Friday, April 25, 2008

Outraged at the Future of Our Planet

It's outrageous
to see our waste
fill the planet
with toxins
killing people

Make a difference
by recycling
or reusing
and refilling
to unburden
our planet.

Save our future
for the children
they will reap
what we sew
we are teachers
of the future.

Did you know?

Three billion units of consumer electronics potentially will become scrap between 2003 and 2010. That's nine gadgets thrown away for every person currently living in the U.S.

As little as 0.014 gram of mercury is enough to contaminate the fish in a 20-acre lake. The 300 million computers that have already been discarded contain enough mercury (about 0.5 gram each) to poison the Great Lakes eight times over.

Nearly every large electronics and semiconductor manufacturer that began operations in the 1970s or earlier has an EPA Superfund site (deemed the worst toxic waste sites) in its history. Forty-one million Americans live within 4 miles of one of these sites.

I've combined my Writer's Island "Outrageous" with Sunday Scribblings "The Future of the Planet."


LN- Nickers and Ink said...

Great post.

After perusing your blog, I am convinced that you are truly a warrior. Fight on! Praying for a cure.

Nickers and Ink

Geraldine said...

Well said and powerful! I couldn't agree more. We all CAN make a difference.

Granny Smith said...

Well said! We all have to get on this bandwagon!

Lucy said...

You clever cute little lady! I love how you combined both prompts into One very smart post.
Well said Tammy!
( your prize is ON it's way! xo)

keith hillman said...

A very powerful piece indeed. A small point, but did you know that it takes 8 litres of water to produce a plastic bottle to hold one litre of water?

Scribbler said...

A great message put across really well.

Keep it rollin;) Warrior

GreenishLady said...

The gadgets, the rate of obolescence - people replacing perfectly usable items and dumping the "old" - that really annoys me.
Well done in this post, Tammy.

paisley said...

i am unfortunately of the mind set that believes humans are innately too selfish to really give a damn..... sad,, i know... but i fear ever so true....

shubd07 said...

Really great the way you combined the two prompts for such a well written passionate plea !

I do so hope humans heed it and prove that Man indeed is a 'thinking' animal !

Robin said...

I'm sick at the thought of all that electronics waste.

anthonynorth said...

An important message. Well said.

jadey said...

Awesome post. We should be all more conscientious of our planet and what we are doing to harm it.

khambagirl said...

Hi Tammy,

Great poem, and post! One of the best that I have read this week. Well done!!!

ratanaong said...

You hit right at the point with major impact on the reader. You've said it without saying a word for us to ACT in order to save the world! Great job!

giggles said...

Impressive how you roped the two prompts together! British Columbia has implemented new laws for electronics, not all of Canada is following suit. However we have one of the best recycle programs in Canada. My daughter is horrified when she travels witnessing the lack of recycling!

Hugs Sherrie

Vedrana M. said...

beautiful, i love how you combined your talent and love for our planet! i hope you're doing great :) kisses from Croatia

Selma said...

We can make a difference. I hope we will, but like Paisley, sometimes I wonder.. I really like your blog, by the way.

Tinker said...

Powerful combination, Tammy. Definitely something to think about - our electronics have the power both to unite all of us in this world, and potentially destroy our lovely planet...we need to learn how to make things that last again, instead of this 'planned obsolescence.'
Good job on both the prompts!

Jennifer Hicks said...

a thought provoking post. thank youl

AnnieElf said...

Keep swinging Tammy. And, Hey! Wasn't that electronics collection in Sacramento last week just so outstanding?? They say it will take several WEEKS to sort through it all. How cool is that?

joared said...

Facts that should make everyone stop and think, but will we all act as we should? We can take responsibility for our own actions and exert some effort to make others aware -- which is exactly what you're doing. Thanks!

Sounds like your ALS battle is formidable and hope you're continuing to do well. Pam at "Mind Trips" in Vt.
is facing a similar challenge. She's another talented artist.

Rambler said...

didnt know about the technology waste..its really outrageous..thanks for sharing this..

Becca said...

Great post, Tammy, and all so true.
I'm glad people are starting to think more about this, and making some effort to change. It won't happen overnight, but we've got to start somewhere, right!

Remiman said...

As long as some of us believe in each other, as long as some of us believe positive change is possible, then there is reason to hope.
Of course that implies leading by example, like you do!

Beatriz' suitcase contents said...

And here I am reading you from a computer, one of three in my house. I am green, but I use my computer everyday... the answer? We, bloggers, people of the screen, should unite in requesting strict laws for the disposing of electronics. We can write all these posts, and feel good about doing it, but what are we doing, really? I will go and research this subject, see if there is already someone lobbying, asking, begging... we can add our two cents... I will let you know.

tumblewords said...

Great and thoughtful post! People are stranger than strange. I belonged to a computer group that rebuilt old computers and peripherals to donate to the elderly, school children and those who couldn't afford a new one...

chiefbiscuit said...

You've made me fall in love with tulips all over again.
The water feature is a wonder! Thanks for the photos to show its progress - a labour of love indeed. Just beautiful!

Yolanda said...

I so agree with you on this point. Thanks for sharing this.

Just Jen said...

Your creative side is really showing itself! That's a really great poem.
You're right about the great lakes, thats where I grew up and I remember swimming and watching the fish swim around my legs, now I can't see my feet if the water is up to my thighs. It's a swim at your own risk situation. I don't care if they say its safe, it's not...minnows aren't there anymore, can't see your feet, and one of us always ends up on antibiotics after swimming because you're bound to get sick...scary stuff!
Hope all is well with you :D
Did you fix that pool situation? I'm going to keep reading to see if you posted anything about it!

Star said...

I have been trying to make "green" changes in my life for several years now and, while I feel like there are good things I've done, it seems like there should be more. I think the biggest difference for us has been us commuting together. Although my husband only gets 30 min. for lunch and is done 30 min. earlier at the end of the day, he finishes up paperwork or whatever while he waits for me.

Another big-ish thing we've been trying to do is "freecycling." Our community has a feecycle site on the internet where people can post things they no longer need or use and give them away for free to someone else (usually if they'll come get it, but on occasion we have delivered the items as well). Less waste in the land fill and someone gets a new-to-them computer, furniture item, whatever. People post everything from paperback books to clothes, household items, appliances, or even businesses or not-for-profits that are getting rid of office furniture and file cabinets.

paris parfait said...

Thanks for shining the spotlight on such an important subject that affects each and every one of us! xoxox

Crafty Green Poet said...

Excellent post! I'm always outraged by the amount of stuff we all throw away every day.