Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Love - "Mom"

This is Ruth, Dave's mom, who just turned 84 on Monday. She has two sons, shown here, four daughters with a multitude of grandchildren and great grandchildren. She has lived in a rural home, by herself, after losing her husband seven years ago. She is smart, independent, social, caring and a tough cookie. She remembers all birthdays and anniversaries never forgetting anyone at Christmas, even spouses. She gardens, loves watching sports and CNN, her garden club and not having to cook for a big family anymore. Dave and I took her to Kauai a few years ago and she took the helicopter tour. Very cool lady!

Ruth never gets sick but this Easter the flu attacked Ruth. She has smoked for most of her life so her already weakened lungs made her weaker. She never called anyone or answered her phone because she was sick and had assumed it would soon pass. She had no neighbors to check on her and one daughter living an hour away but she was out of town. The grandchildren checked on her and she ended up in the hospital with pneumonia for her 84th birthday. She had to block calls so she could recover as the nurses station became an answering service. Most of her family live in different states and were concerned. True to her nature she is already home and doing well. I admire, love and respect this fellow warrior.

The love in this woman's eyes at having her boy's in her arms this Christmas was priceless.


natala said...

so beautiful..

paris parfait said...

Oh what a special woman and a wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing the story of your brave fellow warrior! xoxox

Green Eyed Girl said...

Beautiful picture and words! She is definitely a warrior! Thanks for sharing.

Happy Love Thursday!

Nancy R said...

What a sweet photo.

I wish you well in your fight with ALS. My younger sister was diagnosed nearly three years ago. It's such a harsh disease. It's beautiful that you're living your life to the fullest.

Happy Love Thursday!

TJ said...

I got a chill as well as a tear. I too hope to be held in my two sons arms when I am that age.She looks to be glowing...great photo capture.
wishing ya Spring Breezes and Gentle rains
Love TJ

Cathy said...

Yes, Tammy, a very special lady and mother. No wonder Dave is such a peach:0)

My mother, Ruth is struggling too. She's 86 and like your Ruth has a large family that is rather scattered. All my best to your precious mother-in-law.

Chris said...

My mom's name is Ruth too. Dave's mom sounds like a wonderful person!

emmapeelDallas said...

What a terrific pic, and what a terrific tribute to her! Go, Ruth!


Becca said...

She sounds a lot like my mom (who is also a Ruth - that was a very popular name back in the 20's and 30's).

My mom has gone into super mother mode since I broke my foot. Nothing makes her happier than having a mission, or someone to take care of.

And believe me, she helps me in more ways than you can imagine.

These gals are quite the inspiration, aren't they?

pepektheassassin said...

What a lady! Good story, and I'm so glad she's back home. Like tj, I hope my sons will put their arms around me and look so happy and loving as hers!

Nancy said...

God, how I love women like that. And I especially love people that can appreciate women like that and express it so well! ; )

Talk soon, Tamela. (maybe today?)

bella said...

What an amazing warrior woman.
Thank-you for sharing her story here with us.

GreenishLady said...

I'm so glad she's making a good recovery. So this is where Dave gets some of that special nature of his! Lovely to meet Ruth.

Just Jen said...

I'm glad that had a happy ending! I had that bout of pneumonia in January and I'm still weak. She is one strong cookie!!! How awesome to have her as your mom inlaw!!

tinker said...

Aw - what a sweet photo and a lovely tribute to such a loving mother-in-law!
Wow - 84! She looks great - and so happy to be with her 'boys.' How wonderful to still be so strong and independent. I'm glad she's feeling better now.