Wednesday, April 23, 2008

3WW - A Pantoum

Picture - Reflected - Stop

The Queen of Tulips

Open to the suns command
unfurl your stately beauty
allowing your colors to expand
oh queen of tulips do your duty

Unfurl your stately beauty
your power reflected in light
oh queen of tulips do your duty
to be a picture perfect sight

Your power reflected in light
brings my heart to a stop
to be a picture perfect sight
you must fight not to drop

Brings my heart to a stop
to see your yellow heart
you must fight not to drop
you are a delicate work of art

To see your yellow heart
allowing your colors to expand
you are a delicate work of art
open to the suns command

The picture is mine. ;)
A Pantoum has four quatrains in a abab rhyme scheme.
The Pantoum says everything twice:
For all quatrains except the first, the first line of the current quatrain repeats the second line in the preceding quatrain; and the third line of the current quatrain repeats the fourth line of the preceding quatrain. In addition, for the final quatrain, its second line repeats the (so-far unrepeated) third line in the first quatrain; and its last line repeats the (so-far unrepeated) first line of the first quatrain.


Lucy said...

excecllent Pantoum Tam! U are teaching me about the different types of poetry I had never heard of.. Thanks! Your tulip photo is beautiful too ♥

TC said...

Beautiful photo, and your poem works soooo well for it!

tumblewords said...

A most gorgeous tulip photo. And I love the pantoum. I've read them before but have never tried to write one. This reads well and surely stays with the tulip topic!

Remiman said...

Doggone it you make it look so easy...this is a beautiful tribute to spring!
I'll have to try this form one of these days. It follows the sestina in Stephen Frye's book, "The Ode Less Traveled."

Linda Jacobs said...

I have my poetry-writing stsudents write pantoums every year and they love them.

You did a wonderful job on this one!

Star said...

Been away for awhile so am just catching up with you.

You are AWESOME! I remember the last time you wrote one of these and it blew me away...enough to inspire me to try my own hand at it. I was not up to the challenge and never did finish it.

I'm glad to see that spring has sprung at your edge of Eden (we're still waiting). Beautiful photo; beautiful words.

rebecca said...


as i was reading this i could not help but think of you..."your power reflected in light, allowing your colors to expand, you must fight not to drop, you are a delicate work of art."

this was you are, dear friend. simply beautiful. very well written and i enjoyed the flow. nicely done.

blessings and love,

p.s. - and that tulip is gorgeous! great picture!

Geraldine said...

Gorgeous photo and well crafted writing. Well done!

Jujee said...

lyrical that was!
Flower in the photo is stunning.

tinker said...

Oh I love this, Tammy - the photo and the poem complement each other perfectly. Awesome~xoxo

anthonynorth said...

Beautiful picture and cleverly crafted words.

Michelle Johnson said...

Tammy, this is a lovely pantoum and tribute to the tulip pictured. Nicely done. Have a nice day.

pepektheassassin said...

Hurrah!!! Again, Hurrah!

giggles said...

Amazing photo of natures perfection! Grand pantoum together they spell spring!

Hugs Sherrie

pia said...

The directions tired me :) The tulip is perfect and the poem beautiful

Jone said...

Stunning. This is a favorite poetry form for me. Love the photo and the poem.

Scribbler said...


The last para was the best

keep it rollin;)

daisies said...

how incredibly beautiful :) talented you, xo

paris parfait said...

So lovely - the poem and the photo! Merci bien! xoxox