Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Trip and a Flu Alert!

Baby makes five!

I can't type much about our wonderful trip because I'm still trying to recover from this nasty flu. I heard it was hitting hard in our area but mixed with my ALS it has sucker punched me. I probably caught it on the flight home as it went straight to my chest by Tuesday night. I'm weak as a baby and need more rest but I also need to swallow this goose in my chest! My cat is freaking out!

The worst part of my week was I missed a long awaited visit from Bonnie at http://yakattack.typepad.com/yak_attack/. She was ready to drive from the SFO airport to see me but I was sick and that day it even had the nerve to snow...argh! I would have worn a mask and stayed across the room but I would not put her at risk in the snow in a rental car. This is an amazing woman who normally resides in China helping give medical care to Tibetan villages. She leaves for China in June and will try and get back here before she leaves. I'm praying hard on this one!

To top off my week I have had no email service so if you have not heard from me you will (if it didn't eat them) once Wildblue pops their head's out of their butts! Yes, I'm a bit testy and sick of being SICK!

Baby Warrick with mama.

He was so tiny and handsome.

Grandpa and I hung outside with the older boys as they had to show us every toy and athletic ability. I had to take the scooter away from grandpa. ;) You miss so much when they live so far.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Big Week

Now and forever
a Valentine promise
sealed with a kiss
Happy 4th wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day Dave!

Monster no longer
beauty with bubbles prevail
Picture perfect

I bought an aquarium DVD with beautiful options, fish and sound!

The sun is shining and the snow is melting at my little house in the woods (this is the lake nearby). My muse Gautami at http://firmlyrooted.blogspot.com/has challenged me to do a 10 to 10. Ten verses about me to get me writing again. I've been procrastinating by sneaking out of town to see TK. No more excuses for me as I enter a very hectic week...woohoo!

A cute outfit, make-up and hair
transforms me from the outside in.
Bringing forth my inner diva
confidant enthusiasm ensues.

I need order to rule the day
or clutter and chaos overwhelms.
Multi tasking is a gift as I
try to stay ahead of the game.

Laughter comes easily
infectious and odd.
The simplest things can
make me laugh until I cry.

Animals are gifts from God
they teach me about love.
I can’t imagine a heaven
without them.

My strength has been tested
as I look to the past.
Knowing I would not change
a thing brings peace at last.

People can be so self-absorbed
and yet I will not provoke.
Speaking my truth just brings
unwanted confrontation.

I see real from fake like
a sixth sense and call it.
I often stick my foot in my
mouth by just being real.

Camping takes me back
to the best of times.
Fishing beside my grandpa
taking in the pines.

Movies take me out of my world
into a realm of different realities.
Teaching and entertaining
while making time stand still.

Love has given me life
when I thought love was done.
It resuscitated me into a fighter
showing me I am far from done.

This was really hard and I rushed it but it's completed. I hope it was not supposed to flow because it doesn't. ;)

He missed his gramy more than I thought he would and he gets around just fine. We got him a teddy bear with a cast, holding a heart with our picture in it. He loved it! I got to read him a book for the first time and when he noticed I had trouble turning the pages he helped me...awww! He was charming and so into kisses and hugs. What a huge pick me up!

My legs are smooth and Dave trimmed and dyed my hair. Dave and I took the dog shaver to his head and he is no longer shaggy. LOL My new house-cleaner was a bust, again (2nd try) but they are coming back for free. :)

I've got my brother coming on Wed. to house sit while we fly to WA to meet our new grandson Warrick on Friday. Dimitri will have his 3rd birthday party while we're there. My brother's birthday is on Valentine's Day so Tahoe here we come! I'll bring back lots of pictures when I return to my computer Tuesday.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Taking Control

I have been in a funk for days and have anesthetized myself with mind numbing TV. It's not the beautiful snow or even cabin fever but the backlash of small changes from the move. I have always embraced change but as I've gotten older the adjustment period seems to be lasting longer. The new house was an easy adjustment to make but I'm finding that it's the smaller changes that are pulling me down. Moving right before winter did not help.

I used to have time with Dave in the evenings, a hairdresser, mobile dog groomer, housekeeper, family and visitors at the old house. Currently Dave has until 12:30pm to make a fire, get breakfast, feed animals, shower, make lunch and dinner for us both. He gets home at 10:00pm and I'm ready for bed because I need a certain amount of hours of sleep each night. I know this schedule is only until school is out but it gets real lonely.

My hair is now overgrown and the grey is taking over, my dog looks like a dirty dust mop, cleaning services won't come out in the snow, family and friends are now far away. Winter is my hibernation time and I love it but I have lost control of some of the few things I still had control over. I need to regain control over my environment to get prepared for summer. That is actually the hardest time of year for me because I want to get out there and play more than I'm able to. No one takes your control away, you give it away and only you can take it back.

The sun came out so I got a house cleaning estimate and she knows of a mobile dog groomer. I shaved a section of my eyebrow off (shaky hands) so I picked up an eyebrow pencil and hair dye at Longs. I might even shave my hairy, dry legs to bust out of these doldrums. I must get out of my jammies and find that bra!

The part I really miss is human contact and I can't fix that until spring. We are flying to WA to see Dave's daughters family on the 15th which will be fun. Dave will work days this summer and that will help the most but I need to go meet me some neighbors. Dave suggested bingo...not!

I had a slight set back with a simple phone call.

My TK broke his leg (hairline fracture of lower leg)at the playground and I remembered this picture from Christmas walking in the stockings. I was so sad that I could not comfort him or help to keep him entertained. I hung up feeling awful that I was so far away, when Dave said "well, you wanted to move." I guess even a prince can remember how to be a frog. ;) We will go to love on him after WA trip and I will teach him the fine art of sitting for hours.
I need a muse so I can get over myself and get back to writing because I'm still a very lucky gal!