Monday, November 02, 2009

One Single Impression - Shift in Time

Summers hand brushes against fall
taunting fall with her fading colors
he takes her into his arms
swaying in the wind
blending as one
shifting in

My fall photo

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sunday Scribbling - Adventure

In my forty eight years I have had many adventures that were fun and exiting like camping, fishing and traveling. But my life adventures are the ones that have shaped who I am today. Marriage, giving birth, divorce, being a single mom, death of loved ones and my journey with ALS are the adventures I treasure.

My life adventures have taught me about love, real friendship, priorities, appreciation of all life, acceptance of death and my own inner strength. I had no idea of what I was capable of until I was tested in ways I could never even have dreamed of. I now believe trials are a gift that push us to be better human beings and can inspire others to accept their own trials.

After beating the odds of an incurable disease I have realized that in a way technology has become a cure of sorts. The adventure of researching and networking my illness has given me a better quality of life. Learning how to use a computer that will bank my voice and type/talk with just my eyes. A lift chair recliner that gives me a gentle hand up. wheelchairs, shower stuff, bidets and eating utensils. The new Diaphragm Pacer that will expand your diaphragm for you so you might not need a ventilator. With new technology I will retain my ability to chose my life adventures.

I have lived to watch my baby give birth to her baby. Built a team to help others like me to live until a cure, got my first tattoo (heart of a warrior), won a gold in the Pan American trials for disabled sailing, I have a pool in my garage, created a dream home in the mountains, and I met and married a wonderful man (online) that was willing to join me on more adventures to come.

Zipline and disabled skiing are next but my future adventures are endless!

Tammy'Warriors raised almost $5000 this year and my Dave will be spotlighted in November for National Family Caregiver Month on the ALS website. :) Pictures of 2009 walk are below.