Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Poetry Thursday - Gladiolas


The gladiolas wait patiently

wrapped lovingly within

showing their rumbled

slips giving away secrets of

delicate color through

spirals of green, rising tall.

They hesitate in their bloom

to a world that doesn't

seem to notice the dangers,

or fears of an earthly death,

but today, this year,

their bravery

emerges like a child

as it unfurls its brilliance

with blinding color.

The sun beats them down,

bending, from its glare

shining through the bloom

unknowingly revealing true

beauty and strength.

They drink in my tears

lifting heads to the sky,

defying its intensity

of human folly.

They sway in joy,

as the hummingbirds flit

in a dance of feeding flirtation,

delighting in their sustenance.

What will become of them-

next July as the heat gets

hotter, cold gets colder

and earth begins to falter?

I've been watching my glads struggle this year due to an unusual winter and sweltering summer. I watch the hummingbirds dance around the survivors and it made me ponder global warming. I used my fear of the unknown to be my muse.


pepektheassassin said...

Great post! (I posted early PT, too, since my kid, his wife and 2 kids, and her mother are all moving back in with us tomorrow...we are going to be snug as bugs in...well, you know.) I struggle with the climate change and what it will mean to the earth and the people, animals, plants, etc., and it scares me, too. But then I think: Here we are, able to witness something global and IMPORTANT happening, something like being awestruck with wonder at the comet that is about to land on your house....

Anonymous said...

I remember lovely glads in the yards of mothers of my friends. Maybe some day I will nurture my own gladiolas. Wonderful textual imagery as always!

Regina Clare Jane said...

The color is so brilliant, Tammy! Flowers always make me feel more hopeful for the future and I am grateful for all that I see!
Your garden looks so beautiful!

Nancy said...

This is one of my favorite poems of speaks volumes, and in such a delightful, hopeful way.
You are now not just a warrior to me, but you're a "Gladiator"!

Love you,

Nancy said...

The name of that flower always sounded a little bit dirty to me!
(tee hee)

turquoise cro said...

GLAD to seeeeeeeee your Glads Tammy and your sweet poem! Isn't Danny soOoooOOoo graceful??? Is he going to win?!!!or Sabra?!

kate said...

I think gardeners in most countries this year are really wondering about climate change ... Your poem was a beautiful read. Thank you...and your gladioli are pretty.

Clare said...

Hi Tammy! Gladiolas are among my favorite flowers, and I love your photo and your poem. And the image of the hummingbirds in their "dance of feeding flirtation" is wonderful. I also worry about global warming and its effect on flowers and critters and humans, too.

paris parfait said...

Beautiful photos and a beautiful poem with an important message. I wrote about the environment as well. xo

giggles said...

Absolutely one of my very favorite flowers, along with peonies! I like carnations for the aroma, and longevity! What beauties you have there! Wonderful poetry! A call for a world of simplicity. Back to appreciating the wonderment that natures serves, rather than constant disposables!

Hugs Sherrie

Anonymous said...

The thing I like best about the glads is that they attract the humming birds so much and love to watch them try to eat from the swaying flower. Loved your part about how they sway in joy as the humming birds dance about.Love Dave

gautami said...

Your poem is an absolute delight. I love those flowers very much.

Chris said...

See that's why you are a classy poet and I am not....I could not have passed up an opportunity to rhyme something funny with "hummingbirds flit".


daisies said...

this is so beautiful but mostly i love that you turned your fear into something so very lovely ... you amaze me sometimes ... xoxox

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

SO many brilliant lines in this poem ... bravo, Tammy! I too love glads. xx, JP

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love the image of the hummingbirds flirtatious flitting. I think that wildlife and gardens will change a lot as climate change starts to really take a hold.

paisley said...

tammy,, i too, am in nor cal... on the marin coast,, and i know the glads paused,, but once they got here... they are breathtaking... thank you for causing me to really take that beauty in.....

Pam said...

I'm so glad your new home has gardens already in place, as it will be hard to leave your present gardens behind. I know you said they need work but Dave is a master and it won't be long before they look as good as the pictures you share with us.

Lovely poem. Lovely person.

Elisabeth said...

What a beautiful poem!

Brian said...

I've read this a bunch of times Tammy and all I see is your struggle with ALS. It's a wonderful poem, but you are that flower, blooming in the face of adversity.


Lisa said...

A lovely poem - thanks for adding the picture - the flowers are very pretty.

Inland Empire Girl said...

I do love glads and I have struggled with mine also this year. I got one bouquet picked then the rest withered. My guess here is heat and grasshoppers. Your poem is very good. I love how the last line leaves us with something to ponder.

tumblewords said...

A wonderful mix. Fear and hope in absolutes. The blossoms here are having a heat hard time, as well. It is a time for ponder.