Thursday, October 22, 2009

2009 ALS Walk of Hope!

Tammy's Warrior's walked again for ALS. We are still receiving donations
which may help us reach our $5000 goal that will surpass last year. Thank you for the love and support of my friend's and family. This walk means so much to me that every year I get stressed and at times disappointed. It so hard to ask for money or to ask people to give up a Saturday. These are tough times but not as tough as living with ALS.

Dave was once again my rock and helped me focus on my goal of bringing awareness to ALS. Facebook was a great tool to educate many who still think it is "a disease a famous ballplayer once had." I donated my birthday via Facebook and re-kindled friendships from my 30th HS reunion and Jr high. Not to mention blog friends Jodi, Biene and Amber were there. Many donations from long distance too. The media could have made a huge difference and every news station simply flaked. Shame on them!

My high school gang joined us this year.

With clowns and face painting all the kids had a blast. It's good to see children learn compassion and empathy for others.

My grandson at 3 1/2 really gets it and had a fun day with gramy and grampy.


There are pictures and names of our beloved fallen ALS soldiers written on and taped to our banner. The virtual warriors (donors) rode beside me etched in my heart.

Jr high gang also joined this year!

We walked for hope and for the many who are fighting to hang on. We walked to let everyone know that ALS is a killer that lives among us all. It slowly strips you bare and traps you inside a deteriorating cell, your own body. It then suffocates you until you die or live hooked to a machine.