Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Winter snow angel with her dove's of peace to watch over us.

My lil bro loving the snow, but Nikki is loving the steaks.

Plenty of apples left to pick, but a tad frozen.

Dave added a 3ft Santa, a giant live wreath and swags since this. lol I'll get more shots when the kids get here. They drove from WA in the worst storm in years. They made it with three little boys in the car and will be here the day after Christmas.

Bless you all this holiday season!

I'll be by once the celebrating dies down.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OSI - "Distractions" / EMPS - "Autumn Meets Winter"

Vintage Christmas tree

pulls us back to childhood

lost in memories

(Click on pictures for better look)

Pieces of treasure

hung to distract from our pain

filling us with hope

Freezing little paws

cannot distract her from bone

except for a pose

Autumn meets winter

leaves battle as strong warriors

wounded but not beat

Snowing again so I hope this posts. ;)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Scribbling - "I Knew Instantly..."

I knew instantly
as you were placed in my arm's
my heart would never
beat without yours.

I knew instantly
as you passed before my eye's
It would never be forever,
but until we meet again.

I knew instantly
as I looked into your eye's,
your rare love reflected,
a strong eternal flame.

I knew instantly
as he gave me the diagnosis
I would not accept it while
living until the cure.

I knew instantly
as I counted my blessing's
I had been given a gift
of staring down death.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm Just Saying...

Tree shaker, who knew?

Stuck in the mud, awaiting rescue, while sitting on my walker with tired dog.

Now that Dave has lit up the neighborhood with Christmas he began chomping at the bit to go get his tree. I was able to sit on him until yesterday, but I insisted on coming, much to his chagrin. Last year he wanted the tallest tree he could find and cheap, so I let him go alone. Well he paid $15 bucks and had to cut 5ft off just to get it in the house. Never again! It was the biggest and ugliest tree I had ever seen. With lights and ornaments it wasn't all that bad.

This year I talked him into going to McGee's at Apple Hill. We went in search of a 10ft Silvertip Noble at a HUGE tree farm. It was muddy and we had Nikki on a leash. Picture an excited man and an out of control dog searching for their perfect tree. Now picture me, trying to follow his voice, with my walker, sticking in the mud every three steps. "Over here, I found one" he calls out. Tapped in the lot I yell "any bald spots?" "A few" he calls back. "Nope" I replied. That went on for two hours. Too uneven, too short or too many holes and all yelled across the lot because my walker is not a 4WD. The lot guy was scared of a lawsuit and stuck to me like glue, rolling his eye's at every no I yelled out. After much arguing and maneuvering we found our tree. They put it on a tree shaker, netted it and off we went. Dave is still worried it might not touch the ceiling and quivered at the price, but my work was done. lol

In the city we put up white icicle lights to emulate snow and added the twinkling fake deer on our front lawn to bring us that country feel. We always got an over priced, cut tree, from a lot or a cheap one in front of Wally World. Once I moved to the mountains I thought things would be different. We have lots of real snow, too many real deer and are surrounded by more trees than you can imagine. Guess what? They do more lights and fake deer up here than the city. Get this, the trees cost the same and this is where they cut them. I find that very surprising and funny. I have two perfect Christmas trees in my yard that are better than what we bought.

The whole house and tree will be unveiled as soon as we untangle the lights. A big snow storm is due this weekend. Woohoo! We really need water in California right now. I still have roses blooming, cyclamen and living petunias in December.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot & One Single Impression

On Carly's photo shoot we had to be creative with pizza toppings. Being the wierd Italian that I am, I'm not a fan of pizza. I am, however, a big fan of spicy hot. Chili flakes go on everything I eat and it is a pizza topping for some. To add to this really tough prompt, OSI wanted a poem on doodles. I did a haiku and photo using both prompts.

Chili flake clean up
Christmas doodle appearing
as my thoughts take form

Mind's in a clutter
imaginary doodles
organize chaos

Last week at Carly's photo shoot I could not capture an Autumn sunset (the prompt). In California we desperately need rain and there are no clouds. I'm getting roses due to the sun and yet it's really cold. Since I'm home bound and Dave is at work at sunset, I had to be patient. I shake when I raise my arms and a good camera is too heavy, but I finally got a shot. Yay! I was bummed that the colors appeared so late in my view, so I added the Autumn part below. Being stuck in one place with a simple camera, stretches your creativity.

The sun sets way over to the left in the winter. I like how the light hit just this one tree before sunset. A sunset kiss.

Diana at is doing a giveaway. I stole her snow. lol

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sunday Scribbling - "Tradition"

My family's Christmas traditions have gone through many changes since my childhood. At forty seven I now dread Christmas. Divorce, distance and family dysfunction have taken my favorite part of Christmas out of the holiday, my family. My dark secret is that I go through the motions for Dave. He loves everything about Christmas, even when it is just the two of us. I'm a scrooge, but I had this stange dream. ;)

My Christmas past was with mom, dad, my brother and me. We opened one gift Christmas Eve, left cookies for Santa and in the morning we awoke to pure magic. The room was full of wrapped and unwrapped Santa gifts, stockings were full and my grandma and papa were at the door. Our home was transformed, as the fire crackled and the Christmas music was playing. Those were very happy memories.

Fast forward to having my own kids and my first husband. I married into a large Mexican family that celebrated every holiday in a big way. My parents divorced after I left home, so we were pulled in many directions. Three sets of parents, two sets of grandparents and our own quickie Santa version, was the routine. It was busy, hectic and fun, once we arrived. Christmas with my babies were the best of times.

Our divorce is when my Christmas spirit took its biggest hit. I spent Christmas Eve day with grandma, papa and kids. The kids spent that night with their dad and his family. He brought them home that night so they would not miss Santa. I got them up early because they were gone again by ten that morning. It was hard on us all. As they grew older I let them go with their dad on holidays because it was much more fun for them. Once they stopped believing in Santa the magic faded away for me. The nail in the coffin was when they became teenagers and Christmas became a chore.

My Christmas present is growing with a bit more spirit . I now have Dave, who has never lost his joy of Christmas. He buys more lights and decor every year. Dave's daughter will be here the day after Christmas, bringing the joy of children's laughter. I'm excited for Dave and know the house will be filled with a fun chaos. My brother will add to the fun, but I will miss my girl's and TK. The kids are being pulled in many directions and having been there, I'm not pulling. Traveling is difficult for me too and now that I'm nestled in my winter wonderland the Christmas spirit is surrounding me. My Christmas spirit is a choice, so I'm making an effort this year.

My Christmas future will find me cured of ALS and getting to spend a Christmas with all our girl's and grand kids. An impossible dream right now, but hey this is my Christmas future. Our economy is flourishing and global warming has stopped. My family is happy, healthy, and together, while watching scrooge and eating candy cane hot fudges. Christmas is a time for miracles and I'm sticking to it! Photo Prompt

Thursday, December 04, 2008

OSI - "Welcoming" 3 Haiku

A Christmas welcome
as grandson's will soon arrive
making it worth while.

Lights in the forest
draped in love like falling stars
welcome Christmas peace.

Whatever stays still
he adorns with twinkling lights
inner child's glee.

My brother stopped by for a visit to hang with his sis on Monday. He brought with him his unique charm and steady gas bombs. I love his visits as we watch movies, laugh and eat candy (he loves candy). He's fishing with Dave right now' so I thought I'd come say hi. As you can see Dave has been busy with lighting up EVERYTHING, but the dog. This picture does not include the back deck either. I'm seeing only my electric bill. lol

Dave and my brother are making their list's and checking them twice. I swear they are like little boys about Christmas! My brother leaves on Friday so I'll be visiting you all soon. It gets lonely around here while Dave's at work, so I hope my brother stays. I finally beat him at golf on our Wii. :)

Dave's mom fell and broke her hip this week. She's a tough cookie, but lives alone so it will be an uncertain transition. Thank goodness for her "Lifeline" button! I've been procrastinating on getting one for myself but not anymore! Please keep Ruth in your thoughts and prayers. She really loves Christmas and we hope she will get to be at home to enjoy it. If not, I'm sure Christmas will go to her. PROMPT