Monday, August 04, 2008

Wish You Were Here!

Stepping back from blogging was a very liberating experience. I've gained perspective on the realities of blogging and my writing. I discovered that my personality lead me up an insurmountable hill of being a diligent commenter and a good writer. Now, I'm sleeping over 10hrs a night and love the freedom of my day this break has given me. I've gone back to 2005 and have re-worked 19 poems so far. It was amazing to see my progress but I have a lot of room for improvement. I'm grateful for the encouraging comments and wonderful poetry I've been exposed to but I need classes in English, poetry and creative writing.

My back deck is where I go to think after reading my past posts and comments. I've discovered that I'm a storyteller first and foremost. I am enjoying playing with my poetry and I will get them bound for Dave before I move on to my story. My story is for TK and since he is just 2 years old I have plenty of time. I'm not finding the online only courses I want yet but I'm not giving up. I'm guessing my college transcripts won't hold up as a prerequisite from 1981. lol

Dave and I have been creating a beautiful garden. Every morning I have my coffee and cereal looking out at our flowers before I sit in front of my computer. I have a blogroll of 52 bloggers that I read each day and feel like I'm still connected to. I have to smack my own hand to keep from sending a comment. ;) I will probably edit my bloglines before fall because this break has allowed me to get a good perspective on my blog connections. Going back over posts gave me a more objective view on what I like to write, what interests readers and who reads whatever I write regardless of comment etiquette. I can honestly say that I don't write just for me and my grandson, because if I did I would not have a blog out there for all to read. These truths and connections are important to me in re-evaluating how I will blog in the future.

I have a new garden toy that makes me squeal like a child. It's a copper sprinkler with two circles and a beautiful butterfly inside the smaller circle. The sprinkler circles move in opposite directions with water reaching out to 30ft. Each circle has holes all the way around them. When the sun hits it the yard becomes magical. $25 at Home Depot and worth every dime! Dave's gardening is infectious.

We did go visit TK and our old house. Did I mention being a landlord STINKS! Everything in that house is crapping out. Oven, electrical, plumbing and heating/air unit. We have put out more in repairs than we've received in rent, almost. Poor Dave will never see retirement at this rate but at least it's all a tax write off.

Dave's mom was able to come and spend an evening at our home due to a family wedding in Tahoe. She was so proud of Dave and his hard work that he smiled her whole visit. We had to go to the north shore of lake Tahoe for the wedding. We drove right past Emerald Bay which is my favorite spot. It was so beautiful that I made poor Dave risk life and limb for this shot. The white dots are boats so click to get a better look.

This is us waiting for the food as the night wore on with temperatures dropping. Tahoe can go from 80 to 65 in a few hours. The chipmonks were every where and came right up to us. The wedding was beautiful, right on the shore of lake Tahoe at 5:30pm with candlelight dinning. I was so cold by dark we had to leave before cake, my favorite part.

Writing, gardening and a wedding has made this a great vacation so far. Dave has a birthday on the 13th and that is the day he goes back to working nights. I'm still sorting out my fall/winter goals for my writing and blogging. But I will not stop blogging no matter what even if I have to use my homework as a post. ;)

Hugs to all of you who are struggling right now and kudos to you amazing writers/poets. Miss you!


GreenishLady said...

oh, so lovely to see you appear here today... I feel like I got to be there, your pictures are so great. What a great vacation you've been having. Your garden is just so beautiful - the perfect vacation-spot!

anno said...

Your garden is beautiful! & I love the new copper sprinkler. It sounds and looks like you are having a wonderful vacation! Thanks for the pictures & the update -- I hope you find some excellent classes for yourself this fall.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I wish I were there too! I'm glad you had a good time, sorry you missed the cake.
Love ya,

Michelle said...

Tammy -
This post speaks beyond my heart to my soul... every bit of this, while it's about you and your loved ones, LIVING your lovely life - it has reminded me of the pureness that first brought me to start writing my blogs to begin with.
But I became hooked, like a drug addict on heroin... to the point where I'd think that my blog posts without comments were pure crap and the only ones any good were the ones that had 5 or more comments. I have a lump in my throat as I write this knowing that for me comments have, at times, been my reason for writing... how screwed up is that? :(
Thank you, Tammy! You inspire me in so many ways!
- Michelle

daisies said...

so wonderful to 'hear' your voice and to know that you are gaining perspective and enjoying your garden, your life and heh heh good sleeps :)

much love, xo

Jan said...

what a gorgeous deck/porch, what lovely gardens (you are fortunate to have a wonderful gardiner/husband!). I love gardening although with ongoing pain i've been unable to get down and dirty this year...but i have a new camera so my photography has served as my gardening this year. luckily most everything i have in the garden are perennials so i don't need to do much anyway. but the weeds are making me cringe, and i have trouble getting down without, the weeds will stay...because, my husband is NOT the gardening type:(

Beautiful view of Lake Tahoe...amazing!

I hope your personal quest to get in touch with and organize your writing goes well for you!

Kay said...

You are making wise choices - I know you are there even if I miss your comments!
And what a truly BEAUTIFUL garden - what a gifted gardener. I want one!

paisley said...

just thrilled to hear from you,, and know you are having a great time... do keep us posted!!!

UL said...

Tammy, been a very long time since I visited -even longer since I blogged regularly, I have been writing here and there, in my diaries, but havent had a chance to blog or comment...and this post of yours kind of told me that 'it is ok' 'it is ok to not feel guilty' and go where my heart leads me :) Glad to see you are werll, loads of love to you, UL

Tabor said...

If you find some good online course, let those of us who attempt writing know. Also, I would love a post on what you look for, how you critique, etc. you past poetry and writing. Self-editing with guidlines...what a concept.

Geraldine said...

Sounds like you are going through a very productive, contemplative period Tammy, well done! You and Dave look lovely in the photo. I was so happy to read a post here today. Hope to see you soon, when you can stop by. In the meantime...YOU GO GIRL!!! You are amazing.

Star said...

Some really gorgeous pictures! Hope you find just the right fit with the on-line classes.

Thanks so much for keeping in touch here :)

Look for an e-mail...

Giggles said...

Dearest Tammy so glad I have google reader, wouldn't have wanted to miss this post!! Of course I miss you, but again you are an inspiration and I am proud you are forging ahead with your own projects! No wonder Dave is such a fabulous care giver, another Leo like Bryan whose birthday is today. Some of my favorite people are Leo's. Beautiful photos, so glad to get a small peek at the water too! Thanks for updating us on your progress!

Love and hugs to you!
You look marvelous darling!

danni said...

tammy - thanks so much for sharing your life and thoughts with us - you are a special blogger for me for sure - glad you have so much beauty and fun going on in your life - your gardens are just gorgeous - green with envy!!! --- it sounds like you are accomplishing so much with your writings, and enjoying every minute of it --- soooo ssooooo happy for you - stay safe!!!!!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Yes, you ARE mah-velous, Dah-link~ it was so fun to talk to you today! You're a super photographer (or you have a great camera, or both). A beautiful deck, and, yes, tell Dave that's a great haircut.

And we're checking out the sprinkler, for sure. Good luck with Facebook!

Lucy said...

Tammy! So happy to read you! YOur garden and deck are just so lovely and inviting. How wonderful to sit out there each morning. The pictures are beautiful. You and DAve make such a sweet couple! Beautiful shot! I am so happy you are working on your poems and feel liberated by your break in blogging.
I think of you often.
Wishing u more and more tranquillity in all you do ♥

tinker said...

Your garden looks like paradise! I don't know if I'd ever come in to the computer with a view like that. But I'm glad you did - it's so good to hear from you again.
Whata cute pic of you and Dave - sorry you missed the cake though - that's my favorite part too.
Hope Dave has a happy birthday - K's is this Friday.
Enjoy your summer days there on your deck - I'll be thinking about you~XOXO

TJ said...

Beautiful! All of it, your piece of the mountain and all your words of love and encouragement.
I smiled when I read that you was reworking your poems past...I love watching your inner self come into words that you would share.
Blow your gardens a kiss from me, I think of you daily my friend.
Love Tj.
The photos are just wonderful!!!

TJ said...

PS. On the landlord end..Yup it does. We did our final eviction and have my slightly disabled sister now living there for the rest of her natuaral life. We as a family help her with my payment , but talk about a home getting the love it so longed for...and she in return gets a strong house to wrap her up with security.
Yup...I do know.
Love YOU

Annie said...

Dearest Tammy, It was wonderful catching up with you and all in one grand post. I'm still catching up on vacation pictures and reports. It will all get posted eventually. Rushing is not a word in my language anymore (well mainly "not" anyway. LOL) Hugs, Annie

Mary Timme said...

We all need breaks sometimes for growth and just being different from what we were. I'm glad yours has been so productive and insiteful!

linda said...

wow, I almost feel like I should just send you some good energy, you have had so many wonderful comments...but wanted to just say I am happy to see you back with a post and a beautiful one at that....isn't Tahoe gorgeous and your dear hubby looks like the sweetest man! I am so happy you have had the rest and time you need to get the perspective you want.


Nancy said...

I don't know if "almost" calling you counts...but I swear I almost did. I've been missing you something fierce I say!
Somehow, again, I didn't get this alert. I just happened to click on you cuz I have you in my faves.
I've been reseaching a possible trip to CA within the next few months with you in mind of course.

Your pics are fabulous! We have such similar taste. (the fire pit, the copperish sprinkler, angels, etc)
Let's make sure to talk this week sometime.
Love ya bunches and bunches,
PS You getting my alerts?

emmapeelDallas said...

What a great post! Hang in there on the school...and I say that having gone back in my 40's.


Becca said...

So great to hear all these good things from you. And you look drop dead gorgeous in that photo with Dave - so romantic :)

Good luck with those online classes - I've been contemplating something similar.

Love You!!!

Brian said...


A very relaxed and peaceful post.

Have a great weekend.

Just Jen said...

I'm glad to see you haven't been bored at all! Your garden is absolutely beautiful. I'm glad you posted pictures of it. I would blow one of those up to put on my wall :D They're that good.
I should do what you're doing, take time off and rework what I've done so far but...well someday...;)

Merelyme said...

you are such a delight to read. i do hope you come back to write some more.

Sky said...

so nice to hear your written voice again! this photo of lake tahoe is beautiful! we must get there sometime soon.

Amber said...

Look at that yard! That is beautiful. JUST the kind of place I want to live.

This funk i have been in has kept me from doing anything these months. Even the little drive up to see you, and I totally meant to do that this summer. Wyatt and G start school tomorrow. I will have a few hours free, then. (the first week might be half days, though. let me see). Do you think I can come see you sans kiddos? I would love to sit with you on that pourch.

I think your thoughts about blogging are healthy and balanced. It isn't a job, after all. But I feel like you do.


Nina Berry said...

You are indeed a warrior, a warrior of light, as Paul Coelho might say. Joyce Ellen Davis pointed me to your lovely blog. What a pleasure to read! Joyce asked me to give you info on the online class I just took, but since you are a poet, this place may not be for you. I took an online course at, which is a site for freelance writers. The class, which forced me finish my teen novel in 12 weeks, was great! But I don't think mediabistro has courses for poets.

Oh, I just thought of something. Have you read the blog Sage Said So, by Sage Cohen, a poet? It's at:

She was giving classes, last I checked, or she may have links to classes. At the very least, her blog is lovely. As is yours!

Eileen said...

Hi Tammy,
I was so glad to see an update from you. I am also glad you took time for yourself and took time to reflect and make healthy choices for yourself. You are one wise woman! I admire you for taking care of your needs, instead of wearing yourself out.

I am also glad to hear you are still writing. What a beautiful gift.

You look beautiful,peaceful, as does your amazing garden.

Thinking of you always.


Just Jen said...

Just stopping by to give you an update to my new blog url, I'm hoping this will ditch the watchful eyes of my 'troll'.
(still wishing I was there!)

rebecca said...

oh beautiful girl, how i've missed you. but i am so glad you took that break to reevalute things and spend time introspecting and just plain "living" with your wonderful husband and spending time in that beautiful, beautiful home you both are creating.

your post spoke to me as i am standing in front of a similar crossroad myself. i began blogging to sate a need within myself and let loose all of those words that were urging to come out. over time, however, it has morphed into a sort of "online class" where i feel obligated (by no other person but myself) to write at least a weekly prompt. yet, one of my goals has always been to write pieces for which i can submit to literary journals and i have not been spending any time doing that because i have been spending too much time blogging. the blogging, however, has indeed served a very important purpose and that is that it has honed my writing skills. oh, i will continue to do it no doubt, but i am also in the process of restructuring my time so that i have enough time to do all of those things that i want to do: write submission pieces, spend more time with my beloved who has been somewhat ignored, register for some english courses this fall, which will undoubtedly keep me very busy.

and, if anything, blogging has opened the world to me to all of the wonderful writers out there whom i have made a special connection with, you being one of them.

((hugs)) to you my sweet and thank you for giving me the impetus to look at the crossroad in front of me and finally get my life/time in order as well.

love and blessings,

Geraldine said...

Hope all is well Tammy. Just stopping in to say hi and hugs back to you. Miss you!

Catherine said...

It's been so long since I visited, there are a couple of hundred or more blogs that I've bookmarked and I am just getting back to them and checking them all out. Great to see how you are doing and your lovely surroundings (including the new garden toy).
Can I just make one suggestion about the blog? It is really annoying to have music burst out at me when I open the page, no matter how lovely the music I like to be able to choose whether to download music or video, as it is very heavy on internet use, and some of us have to pay for broadband according to how much we use. (I did eventually find where the playlist was to turn it off, but I had to scroll down a long way)

JP/deb said...

Continue to write for YOU and your legacy. Much peace and love, xx, JP/deb

one more believer said...

ok, so im late, very late and not that far behind.. suddenly realizing i hadn't seen you as of lately and gee, gotta go see how she's doing sorta thing... sooooooooo happy to hear the latest news, that your writing and writing and writing like the rest of us... geez, it's exhausting sometimes... and yr garden, awesome... so i've now got you bookmarked.. blessings tammy to you and your loved ones...

Just Jen said...

missing you!!
I'm leaving blogland too :(
my last post

paris parfait said...

Missing you Tammy! Great photos and I'm so glad you're having a good vacation and doing what's right for YOU! I just found your email today - buried amongst way too many unread emails - and will reply soon. Thank you so much! xoxox