottery ticket! thank god, and good luck with thurs. :)

Jessie said...

thank god for silly puddy...that's all i gots to say!


Tinker said...

Ouch! and Ow! Neither the mammogram or that fall sound like any fun at all. Sending healing well-wishes to both your blogging finger and your -- well, you know... :)

Congratulations on your well-deserved award, Tammy - and thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your kind words for me. That I ever bring a smile to you is the best award ever, my friend.

It's no fair though - you look better dressed working out, than I do when I'm going out! lol
Hope you and Dave have a blast at his goodbye blow-out!

Tinker said...

Oh - and TK is REALLY stylin' now - I love that spiked hair - too cute for words! xo

AnnieElf said...

You have had one heck of a week Tammy. Sheesh to all of the proceeding that you wrote. The good news in going to the BBQ and getting buff for Maine. Loved the workout picture. I'm inspired. If you can do it, so can I. OoRah.

Carly said...


I am thinking about you sweetie, and sending calming thoughts your way. Take care.

Always, Carly

Becoming Amethyst said...

congratulations on your award Tammy, and I'm sorry to hear about your fall ~ hope your bruises are on the mend :)

bella said...

Hey there. Sorry to hear about the mass and the fall. I hope you're doing ok. There's little TK looking cute as ever!! I'm glad you got to enjoy your day with him.

Pam said...

My very dear friend, I know you are going to be fine. Fibroid tumors seem to be such a common occurrence among women but I'm sorry you even have to think about it.

Congratulations on your award, no surprises there. And thank you for the nomination.

I love T K's do, might try one like it myself.

Look at you on the total gym, you go girl!

Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh my goodness, dear friend! What a time you've had! I'll be thinking of you and sayng a little prayer!
You are such a wonderful inspiration to all of us and thanks for all your nominations as well! Spread the love, huh?

paris parfait said...

Ah, Tammy you are an eternal favourite and certainly well-deserving of this award! And the nominees you've chosen are fantastic. I love the photos of you and TK - he is more adorable by the minute!

So sorry about your fall; hope you're feeling better. What a guy Dave is - helping you get a backup for your blogging finger! Sounds like you have lots of adventures in store in August, not to mention your fall road trip!

Hope you have some good news vis a vis the abnormal mass. Sending lots and lots of prayers and hugs your way. xo

Becca said...

Tammy, you are the epitome of what this award is all about :) And after the week you've had, you're still writing uplifting posts, making us smile with cute pictures of you and TK, and, taking the time to nominate five other "Reflective Bloggers."
I am touched and honored to be among your chosen few :)

Sending much love and lots of positive vibrations for good news at all fronts! (sorry, bad pun!)

Nancy said...

Somehow I missed this post...and just decided I needed to check on you. I won't deny that you have me a bit worried...but a much bigger side of me is confident that you will be ok...on ALL counts. You are not the Warrior for nothing!
But I'm sad that you fell...and were scared....

Adorable pics you included though...and I Do love that white skirt of yours. Which reminds me...i need to send you my wedding pics!!

I miss that odd?

Love and a big ol' healing hug,

turquoise cro said...

Phew! I agree! YOU and PAM= NO more FALLS!!! That Dave is sooOOOoo wonderful to have around for sure!!! and TK is the one with Happy Feet, he sure does look like a dollbaby with that hair spiked and his new outfit and I LOVE that pic of YOU getting buff and love and prayers for Thursday!!!

Jana B said...

OUCH about the fall!!!! I'm glad you are okay, and that you now have backup blog fingers!!!!

TK's hair is SO AWESOME!!!! He is SO gonna break hearts!!

Wooo... working out! You go girl!

Star said...

Ok, now I feel incredibly guilty for not getting here sooner to read this post.

I've been down that same road with the extra mammograms and ultrasound, but mine turned out to be cysts that eventually reabsorbed. I hope all goes well for you in your meeting with the surgeon. Sending BIG HUGS and healing thoughts you way.

And an extra dose of healing thoughts for the bruises from your fall. Gotta keep that blogging finger in good working order!

Love the photos of you (with your well-dressed workout) and TK with his new outfit. You two are a real pair.

I'm glad to hear you aren't stressing about the house and job; it will come--it will come.

Tabor said...

Wish I could have been there to kiss the are always such a cheerful sort!! You also have quite a figure...I'm just a little jealous.
But the absolutely best part of the blog was your time with TK. He clearly love you. (Be careful where you plant those 'happy feet' though.

Nancy said...

I always love your choice of songs.
Just heard these guys on Regis...I'm a fan for sure.


Jone said...

Congrats on the award. Well deserved. I hope you are okay after the fall. I have tagged you here:

Vedrana M. said...

congratulations on The Reflection Award!!! :)
i hope you're ok, photos are wonderful!

Jimmy said...

I came back to check up on you. I hope you and your finger have recovered well. Congrats on that award, and thanks for a great Blog

giggles said...

Dearest Tammy I am blushing. Thank you for the love! Wonderful kind words, yes I think we are very much kindred spirits. We would definitely have some giggles in the fox hole! However I must warn you I’d be taking up seventy five percent of the space…So get on that exercise machine and go to it girlfriend!!! We’d have good music and food that’s for sure!! After I fattened you up we may get stuck in there….are you visualizing! So glad you have a Dave in your life, what a blessing! Wishing you love and good thoughts! Oh your little guy is so munchable, his outfit is adorable, and those crispy white runners….what a doll! Why are they even cuter now than ever before? I could just watch little people for hours!

Hugs Sherrie

daisies said...

congratulations on your well deserved award :) sorry to hear about your fall and hope your finger has recovered :)

you are so super cute!! xox