Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Create a Connection

Tammy at Mimmsical Creations is hosting "Getting to Know You" at Create A Connection for April.

Name your all-time favorite movie! (Or if you're like me, narrow it down to your top five!)
Dirty Dancing
Sound of Music
The Patriot(Mel Gibson)
Schindler's List
Remember The Titian's

What genre of movie do you like best?
Romantic dramas, Independent Flicks and history movies (wars, time period pieces and true stories).

What movie made you cry the most?
I cry at happy endings, when a child dies and when they kill off an animal. Since I don't do comedy, just action or horror movies very often, I cry at most of my type of movies. Terms of Endearment, My Dog Skip and Notebook made me sob.

Have you ever applauded during a movie in the theatre? Which one? If not, what would make you do that?
That Disney movie about the sled dogs made every emotion come out, including applause.

Do you own any soundtracks from movies? Which is your favorite and why did the music inspire you?
No, but I Love the music in movies. I noticed TV dramas are adding great music now too. I liked the movie Flika's music over the weekend but that McGraw guy was bad.

Is there a particular actor or actress who inspires you? Why do you like him or her?
Meryl Streep, because she is so versatile and great!
Sean Penn, because he gives 100% and is really good. OK, in real life he's um different ;)

Is there a particular actor or actress who you just dislike and will not see their movies? Why?
Will Farrell movies, because I don't find him funny.

Have you ever dreamed of being an actor? Which role would be your dream role?
I dreamed of it until a college drama class. I sucked! I loved "Baby" in clip's role :)

If there was ever a movie made of your life, who should star as you?
Annette Bening, she was great in "Running with Scissors."

I really can find something good about most movies. We go twice a month and rent two every weekend via mail. Movie lovers in this house!


Tammy said...

Great list of favorites! I forgot about Dirty Dancing - Pretty soon I won't be able to narrow it down any further than top 50!! :)

I'm a cryer in movies too! I get very involved! I love TV music too. Alias was my favorite show and it had great music!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I said Meryl Streep too! Isn't she amazing?

I also have alot of respect for Sean Penn....he can down after Katrina and physically rescued people out of the flood waters.
He walks the walk, as they say, and he's a great actor.

Julie said...

I am definitely a romantic comedy kind of gal. I do plenty of thinking in my day-to-day life so prefer to have something light for entertainment. I have weak tear ducts, so I cry at almost anything that sounds like a Hallmark commercial. I agree with you about Meryl Streep; she can play anything, can't she? And about Will Farrel, I would say I agree 99%, but I love "Elf"--same goes for Adam Sandler except for "Spanglish." Love your choice of Annette Benning :)

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Left-handed Trees... said...

I also second that vote for Annette Benning...what a great insight into your film favorites. I hardly ever watch movies, so I really need to get caught up.

Pam said...

I love Benning and Streep. Penn, too, and I adore Johnny Depp.

Dirty Dancing was fun. I took lots of dancing lessons and, believe it or not, I used to be able to dance like that. I always wanted to be a professional dancer but...too short for the job.

Nancy said...

Good one!
Dirty Dancing and Sound of Music are up there with my tops too. (Love the clip!) After seeing, Dirty Dancing, I walked out and said, "I don't know if I feel like dancing or having sex! Lol
Also, regarding "Skip"...this is too funny. When my nephew was about 5, I asked him, "Hey Matt...have seen "My Dog Skip"?? He looked at me with awe, dropped his jaw, and said, "Your dog can SKIP??"

: )


Rachel said...

'No one puts Baby in a corner'
utterly fantastic movie and glad you have it in your list too.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

That was fun to read your answers. I always watch Dirty Dancing when it is on late at night, such a romantic sweet movie.

Anonymous said...

I love Sound of Music!
Since I'm a big-time 'crier,' I tend to go for the comedies (though not really Will Farrel-type, except for "Stranger Than Fiction" - as a writer, loved that one!) - anyway, since I cry WAAY too easily in movies and get so over-involved, I end up leaning towards comedies as self-protection, if that makes any sense, cause I'd rather laugh than cry. Loved reading your list. xo

daisies said...

i love movies almost as much as i love books and i enjoyed reading your movie highlights :)

paris parfait said...

I'm a film buff too! Interesting list. And Will Farrell looks too much like GWB for my liking (poor guy). :) Happy Easter! (P.S. - Got your email Wed. and tried to respond, but it keeps getting bounced back).

Jana B said...

Ohhhh Dirty Dancing... James lent that too me, but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. I remember, as a kid, my best friend was OBSESSED with that movie, and my mom wouldn't let me watch it. (She was 2 years older than me, and my mom was way strict about what I watched.)

I haven't watched Flicka, but Tim McGraws music is awesome... we all sing the 1-2-3 song at the top of our lungs, every time we hear it... even M (my unofficially-adopted, way-too-cool-for-country daughter) gives in and sings that one with us! lol

But of course, we ARE fron Indiana, and this IS normal behavior in this state! lol

Amber said...

These are great questions! Fun to read your answers, too. I can't wait until we are closer, and maybe we can take in a movie! Fun. And if you cry, I will TOTALLY not make fun of you. Really.


Rethabile said...

Annie tagged you before I could.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your answers here. I cry very easily in movies, even if it's not sad. (=

Kamsin said...

Nobody puts Baby, or Tammy Daily Warrior, in a corner;)!