Wednesday, February 25, 2009

EMPS #26 - 3WW

Extra Credit: Write a little about your personal style as a photographer. Why do you like a particular subject? What is the most challenging aspect of photography for you?

3WW - Callous - Interfere - Persistent

I have been given the gift of time to find my style in photography. It has become a passion to capture special moments, places and people. My favorite subject is my grandson TK. He has had a camera shoved in his face since he took his first breath. I don't want to miss one moment I have with him. I am very persistent in capturing his essence so I can remember every year we share. I have created a 3 year old ham.

My husband stole my heart with his love of gardening and has filled my life with beauty. Every summer he buys more flowers and I really try not to interfere, but he buys bulbs like women buy shoes. The results are spectacular and I have such variety to photograph. Living in the mountains has inspired him to create a garden for every season. I love the life he has painted for us.

The most challenging part of photography is lifting my arms without shaking. SLR's are too heavy for me so I have a light Canon Power Shot. It has the no shake feature, except when using the zoom. I have a tiny tripod, but Dave must be with me. I have a callous indifference to my limitations, so if I see my shot I just take it until I get it. If others try and take it for me it just does not work. We each see the same things differently.

My pictures are pieces of my life as seen through my eyes. Each moment in time I capture is like my poetry, straight from the heart.

Monday, February 23, 2009

One Single Impression - Twilight


'Tween day and night
Winter seems to fade
Into pockets of shadows
Lingering in the present
Iluminating remnants of day
Gradually opening to night
Hovering in the darkness
To awaken for one more day

I have tried an acrostic poetry form with one of my favorite photos. I like winter and about now we are done with it, but is it done with us?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My 500th Post and Great News!

I can't believe my one little finger pulled off 500 posts and numerous comments. I've been editing double letters and combining clubs to give it a break. Now I will no longer have to struggle. My insurance has approved a new computer that will bank my current voice, give me other voices and type, all with my eye. I'm not in a wheelchair, so it will be mounted on a stand with wheels. It's like having a laptop, sort of.

This is a short video on what it can do for people with ALS, strokes and other diseases. Someone you know can use this to retain a quality of life while awaiting a cure. PLEASE watch so you know what this can mean to a loved one.

This is my biggest fan Dave, who has given me the will to keep fighting. He married me knowing I had ALS and all that came with it. He believes in my cure 100% and will do anything for me. Dave has been patient when I snap at not being understood, learned Tammy speak and asks "what did you say?" instead of guessing. He has learned to repeat what he thought he heard and that way I don't say "forget it!" It can frustrate your hubby, you, friends, family and caregivers when you can't be understood. My warrior will love this computer!

The MDA will assist my insurance to pay for this. If you see an MDA Shamrock you now know someone they have helped. Thank you to Victoria, Jamie, Wendy and Dr. Cheng for making this happen. I will have a voice for years to come. I'm tearing up with emotion at just the thought of never losing the ability to communicate. Amen

Monday, February 16, 2009

EMPS #25 Birds / OSI #51 Spectral

Horizontal white
distorts shapes into phantoms
frozen signs of life

There has been no signs of birds up here in Northern California so I got creative. This is a swan vase that held a red rose on Valentine's Day. She stayed afloat with the ice from our pond. Can I get extra credit for a white bird? LOL

I hear a Swan song
gliding across my heart strings
melting winter's wrath

Thursday, February 12, 2009

55 Word Story Challenge

There was a small shower just before they said their vows. They could only see mirrored reflections of love, as they looked into each other’s eyes. After the ceremony they stood at the ocean’s curl, holding hands. As they looked up God had blessed their union with a double rainbow. This moment would last forever.

Happy five year, Valentine's Day, anniversary my knight and shining Dave. I love you!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sinus Surgery Done!

A sinus surgery to remove polyps is easy for a normal person, but add ALS and you get an adventure. We left for a SLOW 30 minute drive to a surgery center in the snow. It was 6:00 am and dark. Dave had cleared a safe path from the door to the truck. I took my first step off the porch and slid into a slow fall, as Dave tried to stop it. I was a tad sore but mainly wet and cold from my landing. The snow had fallen from the trees during the night.

As the nurses prepped me, the Anaesteseologist came in. A very dapper, white haired, handsome man. I asked the group of nurses "what is it about this small town and the GQ doctors?" They giggled as one said "we have several that are bootylisious." My Ortho guy, my sinus guy and my Anasteseolosist are very handsome. The nurses named 4 others and one was called Dr. Boody, I kid you not, I made her spell it. I said ladies " I'm seeing an ALS fundraising opportunity here" as they gathered around I said "a calendar of these dapper docs." They loved the idea. LOL Dave was laughing in the corner at his crazy wife. When my doc came in he had a sheepish grin as word got back to him about the nut behind the curtain. I said "I see big things in your future and you can even wear the scrubs."

I had to sign off on the procedure and I asked the nurse to interpret it. She mentioned my polyps and followed that with and basically a nose job. WHAT? I need to see doc GQ ASAP! I asked him "what's wrong with my Italian nose, too big?" He laughed and replied "it would be inside IF needed only." Whew! I did ask, since he does plastic surgery, if he'd do a boob lift and tummy tuck while I'm in the operating room. He replied "so you want the works?" I said " nah, just keep my boobs out of my armpits and flatten the shelf they rest on." lol The ladies were roaring with laughter.

I was so groggy when I woke up I could barely speak. I had to pee and I guess they thought I'd said pain instead of pee. I got a shot of heaven in my IV! When I once again awoke I was forced to use a bedpan that was not under me properly. Oops! A gal named Daisy was always by my side, stroking my hair, cleaning me sweetly and such an angel. I wanted her to come home with me. What a pleasant group!

Dave pulled up in front of our steep driveway, that he had just cleaned, to park down for me. It was covered in fallen snow and he had to walk a drowsy, off balanced woman all the way down. I go up better than down on my best day and it was COLD! We did it and Dave was a great nurse. He dealt with the gross parts of nose surgery like a champ. I never had any pain either, now that is very cool indeed! Your prayer's and thoughts did the trick. Thank you!

Monday, February 09, 2009

OSI - Movement Haiku

Sunset takes the stage
upstaging winter's white touch
backdrop's on fire

Storm clouds gathering
Suffocating a sunset
trees watch with wonder

After 10 inches of snow this was the cherry on top of the day. They were taken through a window and not altered. Pictures by Dave.

EMPS #24 "Red"

As we sit by the wood stove, watching the snow come down, we remember why we moved here. 10 inches and counting as it keeps on coming down. It's magical until I must go out in it. I have sinus surgery at 6:30 am in this stuff tomorrow. Can you imagine how Dave will get a drugged crip down our steep driveway tomorrow afternoon? He claims he will send me down in the garbage can lid. You think not? lol

My Internet is spotty in snow but I'll get back to you. ;)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sunday Scribbling - "Art"

My favorite art is photography. I would love to carry around a digital state of the art camera, but they are too heavy. Photoshop can transform an ordinary picture and make it extra ordinary. Its best feature is the cropping and reducing wrinkles. Need I say more? I feel like I can create art with a touch of a key.

This is my grandson TK, who's smile lights up my world! I used his face to just explore art and the endless possibilities.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

OSI - "Slowly"

Dr. Oskarsson, my new Neurologist at the new ALS clinic in Sacramento, CA


The clock turns through the years
as a dark shadow begins whispering

why you and not her?

We are all warriors battling the
same deadly foe and yet, here I stand.

Why you and not him?

Is there a reason or is it just by chance
that I have slipped past my foe.

Why me and not them?

I must continue to fight my battle with their
names etched in my heart as
time moves on slowly.


I had my EMG today and the results keep leading to the same diagnosis, ALS.( I had my first one 14 years ago) I keep hoping to hear that I don't have ALS because I'm still here and walking. 9 out of 100,000 have ALS and 1 out of 800 deaths are from ALS. Wow! That speaks volumes. The "average" life span with ALS is 3-5 years, but then you can chose to live on a ventilator for years. I need an explanation as to why, after 18years, I'm doing so well. Is it survivor's guilt or fear that keeps me questioning?

P.S. Only the needle in upper arm hurt. I had 3 in arm, 1 in hand, 3 in leg, 2 on back and one under my chin. (for tongue) Dave, of course, captured the one that hurt. lol Not comfy but not that painful.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Photo Shoot - Winter at Home

EMPS #23: WINTER DAYS It's winter, here in the northern hemisphere, but here in the San Francisco Bay Area, it was 80 degrees yesterday. What's a girl got to do to see some cold weather? Glad you asked. Your assignment for this week is to show me some WINTER DAYS in your neighborhood. Snow, rain, clear, yet icy conditions, bare trees, dead leaves, whatever accurately illustrates a WINTER DAY where you live.
Extra Credit: Show me something BLUE.

This is my home in No. CA after a winter storm. We get an average of 4-8 inches of snow per storm. They leave quickly and the sun usually follows. We had 2 weeks of nice weather, one snow day, another week of sunshine and BLUE skies. It's 65 and sunny today. I love it here!


This new drug is making me drowsy which effects my balance. I've been napping for safety and not even going to my computer everyday. Shocker! I'll get used to the drug with time, I hope. I can't imagine going from 10mg to 50mg, I'd be a zombie! It's only been 4 nights.

I have Twittered on my sidebar so no one worries at my lack of blogging. ;)

I have a neat test (EMG-Electromography) on Thursday that I'm going to try and document it here. They stick a needle, hooked to a machine, into various muscles. It shows the electrical activity of the muscle. When muscles die they do a rumba (facilitate) and you can see it on the screen. You can see my tongue moving like it is full of jumping beans which is why I slur when I talk. I'll add it in the post because it's really fascinating.

I had my hormone levels checked today and can't wait to see the results. Night sweats, migraines, unmotivated, snappish and fatigued can't all be me and ALS. Okay, maybe part me and a smidgen of ALS. LOL Big reveal at the end of the month. These symptoms started at 43 and now they are getting worse. They would not give me the pill for bad PMS in my 30's due to ALS and blood clotting. I pray I don't run into an ALS blockade in trying to level out my hormones.

My girlfriend, Tami, took me out for a girl's day. She told me her teens were explaining what an "emo" was. Apparently they are emotional/goth people and some have "emo" bands? She declared that she must be a "hormo" then and I laughed out loud. We should start a band! Any "hormos" out there want to jam? I'll supply plenty of fans. ;)