Friday, April 17, 2009

Blogging Sabbatical

My family dropped in for four days and it was wonderful to have them. I must admit it was also a bit overwhelming because it was a surprise (except for my brother). Dave had to work and get a root canal, lucky him. So he missed a lot of the fun. We had a beautiful sunny snow day with a gorgeous sunset. They were all thrilled to get a touch of mountain life in April.

My oldest daughter Michelle brought her hubby and their dogs Sammy and Max. Movies, Cash Cab, eating and Wii were all we did as the weather put on a show. You MUST watch Cash Cab on the discovery channel. It's a triva gameshow inside a cab in New York city, with unsuspecting passengers. I also had my computer rep out here for more training. Whew!

My daughter and I got to bond a bit, which we had not done in awhile. Her new job was put on hold AFTER she re-located. Hence the free time for a surprise visit. She job hunted online for a short term job and got a few hits on her visit here. My kid's don't have Internet access and that's how to find jobs in 2009. She felt comfortable in my home for the first time in five years. Her and Dave have a relationship now that works. They tease each other terribly and he steps aside to allow her to be a caregiver when she wants to. Not to mention she also has fallen for my cozy mountain retreat.

I sit here staring at my new computer and I'm intimidated to play with it. There is so much to learn to be able to blog, FB and voice bank. I need to just take some time to do it. So I am taking a blog sabbatical. I will not be commenting but I'll read my Bloglines every morning. I'll Twitter and FB update on my progress. I'm anxious to get outside on my computer and be able to do all my stuff. Wish me luck as I brave a new frontier.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Have a Wonderful Easter Weekend!

It has finally snowed on the dogwoods,
the clouds are drifting away
the sky has become blue as the sea.
Welcome spring
as you touch the bare branches
with your sweet pink kisses.
The sun has begun beckoning
the tulips to unfurl,
still damp from winters last cry.
Every sacrifice
to winters call has been resurrected.
It is time for rejoicing!

Dave and I will be having a quiet Easter holiday in the mountains. Australia and Cadillac Records are here for movie night. I'll be adding "Tammy phrases" to my new eyegaze computer and Dave will be planting his Becks summer bulbs. We will indulge in Dove's chocolate bunnies, buttered popcorn and juicy rib eyes. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thankful Thursday - Sacrifice

I am grateful for the sacrifice Dave has made by choosing to marry me despite my prognosis. Having retirement stripped away by the housing market and having to get another job as a custodian. Sacrificing fishing and gardening to cook, do laundry and grocery shop on his weekends. Hustling me to doctor appointments in between everything else. That is sacrificial love.

I am grateful for the sacrifices of our armed forces, police forces, firemen, paramedics and border patrols. They sacrifice their lives to keep our country safe. That is sacrificial love.

I have chosen to go down a long and tough road with a full heart for my family and friends. I will never give up because God has remained by my side. His sacrifice is one I will never take for granted. He is my definition of sacrificial love.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

One Single Impression - Listening Haiku

Tree branches thrashing
pitter pat across rooftop
squirrels having spring fling

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sunday Scribblings - Celebrate

What am I celebrating in my life right now? That I am alive, pain free and in a very good place in my life. I feel an awakening deep inside of me that is exciting and full of possibilities.

I had what I thought was a follow up visit with my new Neurologist. What we discovered when we arrived was not just my doctor, but a whole team that will be dedicated to my care. Can you even imagin this, all in one clinic? UC Davis now has a new ALS clinic and I am a part of it

The ALS association was there and I was allowed to offer up ideas to make next year's ALS Walk bigger and better( media,media,media). I was able to offer myself in any capacity, as a face of ALS. They listened and I hope to play a part in raising awareness. I gave them my blog that shows Sarah's video, made in the UK (link to it is at the end of this post. I wanted them to see what a powerful campaign could look like. I will do whatever it takes to help.

The MDA was there to offer $2000 for a chair if I ever needed one and $500/yr for any repairs. That includes my new computer. Yes, it's here and I will start my training Wednesday. I will be able to blog, voice bank and speak, with just my eye's. It even comes with other voices you can speed up or slow down for that sexy twist. I'll use it on Dave "hey big boy wanna get me a drink sometime" in the sexiest of tones.

They had speech therapy, occupational therapy, hand therapy, psych, physical therapy and Orthotics. We had people in and out of our room for quite a bit. Then my doctor arrived and all I could say is WOW. I have a team that, every 6mos due to slow progression, will give me a better quality of life. That is amazing BUT not everyone with ALS can use this clinic. I plan on addressing that on my next visit. Health care should be for everyone.

This doctor has made all pain and discomfort disappear. I believe in drugs for side effects caused by ALS, but on my terms. Many do not want to take drugs and manage pain in their own way. I will only take drugs at night so I am not drowsy when awake. I'm migraine and muscle cramp free, I still am able to walk due to muscle relaxers at night and I sleep deeply. I'm drug sensitive so he goes slow and listens. I was even able to drop a drug because the new one takes care of multiple issues.

Skin cell research is joining in the race for a cure. Stem cell research has taken the lead but it's a good thing to have another option in the race. Skin cell research would use your own skin cells but the research is farther behind. The most important point here is that there is a race for a cure. Woot Woot! I am living in the present but seeing a brighter future ahead. That is something to celebrate in my book. Hey, if I ever wrote a book my story would get its happy ending after all. :)

Sarah's ALS campaign video:

Friday, April 03, 2009

I Love Faces Friday

Our grandson Ethan holding his little brother Warrick. He protects and loves his little brothers. :) I've had a hectic week but I'll be by your blogs this weekend. Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

I joined Thankful Thursday because it's a wonderful thing to focus on the gifts in each new day. I'm going to count my blessings every week on my blog. It will help me to remember all the wonderful things I have in my life and help me during the tough times. It's simply good for the soul.

* I'm grateful that my new computer mount finally arrived and that the rep will be here Wednesday.

*I'm grateful that I get to wake each morning to a smile and a "good morning."

*I'm grateful that I have a new ALS specialist that will give me hope and a better quality of life. ( I see him tomorrow)

*I'm grateful to Sarah for helping to bring awareness to ALS aka MND in my post below. See how they made it 2
*I'm grateful that Dave's mom Ruth was healthy for her 85th birthday on Tuesday.

*I'm grateful we are making it in this economy and could afford taxes.

*I'm grateful that a chest cold quickly came and went this week under Dave's care.

*I'm grateful my friend Robbin took a leap of faith by re-locating and for being cancer free.

*I'm so very grateful for the love of a good man.

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