Monday, March 09, 2009

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot- Black & White

We have four beautiful grandsons. TK (below) is my youngest daughter's son and he is 3. I am always touching, kissing or holding him. He loves it for now so I'm taking advantage of it. TK is so full of personality and charm. Black and white strips the world away for me and tells a story.
I'm always noticing hands in photographs, especially my own. They do not straighten any longer but instead curl around little hands. (A few haiku for emphasis.)

I can't get enough
you are intoxicating
I see who you are

A moment of joy
captured without distractions
heartfelt memory

A child's wonder
innocence changed forever
learning we can see

These are Dave's daughters sons. Ethan is 7, Dimitri is 4 and Warrick is 14mos. The black and white shows me so much more about them on that day. Mom needed a Christmas card photo and with some cajoling got this shot. I made it black and white because I see the protective brother, the shy one and the wiggle worm. Grandkids are my favorite subjects for B & W. I'm also not as scary without make up. :)

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

what beautiful photos. thanks for sharing.

emmapeelDallas said...

Beautiful pics, Tammy!

Tabor said...

Dear one, you are never scary.

TJ said...

OH they just grow to fast! I really like the black and whites...that Tee-shirt Gramas Payback! That is a hoot!
Love you my friend, I am sure happy to have you in my day!

Mary Timme said...

What beautiful grand children, Tammy! Blessings on your all. I think your hands are lovely! Really I do. I love looking at hands and hearing peoples voices when they don't know I'm hearing who they really are. So honest that way. I loved going on this little trip with you.

Lucy said...

Tammy YOU and your beautiful grandsons are just gorgeous!! I love the photo of your hands with his! so so moving. You ARE a lucky lady!xxoo

TJ said...

I have a link in my post.
It is I love faces!
Tammy it is a great place for photos of the kids faces etc. Go check it out...I invite you and will look for you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! TK is 3 already? I feel like I've watched him grow up from a baby through your blog...All of your grandboys look so cute! I love the 'feel' of black & white photos - they have a sort of timeless quality to them. These are great, Tammy!

MyMaracas said...

These are truly beautiful photos. Black and white gives them a timeless quality that is even more appealing than color, I think. All of you look great, too!

EG CameraGirl said...

Your grandkids are so cute! Grandkids are the BEST! ;-)

Terri said...

Just beautiful Tammy. I love the black and white, it does eliminate distraction, doesn't it? Love the Tshirt in the first one! LOL!

Carly said...

Hi Tammy

Hon, your photography is timeless! I just love them moments you capture, and these are some of your very best. Love, happiness, hope... it's all right here in your photography, and we get to share it with you. Lucky us. Very well done m'dear.

Always, Carly

Jan AKA Wammy said...

Love the love in all these shots. And I love pictures of hands. They tell alot about a person. I have a friend that has framed pictures of her grandmothers hands as she is quilting. Says volumes to me!

Mike said...

I just realized I tried to post a response without signing in. oops.

Anyway, I thought theses were wonderful shots of the grandkids. I especially like the one of the two boys looking up at something. It creates a sense of wonder.

I also got a kick out of the "I'm Grandma's Payback" Shirt. :)

Liz said...

All great portraits. The one that has the two looking up really captures 'wonder.

Rachel said...

Hey honey, it feels weird being back in blogland but wanted to see what you are up to over there. TK is just divine, and the love you have for him is so apparent. I hope you both are doing well, I miss the chats on here so much with you but send all my love and good luck. Only good comes to a good person my sweet.
Lots of love to you and Dave from across the pond.
Rach and the Honeys.